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    • Let's get #RTsy!

      2 weeks ago

      RT World Community!

      Are you a creator in the RT Community? We wanna see your "aRTsy" side! Post what you've made on Instagram or Twitter or on the RT Community Beta site using the hashtag #RTsy and we'll be sharing some of our favorites all month long. And! You have a chance to be one of our featured artists next month. Not sure what is considered artsy? Well, you're in luck because we think it's pretty broad. Whatever you've created, if it's RT related in any way, it counts! We even have a few suggestions for you here. 


      What are you waiting for? Let's get aRTsy!

    • Post-Con Blues - What they are and how to deal with them.

      1 month ago

      RT World Community!

      Conventions are full of smiling and excited and happy people. There is excitement everywhere, things to see and places to be stuff to do, and it feels like it never ends… and yet Sunday evening always arrives, as does Monday and Tuesday. And now it’s Wednesday, and while only a few days ago you were on cloud nine, now you can’t seem to find your smile. This is what many convention-goers refer to as post-con blues. The blues can take on many forms. Here is what a few of our admins feel:

      “It's usually depression. It hits like a freight train as soon as I'm in the air on my way home. It drains my energy and demotivates me from doing anything that I might want/need to do.”
      “It seems like you’re being punished because you aren’t spending every day with your friends doing fun stuff with content creators you love!”
      “The hardest part is leaving my friends, who I consider [to be] better friends than my IRL friends.”
      “RTX is the place that I get to see my friends, and, so far, I only get to see them once a year!”
      “I feel very lonely. I miss having people around to talk to and be familiar with.”
      “I find that I start thinking about how long it will be until the next convention. The week or two after I get home, RTX is fresh in my mind and it sucks knowing it's gonna be a year before I'll get to go back.”
      “I experience this every time. It's a high energy level for days and nights, then crashing down to the low energy of the rest of the world.”
      “For someone who suffers from depression on a regular basis, this was hard to recuperate from. The general feeling of loneliness and isolation was hard to shake even when seeing my friends at home. It lasted for about 2 weeks, but it did go away eventually”

      You are certainly not alone if you find yourself feeling low or lonely. It’s okay to feel like you can’t get back to your normal life, and that you almost feel like you could never get the convention feeling back.

      “Getting into a productive rhythm takes a bit of time. I have to get back to the different flow of day to day life.”
      “At conventions I'm much friendlier, being surrounded by other people looking to just have fun.”
      “When you’re at RTX, it’s a constant dopamine feed created by seeing happy people and people happy to see you. While that usually exists to a degree at home, it’s nowhere near the same level and you feel it in a very real way. Knowing that it would come around again next year and knowing that this too would pass didn’t help. I needed words of affirmation and plans to look forward to.”There are ways to get through post-con blues and back to normal life."

      There are ways to get through post-con blues and back to normal life. Here are a few things that some of our community admins do to cope.

      “I’ll make  an album or post the photos to share with friends and relive what happened.”
      “Treat myself, as soon as I get back to 'real life'. Start a new book, buy the nice chocolate, schedule time to just be in the moment. Even if it's just flipping back over photos.”
      “I like to keep busy. I’ll try really hard to focus on work, or find things to do after work that preoccupy my mind like watch tv or play a game. I make a point to take some time to myself immediately after a convention. I’m typically tired and emotionally drained and I’m scared that I’ll end up doing or saying things that will upset my friends. I personally need some time to decompress and recharge myself so that I don’t say or do anything that I don’t mean and end up hurting someone. But, once I rehydrate and catch up on sleep, I make a point to seek out my friends again.”
      “Something that my friends and I did after RTX was continue to do voice chats and google hangouts as much as we could so we don't feel lonely or sad.”
      “I think being in contact with close friends always helps. Surrounding yourself with others can help change your mood and take charge of whatever feelings you’re having. I also keep a day planner and to-do list most days I’m home.”
      “Last year my go-to fix was connecting with local friends who also went to the con and making sure to hop into a voice chat with friends from my community groups. Reminiscing was great, but making plans for next year worked even better. Doing that helped the reality that life moves on and good things cycle back around more realistic.”
      “The best thing for me is to keep myself occupied. Work helps me do that when it's busier, and on my off days I go for video games mostly, since having something interactive keeps me more occupied than something like Netflix. Eventually, it does pass. I'll stop thinking about it after two or three weeks and it's business as usual until it's time to plan for the next one (I usually start planning 3-4 months after the previous con ends). By that point, I'm more hyped for the next convention than I am depressed about the previous one.”

      Still not sure how to proceed? Try these tips:

      “Step 1 is always 'let yourself be sad'. Your body is adapting back to a rhythm, and your mind needs to re-adapt. It's a good move to just block off some time to spend with some headphones and chillhop playlists. Once you've accepted that weird feeling of 'loss', you can move on.”
      “Establish a few things that need to be done to take care of yourself - brush your teeth, shower, sleep, eat, etc, and make sure you do those things. Be gentle with yourself for a few days as you work on getting back into your usual rhythm. Don’t feel bad if real life doesn’t come back on like a switch. It’s okay to take some time.”
      “Remember that next year you get to do it all over again!”
      “Look back on pictures or videos whenever you can. Look through the #RTXAustin hashtag on twitter or Instagram. Write in a journal about the experience, anything you can that you can look back at later on and smile.”
      “Make a rough calendar or schedule for what your day to day looks like, I’ve found that visualizing things can make a world of difference in the Mind’s eye. For the loneliness, I would say go out with friends if you can. Even if it’s to play some couch co-op, grab some lunch, or go see a movie. The presence of other people can really help a mood.”
      “Try not to dwell on it. Keep yourself busy at work, and at home too. Go out with friends, play video games, clean your house, work on that project you've been wanting to do for a while. It will help you get your mind off it long enough for the blues to pass. Additionally, company is always good. Find an RT community that interests you and make some friends! Interacting with other RT fans will help keep your spirits up and the blues at bay. Plus, then you'll probably have some new friends to go to the next convention with!”
      “Find something that makes you happy and do that until you feel better. Find your normal routine as soon as possible. It also helps to isolate yourself in very small spurts. Find a Netflix show to binge, eat some ice cream, hit the gym hard, or get lost in a hobby for a few hours every day. Doing these things helped me zone out and let my emotional brain settle down. I’ve also heard others say a spa day with bubble baths and massage helped as well. Others find that taking a break from their online community helps them to create some separation and reestablish their routine.”

      If you find you're still struggling please consider these options:

      “There are many online groups where you can continue making friends and talking about your experience.”
      “Join a discord! There are so many discord’s to talk about the convention and look at pictures of things you may have missed or things you loved! And chances are there’s a community group near where you live so you can make new friends near you while you all wait for the next convention. If you aren’t the “in person,” type, there are lots of primarily online groups to join as well! Can’t find your ideal group? Make one!”
      “Talk to attendees! Stay in touch over Discord, Twitter, carrier pigeon, etc. Knowing that you actually made those contacts, even if it was just a couple great jokes, will help keep you sane. ‘It was all real’ is a good thing to remember.”
      “Join an online community like the BUS, RT Gamer Girls, RT Cosplayers, or another online group. These communities are active and love to stay connected throughout the year. If you’re having a hard time with feeling alone, it can help to have a friendly voice to chat with.”
      “If you’re not feeling so great or don’t know what to do, reach out to others and just be honest. If you’re going through a rough patch, a good friend will be there for you!”
      “If you’re feeling even worse than normal and contemplating self-harm or suicide, please reach out to 1-800-273-8255 and talk to someone. You can also text HOME to 741741 if talking isn’t something you’re comfortable with. There are people out there who love you and want to see you again soon.”

      You are not alone and you are loved. You can make it through, and we can’t wait to see you at #RTX2020 next year. <3

    • RTX Tips Part 4 - Panels to See, Places to Eat and Things to Do

      1 month ago

      RT World Community!

      RTX Tips Part 4 - Panels to See, Places to Eat and Things to Do  (Formerly part 3)

      Admins from over a dozen groups have come together with all their collective knowledge from RTX's past to present RT World's Ultimate RTX Pro Tips. Whether your a newbie or a veteran, there is fantastic information here for you! This 5 post series will be posted every Sunday throughout June 2019 leading straight up to RTX Austin.

      NOTE: This post has been updated to include information for 2019! We included some new locations, new panels to see, new things to do in Austin, and more!

      The Most Underrated Panels that We Recommend Attending are…
      * The Animation Panels (especially the smaller ones)
      * Behind the Scenes Panels (3D Animation, Broadcast, writing, music, etc)
      * Kinda Funny
      * The Live Action Panels
      * The LGBTQA+ Panel and/or Pride Panel
      * And all of the community submitted panels!

      Community panels tend to be less full but will have fantastic information and very interactive panelists. You can find a complete list of community panels and community members who will be featured at the Community Corner here: https://roosterteeth.com/post/52024330

      RT World is bringing three panels this year! All of these are in the Austin Convention Center, Level 3, Room 8. 

      * How To: RT Community 102 - July 5 at 2:00


      * Come As You Are: A Look at Community Inclusion - July 6 at 2:30


      * Extra Life: Lights, Camera, #forthekids! - July 6 at 4:30


      In regards to the area around the convention center:
      The convention center is downtown, and all of the streets are numbered. During the day 6th Street specifically can be a place to get a burger or take a leisurely stroll. At night the locals refer to it as Dirty Sixth, and tend to avoid the area. It’s big on parties and alcohol. If that’s not your scene, try some of the other locations on our list!

      We Recommend Trying These Places to Eat or Get Drinks

      Walkable from the Convention Center
      * Austin Java - 301 W 2nd St (It's a little more West, but good if you're in the area) 4 Stars
      * Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill 214 E 6th St (it’s really worth it if you can get past the waitress’s uniform, all ages and can accommodate large groups) 4.3 Stars
      * Buckshot - 422 E 6th St (21 plus shot bar) 4.3 Stars
      * Buffalo Billiards - 201 E 6th St (Unsure of the age range allowed during the weekend) 4.2 Stars
      * Casino El Camino - 517 E 6th St (great burgers for lunch) 4.4 Stars
      * Chupacabra Cantina - 400 E 6th St. 4.0 Stars
      * Cooper’s Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que - 217 Congress Ave 4.5 Stars
      * Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse - 309 E 3rd St (might be a bit pricey, Google says $$$, but amazing food) 4.6 Stars 
      * Eureka! - 200 E 6th St (under 18 welcome) 4.4 Stars
      * Gus’s Fried Chicken - 117 San Jacinto Blvd (everything is fried in peanut oil) 4.5 Stars
      * Iron Cactus - 606 Trinity St 4.1 Stars
      * Iron Works - 100 Red River St 4.3 Stars
      * Jo’s Coffee - 4160 242 W 2nd St 4.3 Stars
      * JuiceLand - 120 E 4th St (Not just jucie! Also has noodle bowls and salads) 4.6 Stars
      * Le Cafe Crepe 200 San Jacinto Blvd A (small inside, maybe get it to go) 4.3 Stars
      * P. F. Chang's - 201 San Jacinto Blvd 4.1 Stars
      * P. Terry’s - 515 Congress Ave #130 (small inside, but a less expensive option) 4.3 Stars
      * Roppolo’s Pizzeria - 316 E 6th St 4.2 Stars
      * Royal Blue Grocery - 301 Brazos Street Suite 110 (Good if you have a lot of alergies) 4.5 Stars
      * Torchy’s Tacos 110 San Antonio St Unit #120 (multiple locations, this is the closest. Be sure to google the secret menu!) 4.6 Stars

      * Turf N' Surf Po Boy 407 Lavaca St 4.4 Stars
      * Uncle Julio’s - 301 Brazos St #150 4.1 Stars
      * Voodoo Doughnut 212 E 6th St (open 24 hours) 4.3 Stars
      * Which Wich - 259 W 3rd St 3.9 Stars
      * Whole Foods Market 525 N Lamar Blvd (good if you really need groceries, but if you plan to buy a lot maybe catch a ride. Also has a cafe) 4.5 Stars

      Catch a Ride 

      These places are a bit more of a walk, so maybe consider a ride share app instead
      * Amy's Ice Cream 1012 W 6th St B (multiple locations. But seriously, this Ice Cream is amazing. Worth the trip) 4.6 Stars
      * Darcy's Donkey - 1608 Barton Springs Rd 4.3 Stars
      * Gourdough’s Big. Fat. Donuts. 3042, 1503 S 1st St 4.7 Stars
      * Home Slice Pizza 1415 S Congress Ave 4.6 Stars
      * Hopdoddy Burger Bar - 1400 S Congress Ave Ste A190 (Multiple locations) 4.6 Stars
      * Kerbey Lane Cafe 2606 Guadalupe St (multiple locations, this is the closest) 4.2 Stars
      * The Oasis on Lake Travis 6550 Comanche Trail (Some of the best sunset views in the city!) 4.1 Stars

      Note, there’s usually food in the convention center but it’s typically more expensive, and likely won’t be the quality that you find outside.

      If You’re Looking For Things to do Outside of RTX there’s...

      * Seeing the Bats from South Congress Bridge
      * Check out some of the parks in Austin. Like Zilker Park or Lake Travis
      * Check out the Capital Building. You don’t need to take a tour, just the lawn is a cool place and it’s free to go inside.
      * See a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th street (320 E 6th st) or catch a ride to the South Lamar location.
      * Go Swimming at Barton Springs
      * See Austin's Ghost Tours
      * Go to The Bullock Texas History State Museum (a bit of a walk, maybe catch a ride)
      * Try these Escape Rooms: The Escape Game Austin and Austin Panic Room
      * If you wanna Float the river, there are lots of options

      If you wanna do some shopping in and around Austin, take a look at these establishments (look up the addresses before you start walking, and see how far it is. It may be necessary to catch a ride)...

      * Book People - comic/geek/book store 603 N Lamar Blvd
      * Dragon's Lair Comics & Fantasy - The main comic/geek store in the city. 2438 W Anderson Ln Ste B-1
      * Kinokuniya - Japanese culture, Manga, artist-centric shop. 6929 Airport Blvd Ste 121
      * Lucy In Disguise with Diamonds - joke/novelty/costume shop 1506 S Congress Ave
      * Museum of the Weird - Yep. 412 E 6th St
      * SecretOktober - goth/punk/metal clothing shop. 4411 Russell Dr Ste B
      * Toy Joy - Vegan ice cream, more rt merch, and other assorted fun stuff. 403 W 2nd St
      * Waterloo Records & Videos - 600 N Lamar Blvd

      Do some research around for live music, events that might be going on downtown, like farmer’s markets, or other special events.

      Keep an eye on RT’s twitter for other ideas, as they often have suggestions too.

      You can also rent bikes and scooters to get around.

      Want to get a more native view of the city? Try Do512 or Austin360.

      These are other things happening around RTX that are not RT ran, but still well worth doing!

      Sidequest is a charity event around RTX that has events such as a charity gala, and barlympics! Tickets can be purchased here: https://sidequest.org/

      RT World is hosting a massive community cookout happening Wednesday before RTX starts. For details go here: https://twitter.com/RTW_Community/status/1142863379939414018 (and join the discord!)

      And of course there is a huge number of community events happening around RTX. To see events happening with RT Communities, check out our calendar here: https://teamup.com/ks13c1fb1e5aafa892 (The RTX Events are on the Teal calendar labeled "RTX Community Event.")

      And Jackie has a full list of meetups happening not just with community groups but also cosplay fans, and etc. You can find her list here: https://roosterteeth.com/post/52034519

      Come back next week for more RTX Pro Tips! Next week's post will be all the last minute important stuff that you DON'T wanna forget!!! See you next week! AND THEN AT RTX!

    • What's Happening, RT World?! (April/May 2019)

      4 months ago

      RT World Community!

      We've got a chance for you to win some money for yourself and for your community!

      Individuals or community members can win $25 gift certificates to the RT store (UK, AUS, or International Store), or a 6 month FIRST Membership.

      Community groups can win $50 towards their next meetup, or whatever the group wants to use it for, as long as they use it for the community!
      Ready? Here is what you do.

      Step 1. Take a picture of what your world looks like. Here's a few ideas:
      The view from your window
      Your desk
      Your local dog park
      Your family
      An RT community meetup
      A hiking trail near you
      Your garden
      Get creative, really think about what your world looks like!

      Step 2. Post it to twitter and tell us how you got involved in the RT Community
      You MUST use #MyRTWorld in your twitter post, and it must include a picture.
      If you'd like to enter your community for a chance at winning $50, you must ALSO tag the community group that you are a member of. Note: You may only mention 1 community group per post.

      Step 3. Do it again next month!

      Details & Rules:
      There will be a total of two (2) winning community members or individuals and two (2) winning communities.
      One (1) individual and one (1) community will win each month.
      Drawings will be held on May 1st and June 1st
      Winners will be notified via twitter Direct Message.
      If you are contacted as a winner and we do not hear back from you in a timely manner regarding your winning status, you will forfeit your prize(s) and a new winner will be chosen.
      Community groups may post to enter to win the $50 but will not be eligible to win the individual prizes.
      Accounts can submit entries twice, once per month (April 11-April 30 and May 1-31).
      Individuals may only enter themselves once per month. Additional posts, while welcome, will not increase your chance of winning an individual prize.
      If individuals want to enter multiple community groups, they'll need to do 1 post per group, and post multiple times.
      If you are a winning individual or community group in April, you cannot win again in May.
      If you have questions, please post them in the comments here.

      Now go out there and show us what #MyRTWorld looks like!

    • International Community Day 2019 Master Post!

      4 months ago

      RT World Community!

      Here is a list of all known events going on during the week of International Community Day or, as we call it, ICD. What, what is ICD? Good question. The answer is here

      International Community Day itself is the first Saturday in April, so April 6th. But why limit it to a day? We celebrate all week long! 

      A full list of events and details can be found below, but here is the schedule! (Note some events may be on the full list below that are not on this image)


      If any other events are added after this post goes live, feel free to add them to the comments here. If you have questions about an event let us know in a comment and we'll help you get connected to the right people. 

      International Community Day 2019 Master Post!

      (If time is not included please see the linked post for more information.)

      March 31st 
      BIGBITE & RT STL - Extra Life Stream 3:00 PM CT

      g1 Gamedays - Rainbow Six Siege Game Night 9:00 PM EST

      April 1st - Rooster Teeth's Birthday
      RT Austin - Monday Night Multiplayer - Join their Discord for more information 

      RT Florida - Rocket League Game Night 8:00 pm ET

      RT Germany - Online DnD one shot session 
      RT Maine - Online Meet & Greet 7:00 pm ET 

      RT North Carolina 

      - Podcast Viewing Party 6:00 pm ET

      - Jackobox Party 7:00 pm ET

      April 2nd

      RT Florida - Apex Game Night on PC 8:00 PM ET

      RT NY - Minecraft Game Night 8:00 pm ET 
      g1 Gamedays - Halo: Master Chief Collection (XB1) 9:00 pm ET Gamenight 

      April 3rd
      Gamedays - Dissidia Final Fantsy NT (PS4) Game Night 9:00 pm ET 

      Rooster Speak - Movie Night Flubber 

      RT Florida - 7 Days to Die on PC 8:00 PM ET

      April 4th

      RT NY - Rocket League Game Night

      April 5th

      g1 Gamedays - Apex Legends (XB1) 10:00 pm ET
      Kinda NYC
      - Smash Bros Invitational 2:00 PM ET Bryant Park
      - Shazam Movie Alamo Drafthouse: Brooklyn
      - Brooklyn Barcade 9:30 PM ET (21+ Event)

      Rooster Speak  - Watch-A-Mania - NXT Takeover: New York 6 pm CT
      RT Florida - Jackbox Game Night 8:00 pm ET 

      RT Houston - Bowling 6:30 PM Bowlmor Houston 
      RT Radio - Show 4:00 PM CT 

      RT San Antonio - Torchy's Meetup

      RT Tennessee - Mario Kart Weekend  - Here's a link to their schedule for the weekend

      April 6th - International Community Day
      g1 Gamedays - WWE 2K19 (XB1) Game Night 
      Kinda NYC & RT NY
      - Lunch 11:00 AM ET The Pennsy
      - Kinda Funny Meet and Greet 3:00 PM ET E's Bar
      - After Party Dave and Busters 
      RT Alabama - Cahabaque Meetup 

      RT Gamer Girls and The B.U.S. - Online movie night 10:00 pm ET - See details for each group by clicking on their name.
      Georgia - Bowling 11:00 am ET Painted Pin 
      Indy - Cook-out 3:00 PM ET Holliday Park, Indianapolis 
      Maine - Game Night 1:00 PM ET 
      MD - Exploring DC Meetup 1:00 pm Dupont Circle Metro Station

      RT NY - Game Stream 3:00 pm ET
      RT Radio - Request Show 5:00 PM CT 
      Scotland - Edinburgh ComicCon Meetup 4:00 PM UTC+01
      RT VA - Board Game Brunch 11:00 AM The Boardroom in Clarendon 
      World - Twitch Stream 4:00 pm CT 

      April 7th

      Kinda NYC - Tour of NY 12:00 pm Rockefeller Center

      Rooster Speak - Watch-A-Mania - WrestleMania 4:00 pm CT

      RT D&D - Discord Meet & Chat 2100 BST (about 3:00 pm CT) 

      RT Florida - Borderlands 2 Game Night 8:00 pm ET

      Here is the schedule for our stream Saturday evening (all times are central) uDlyxV1.png

      Here's a link to the stream

      There are other communities out there who are active who don't have events happening this week, so if you don't see your community on the list, but want to know what they're up to, just ask and we'll find out! 

      What events are you most excited for? Are you joining multiple community events? Do you know of things happening that week that we missed? Let us know. Happy International Community Day everyone! 

    • What is International Community Day (ICD)?

      4 months ago

      RT World Community!

      By @Cainrin from RT Maine

      It’s that time of year again…International Community Day! This day is one giant celebration of Rooster Teeth and the community, and one of the largest building blocks of RT World. To explain what it’s become, we should go back to where it started.

      cue flashback transition
      The Lazer Team theatrical premiere in South Portland, ME in 2016 was the precursor to RT World. Tasha, the founder of RT World, and I met at that screening, and RT Maine came about a couple of days later. Shortly after that (say, sometime in February 2016), Tasha decided that she’d like to see what other RT communities were out there. She did some digging and managed to contact some other admins and got everyone into a chat together.
      We were mostly fairly new admins, though a few people had been involved in the RT community for a few years. Everyone was very excited to have this new connection to other communities, and collectively decided that we wanted to celebrate somehow. Rooster Teeth’s birthday was coming up in just about a month, and it made the perfect excuse to throw a party.
      The first year of ICD was mostly individual communities getting together for a meal, but it was the first step towards something bigger.
      flash forward to the present

      ICD has grown from a bunch of new admins who were in over their heads to a yearly celebration of Rooster Teeth with a focus on the community. 2019 will be the fourth annual International Community Day, and will likely include events such as individual community meet-ups, cross-community games, watch parties, and online panels.

      Keep an eye on the RTWorld community twitter for updates, and see all the events that we currently have planned here. If you've ever been unsure about joining a community, now is the time to take the leap. Pick the one closest to you or the one that most closely matches your interests and join in the fun! 

    • LLLLLLLET'S PLAY games in 2019!

      5 months ago

      RT World Community!

      Hello everyone! We've got some fun stuff that we do in RTWorld, and we want to start sharing that fun stuff with everyone. No reason to be selfish. (You'll start seeing fun stuff like this from us more often too.) Check it out! - Sam

      By @DuoAchievement from RT Indy

      2019 is here, and already the roster shows us plenty of games coming out to keep us entertained. Some are colorful, others dark and mysterious, and the rest… a bit out there but in so many good ways! Many games that we’ve seen announced to come out this year don’t have firm release dates, but that doesn’t stop the community and longtime fans from being excited for them. From competitive combat shooters to the quiet indie platformers meant to soothe your soul, here are the top 6 most anticipated games coming out in 2019!

      1. Anthem - This Destiny-like multiplayer sci-fi action game has an epic feel, with a focus on characters and dialog, as well as online shooting. Four classes of human-piloted mechs, called Javelins, roam an open world map, completing story missions and engaging in public events, in which online players work together to complete an objective.
      Announced for the PS4, PC and Xbox One: February 22nd

      2. Animal Crossing - Five years since the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the Nintendo 3DS, and it’s time for a return to the much-loved village lifestyle. This new game was announced all the way back in September 2018, in which infamous storekeeper Tom Nook told us to make ready for another bout of farming, finding, fishing, home decorating and generally being nice to the neighbors.
      Announced for the Nintendo Switch: 2019

      3. Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - Crash is back, and this time he’s brought with him some crazy karts and even crazier tracks! Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled is an upcoming kart racing game developed by Beenox and published by Activision. Take a trip down memory lane as you fight for first place in this multiplayer racing game!
      Announced for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4: June 21st

      4 . Ori and the Will of the Wisps - The sequel to 2015’s much-loved Ori and the Blind Forest is another magical, challenging platform-combat puzzle game from Austrian developer Moon Studios. Starring a white spirit-like creature, Ori and the Will of the Wisps was first announced back in 2017. At 2018 E3 trailer, gameplay footage showed us a set of beautiful forests, caves and a variety of creatures, including a giant arachnid pal and a scary wolf.
      Announced for the PC and Xbox One: 2019

      5. Psychonauts 2 - First announced back in December 2015, Double Fine and Starbreeze’s crowdfunded 3D platform game stars Raz, a psychic spy who leaps his way through a series of colorful, innovative levels. Raz makes use of various powers including telekinesis and levitation in a world heaving with jokes, irony and Tim Burtonesque characters. If you were a fan of the original Psychonauts game, then you better get some practice in for this hyped-filled sequel!
      Announced for the Linux, Mac, PS4, PC, and Xbox One: 2019

      6. Sea of Solitude - Jo-Mei’s Sea of Solitude is a third-person exploration-platform-puzzle adventure. The story follows the redemption of a young woman called Kay who explores an abandoned, Berlin-inspired submerged city and its creature in order to reveal why Kay herself has transformed into a monster. Bright colors, unique art style, and of course a story set up to feel like you’re in a whole new world is everything you need for this gem of an indie game.
      Announced for the PS4, PC and Xbox One: 2019

      Did your most anticipated game of the year make our list? What games are you looking forward to playing, be it by yourself or with your community? Let us know!

    • Admin's Starter Kit and Community Leader's Toolbox

      6 months ago

      RT World Community!

      Welcome back to our How To: The Rooster Teeth Community Edition series! This is the last part, party seven!

      Part 1: Community? COMMUNITY!

      Part 2: New to Community and New Admins

      Part 3: Unconventional Community Groups

      Part 4: Long Time Fans Turned Community Admins

      Part 5: Insight from Long Time Admins

      Part 6: Who we are and what we do.

      Part 7: Admin's Starter Kit and Community Leader's Toolbox

      Every admin from this series had a great deal of information and knowledge to share! But, we know what you’re thinking “can I have it all in one place?” Absolutely you can! Here is your Admin Starter Kit and Toolbox for Community Leadership, if you’re looking for how to run (or start) a community group.

      The Admin Starter Kit - here are some key components for every community group.
      * “Community Leaders” That’s you! “A friendly, and wise community leader can help a community flourish, and they are also someone that community members can look up to. “Humility is a key for a good community leader”  But you can’t lead a community that doesn’t exist!
      * “Community Members” You can’t have one without the other. “Having individuals and other members to help keep things active.”
      * “Passion,” and not only does it need to come from you as an admin, but it helps to have a few passionate members as well. “Something every member can share”
      * “Communication is essential to any community” “There needs to be a place where new 
      community members can land on and start interacting/becoming part of the community.” “A shared online space for everyone to use.”
      * “Activities. Communities need something to do to stay active.” It can be a simple post or a complicated meetup, but an event that they can take part in matters. And doing them on a somewhat regular basis helps too! 
      * Social Media “Even geographically-based groups need somewhere to gather and share information.” We recommend having a group on the RT site at minimum, so that there’s a central location where information can be found. Twitter is also an easy account to setup and use, but many groups also use Facebook, and Instagram. 
      * “Some clearly stated rules and boundaries,” so that people know what is and isn’t allowed in your space. “And a commitment to fairness,” no special treatment. 
      * “Newcomers,” never turn away someone who wants to come to a meetup or event. Create and facilitate so that others are able to come if possible. Just remember that you probably won’t be able to please everyone. 
      * “Ideas.” If someone has an idea on how to make the group better, discuss it with them. They may be on to something. 
      * “Don't reinvent the wheel - Look around and make sure that there isn't already a dormant community group in your area that you could help to re-energize, rather than starting up a new one. That also means you don't annoy the former leaders of that dormant group - you may want their help in the future!”

      Here is your Toolbox for Community Leadership. Whether you are looking to start a group, want to join the admin team of a pre-existing group, or are reviving a group that may have gone quiet, here are things that you will need as an admin.

      * “Don’t wait.” - “Look for opportunities” “Don’t hesitate, create!” “Just get started! Two people getting together for a shared love of RT content is "a meet". If you find one other person and do something together, then publicize that fact. You'll soon find that over time local fans will find out and discover that they are not alone.”

      * Keep Going but Take Care of Yourself - “Time and passion are essential to being a community admin.” “Constantly encourage interaction” “Don’t be afraid to say yes.” “Have fun, but don't let it consume your life. Managing a community should be a marathon, and not a sprint, if you want it to last!” “Keeping momentum is a challenge. It’s so easy to fall back and rest, but, once you fall back, rebuilding momentum can be challenging.” “Perseverance and knowing when to ask for help are also key skills.” “Take breaks if need be.”

      * “Don't do it alone.” - “It’s easier to keep the momentum going when you have others who can help you, and who can fill in, if you need a breather.” “Ask for help, and identify the people within your community who can help you.” “I’m never shy about asking for help.” “Networking with other admins and community groups can be a godsend when you or your team runs into a new challenge.” “Build relationships with your admin team before and after you join them. You will need to get to know them well, especially if your team can’t meet in person on a regular basis, to understand the person behind the message.” “Other community admins will be more than willing to help out and even ask your community if they want to help out as well! Don’t feel like you have to do everything.”

      * Be (at least a little) selfless - “If you have any other motive than supporting your community to come together and to grow, then just don't do it. You have to be a little selfless to make a good community admin.” “Know that the role of the admin is not easy or some sort of “higher level” of membership. Your job as an admin is not to wield power, but to be a servant leader and helper to your community as a whole.” “Never forget to give that back to the community.”

      * “Do your homework.” but “Don’t afraid to fuck up and learn from it.” Learn as much as you possibly can, but remember, in some cases you might be heading into uncharted waters. You might make a mistake. Recognize it, admit it, learn from it, and move forward. 

      This concludes our “How to: Community” series! We hope you all have learned things! And we’d like to thank all of our admins again for participating!

      Caitlin from Maine @Cainrin_RT
      Dominic Dobrensky from SideQuest @Count3D
      Jacob McCann from RT St. Louis @ Rengetheblade
      Joe Dalton from BITBITE and RT St. Louis @jxdalton
      Jorge from Proyecto RT Latino @rtahmxla
      Shawn Carter from The BUS @Mousebrat
      Topher of RTUK @TopherBeadle
      Veronica Lowe of RT Virginia @RT__Virginia

      Are you planning to start a community group sometime soon? Are you interested in becoming an admin for your group? Let us know! We want to keep in touch and would love to answer any further or specific questions you may have. Thanks again, everyone, and good luck out there!

    • Who we are and what we do

      6 months ago

      RT World Community!

      Welcome back to our How To: The Rooster Teeth Community Edition series! This is part five!

      Part 1: Community? COMMUNITY!

      Part 2: New to Community and New Admins

      Part 3: Unconventional Community Groups

      Part 4: Long Time Fans Turned Community Admins

      Part 5: Insight from Long Time Admins

      Part 6: Who we are and what we do.

      Now that we've discussed other community groups, and their admins, let's address the obvious question: who are we? Maybe you've heard of us and worked with us previously, maybe you're just stumbling upon us for the first time (Hi! We love you already) and you're wondering who is this this group, or maybe you know nothing about us at all. Either way, allow us to introduce ourselves and tell you what we do.

      RT World is a collection of all of the known active RT communities, and we're growing everyday! We gather the admins from these communities in order to provide support to them so that we can help make the community as a whole better. Additionally, we work to connect new community members to groups and provide support to new community groups by helping to get the word out about them. So, if you're thinking about starting a community group in your area, let's get to it! We are here to help! Finally, we also help to provide cross community events such as the PAX East Party, and our upcoming cross community BBQ at RTX with the community group The Bus. 

      We're essentially a community for communities and hope by uniting the various groups we can create a safe, inclusive and fun space to be in no matter where you live or what community or communities that you may associate with!

      So, how do you find us? Well, you can find us on Roosterteeth.com for starters but also on Twitter, Facebook, sometimes even on Instagram too! We also are present on Twitch and love to host communities when they are playing games with each other and being awesome!

      But why should you reach out to us? Easy question! Because maybe you're finally ready to come out from lurking and you want join a community you can call home. Or, maybe you're ready to create a community and get like minded people together but don't know where to start. Either way, we can help! It also could be neither of those things but maybe you have a cool project in mind that you want the community to get involved in. Sounds great, we'd love to help! Basically, if you want to get more involved with the Rooster Teeth community then we want to hear from you! We're always growing and changing and looking for different ways to involve and connect our ever growing community. So please get in touch and say hello!

      And if you don't believe that you can do it, or the path there looks treacherous or that you don't want to go it alone, never fear, we will always have your back! Believe us when we say, "You can do it with just a little love and determination!"

      For reference, here is how we have grown over the last 3 years:
      -January 2016: we gathered some of the community leaders in an attempt to reconnect our fractured community for a big showcase of all things community
      -Feb 2016: 30 admins later and too many cooks in the kitchen we figured out that we wanted to present a 3 day twitch event to showcase communities
      -March 2016: our social medias go live and we start putting the call out to hang out with community groups
      -April 2016: we host the first International Community day event, a poorly worded but direct reflection event of all things community. It goes off well and 14 communities groups take part playing games and doing shows and podcasts.
      -May 2016-January 2017: we continue to grow and realize that a lot of admins are in the same place, community members who want to see their local communities get better and bigger and be the best community around, we change focus to start helping them by promoting community events and trying to get the word out about local communities.
      -April 2017: we host our second year of ICD and see an increase of community interaction between participating RT World members.
      We also host our first PAX East after party including multiple American north eastern groups in one big celebration.
      -July 2017: we host a minor scavenger hunt at RTX Austin and provide giveaways!
      -August 2017-Jan 2018: We continue to grow and now work actively to find pain points in community groups and work on active collaboration between community leaders and admins to find community members who are looking for groups
      2018- to now: we help to create or inspire more community groups including RT Cosplay (a cosplay and creatives based group), RVJ (for community members who are or a part of the Jewish community), RT gamer girls and others as well! 

      Our focus may continue to shift as we continue to adapt to the community needs as a whole but if you ever need or want to get involved with all things Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Kinda Funny, the Let's Play family and whatever else the future brings community talk to us! We'd love to help.

      Coming up here quick we'll be posting the final post of this series, an Admin's Starter kit and Community Leader's toolbox. Sit tight! 

    • Insight From Long Time Admins

      8 months ago

      RT World Community!

      Welcome back to our How To: The Rooster Teeth Community Edition series! This is part five!

      Part 1: Community? COMMUNITY!

      Part 2: New to Community and New Admins

      Part 3: Unconventional Community Groups

      Part 4: Long Time Fans Turned Community Admins

      Part 5: Insight from Long Time Admins

      As we have discussed in this series there are many different kinds of admins, newcomers, and long time leaders, fans who have been around for over a decade, and people just getting into the swing of things. Today, is no different. We’re talking with a couple of long time community members and admins, who have been at this for a while but who were also founders of their group.

      Caitlin, one of the founders of RT Maine, met her co-admin, Tasha, at a dinner meetup before a Lazer Team showing. “A friend of a friend and I spent the better part of 3 weeks doing all we could to get people to come. We hung posters on local boards, told friends, posted on Facebook, etc. Little did I know that this would be the start of running a community group. About a week before the show, I posted to a Maine group on the RT site asking if anyone would be interested in meeting for dinner before the movie. I actually got a few responses on the RT site, and set up a dinner at Red Robin. Tasha was one of the people that attended the dinner. She and I got to chatting after the movie (a sold out show) about doing more stuff like this, and maybe setting up some events in the future. We exchanged contact information, and RTMaine officially came online a few days later.”  

      Dominic started SideQuest in 2011, and was very involved in community before that. Dominic says, "I was forged in the firey fjords of Tri'al and Ehr Uhr! Also... I was involved in virtually everything community. Event organization. Forum Moderation. Promotion. Videos. Podcasts. Retrospective. You name it. I asked questions from the many folks who came before me. I learned as much as I could before getting SideQuest off the ground. I was fortunate to be involved with running two events, RvBCanWest in Vancouver, and RvBTO in Toronto, when SideQuest began. I knew it could be maintained based on those experiences."

      Both groups now having been running for several years, and have had their ups and downs as both admins report. "Every year before the charity auction I have this monetary panic that no one will show up," Dominic says. "I'll be standing there with all the volunteers and the room is empty and I'm thinking this is it. No one will be there. And the room fills up and everyone has a good time. The charity auction is a really special moment every year because it is the first time a lot of people meet, the first time community members have seen each other in person since last year. It's a fun reunion for some, a great icebreaker for others and produces a lot of great memories for many."

      Caitlin recalls the PAXEast after parties that are held every year. "I worked with RTNY and RT603 to host that, and then it’s just a fun party with other Rooster Teeth community members. We’ve even has some RT personnel join us each year! Communication is essential to any community." Especially when it comes to working with other community groups! It’s important to keep everyone on the same page, and with the same information. It’s also important among leadership teams to ensure that everyone is working together, rather than against one another.

      “You have to have people you trust.,” Dominic says, “If you have smart people, good people around you, there's nothing you cannot do. Talk to everyone.” The most important thing you can do is talk to others. You can talk to your group members to learn what they like, what they don’t like, what they think works, and what doesn’t. Talk to other admins to gain unique perspectives on topics, or problems, or ideas on how to grow and/or improve your group. Talk to potential members to see what they would be interested in if they join. Talk. But also, Read. “Read! A lot. You will read a lot of success stories and see a lot of thriving areas already. That can seem intimidating or you may expect it's easy to achieve a lot quickly. Overnight success is a myth. Research is your friend. You will learn more about your area and what may or may not work, the more you read. You might get a sense of what standard or quality you want to aim for, what's feasible and what's the right fit for your particular group.”

      You may find that you hit a lot of roadblocks, come across people telling you it’s not worth it, or while you’re reading, find that the thing that you want to do isn’t something that might be possible. To that, Caitlin says, “Perseverance is key when starting a new community. Even after two and a half years, new ideas sometimes fall flat or don’t get any kind of response from the group. Other things tend to draw a lot of interest, even if the details don’t work out the first or second time I attempt something. Eventually, if all the puzzle pieces fall into place, the reward of a successful escape room or a fun game night is worth the effort it took to make it happen. It can get discouraging at times, but keeping up with the social media posts, with talking to your group members, and asking for feedback do make a difference.”

      Never stop learning, and keep growing! Next week we’re going to take a closer look at… ourselves? Well, kinda. We’ll be answering some FAQ’s about RTWorld, what we are, what we do, and, if you’re looking to start a community group, how we might be able to help. And we’re not done yet. Come back the week after to see some essential tips, tricks, ideas, and information that are practically necessary for all admins, whether you’re looking to start a new group from scratch, are joining an existing group’s admin team, or even if you’ve been going at it for a while.Stick with us, and we’ll see you soon! 

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