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    • Tickets are RED HOT!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      Dear Future Pacific NerdWest Attendees,

      We at Team PNW have been planning and posting the last couple months all the awesome stuff going on May 10th-12th:

      * Guests like Fargo, Tiny Tina, the writer of Borderlands 2 and the rest of the Hey Ash crew;
      * Game areas of the tabletop, card and video variety;
      -Outdoor entertainment filled with role-playing, foam swords and Nerf;
      * A vendors area with geeky wares from local artisans;
      * Local venues working together with us to geek up the night;

      AND besides all the fun, its a charity event supporting Childs Play, helping kids in hospitals have something to get their minds off of why they’re there.

      I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an event I’d attend.

      Sadly, no matter how pure your intention or how well you plan it, an event like this doesn’t come cheap: renting event space, booking flights and hotels for guests, all the costs of printing posters/flyers and advertising. It’d be easy if we could slay the dragon, steal its loot and get the reward for rescuing the princess, but we’re not exactly rich knights that can afford high-end armour and weaponry. The biggest fuel behind this event is our nerd passion and excitement to throw the most kick-ass party we can possibly plan for all the geeks in the Pacific Northwest. It’s also been amazing help having the dedicated vendors and sponsors that believe in our event and will be part of the driving force in making it an enjoyment for you. What we need now, to tighten all the last minute details and have all the legalities finalized, is for you to buy a ticket to the Bellingham nerd event of the season. PNW will be as strong and bad ass as we have it scheduled, and to aid in that, YOU need to click that link and purchase. It will also benefit us if you share our page or tell others about the event and get word-of-mouth flowing more. PNW is happening, we can promise that, but the sooner you get your tickets, the less likely we’re to break our controllers from stress.

      For the next week, to get ticket sales up, we will be having a sale on tickets as follows:
      As of Today – $13.37 per ticket
      Starting midnight on Friday – $15
      Starting midnight on Monday – $17.50
      Starting midnight on Wednesday – Returns to normal price of $20

      So CLICK HERE to buy now!

      Pacific NerdWest
      Bellingham, WA (2 hours North of Seattle and 1 hour South of Vancouver, BC)
      May 10th - 12th (Yes, Mother's Day Weekend. Bring your Nerdy Mom! smiley12.gif )


      Mary's note: The vendor lineup looks AMAZING. I'm thrilled to be able to meet these local merchants and procure some of their wares. Bellingham is a wonderful college town with tons of great food, terrific drinks, a continued strong support of the arts, and a wonderfully geeky atmosphere. I urge every single one of you to come up/down and see for yourself. smiley12.gif

      Please help us out by spreading this around. smiley12.gif

    • Halo 4 Tourney for Pacific NerdWest!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest


      * Pacific NerdWest
      * Halo 4 Tournament - OFFICALLY SPONSORED BY 343 INDUSTRIES
      * April 6th Saturday Noon PST
      * $5 to sign up
      * Open to EVERYONE living ANYWHERE

      Pacific NerdWest has some big things coming soon, but in order to do them, we need to raise some money! So we will be hosting a Halo 4 Tournament on Saturday March 16th April 6th, starting at noon PST. It’s open for anyone to join, and it’s just $5 a person! There will be prizes provided by 343 Industires! It will be successive Slayer Pro matches where the top 5 players move on to the next round. After the final round, the top 3 players will win prizes! Go fill out the sign-up sheet, and then be sure to email it to admin@pacificnerdwest.com

      Everyone is welcome to play! Help us put on a terrific show, sign up for some Halo 4 action, and maybe even win a prize!

      - Please pass this around! Spread some love for us! -

    • More PNW News You Can use!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      Greetings, nerds! smiley12.gif


      We've got an avalanche of news to share.

      smiley9.gifHalo 4 Tounrament
      Pacific NerdWest has some big things coming soon, but in order to do them, we need to raise some money! So we will be hosting a Halo 4 Tournament on Saturday March 16th April 6th, starting at noon.
      It’s open for anyone to join, and it’s just $5 a person. It will be successive Slayer Pro matches where the top 5 players move on to the next round. After the final round, the top 3 players will win prizes! Hit the link to the Halo 4 tournament page to sign up!

      smiley9.gifCALLING ALL ARTISTS
      Pacific NerdWest is, at its heart, a charity organization. We are raising money for Child’s Play.
      One of the primary ways we raise money is holding an auction on the day of the event. Some of it is custom or special edition nerdy items like video games, signed collectibles or promotional items. But a lot of it is custom artworks designed and donated by artists like you!
      So we’re asking you to be a part! If you have an art piece you’d like to submit, or if you have an idea for a piece you’d like to create, email our auction coordinator: laird@pacificnerdwest.com
      Include either an image of your piece, or examples of your work with a description of what you want to do for your Pacific NerdWest piece.
      If we choose your piece, you’ll get a free pass to Pacific NerdWest! You’ll also be helping the kids at Child’s Play.
      Let’s see some art!

      This gentleman right here is Neil Grayston and he will be at PNW!

      smiley9.gifEVENT INFO
      Games of all kinds, panels, guest speakers, vendors, music, Capture-The-Flag, after-hours bar time...and there's more to be announced! Visit the page for all the wondrous details! I mean...I could spoil it all right here, but i think you'd rather go see it all for yourself! smiley8.gif

      smiley9.gifBUY YOUR TICKETS!
      Buy your tickets NOW! $20 gets you in the door to experience the first ever Pacific NerdWest! (food and drink are not included)

      More information is on the way!
      To be up-to-date on all things NerdWest, be sure to "like" us on the ol' Facebook
      Follow us on Twitter
      Watch PNW, RvBCanWest, and SailorTweek on RoosterTeeth.com

      Also...we'll be looking for volunteers. Details coming soon!

      Now that I've shared with you...would you all be so kind as to share this on your feeds? Help me spread some love for this event! smiley12.gif

    • More awesome PNW news!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      May 10 - 12, 2013! Bellingham, Washington
      Check it out, kiddos. We have some great stuff happening!


      Have any of you ever heard of Hey Ash Whatcha Playin'?
      Of course you have. Don't be silly.

      The good people of HAWP will be our guests at Pacific Nerd West! Our first, official guests! How exciting! You know you want to come to Nerd West now. You have to. Ash will poop on your bed if you don't.


      To get this event up and running, we need support from our fine community. We have vendor tables up for sale right now. All information is located here Vendor space doesn't just buy you a table...there are some great perks for you AND the table fees will help run our event! Do you create geeky crafts? Do you have a geeky business? Do you have a webseries with books and shirts for sale? We are looking for awesome people to buy vendor space...this is a great opportunity to put your content out there in person!

      Also, to help fund our event:
      RvBCanWest Presents PACIFIC NERD WEST will be running a Left 4 Dead 2 Charity Tournament


      We have a post up on reddit about the event and would be every so grateful if we could get some upvotes!

      All of the information about the event is up on the Official Pacific NerdWest website. Please repost this to all of the Left 4 Dead 2 fans in your life!

      There are great prizes to be had...the more people who register to play, the more prizes we'll have to give away!

      Be sure to follow @ PacificNerdWest on Twitter
      PNW here on Rooster Teeth

      We would really appreciate some love-spreading for our event. Pass this around and keep up to date on future Pacific Nerd West news! smiley12.gif

    • RvBCanWest presents PacificNerdWest!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest


      We need some love-spreading, guys. Seriously, yo. Lend me a hand and help me promote a new...yes, NEW fan event coming to Washington state in 2013!

      From the amazing people who brought you RvBCanWest, they have a new hotness called

      See what we did there? smiley8.gif

      Gaming, food, vendors, speakers, community content, charity auctions, internet and other media, AND MORE. All happening in beautiful downtown Bellingham, WA.
      I mean that, too. I lived there for 6 years. It's gorgeous.

      To ensure a terrific event, we've got @Abyss_GK (Asher) doing a fundraiser!

      Here's a photo of her at the Child's Play Charity Auction Dinner

      October 20 - that's this Saturday
      Playing the scariest video games ever...of all time while being livestreamed. You can bribe her to do goofy stuff with donations! All of the money raised will go towards Pacific NerdWest event costs! It's like you are helping run the show! How cool is that? This is a little more fun that Kickstarter because you can watch Asher get scared out of her wits!

      As we say with every fundraiser: Every dollar makes a difference. Donate and (or if you cannot donate) spread the word! Help the first ever Pacific NerdWest event AMAZING.

      For more information (more to come to this week!), keep your eyes on the following internet outlets!
      Official Website: www.pacificnerdwest.com
      Profile on RoosterTeeth.com: http://roosterteeth.com/pnw
      Twitter: @PacificNerdWest
      Facebook: Like Us...because you really do like us

      Love you guys.
      SailorTweek - Pacific NerdWest Communications Manager smiley12.gif

      (cross-posting this all over the site. Bare with me, peeps. I want this project to succeed and I have to use every avenue I have to promote!)

      gifs courtesy of the lovely @Rivera101 smiley12.gif

    • Freaky Fundraising for RvBCanWest!

      6 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      Aaaaw yeah, baby!

      Planning for 2013 has begun! Our first order of business is to raise some money for the next big event.
      Do us a favor, loves, and pass this around!

      Freaking Fundraiser starring Abyss_GK

      Those who know Asher (aka Abyss_GK) know how terrified she is of scary video games.

      Well, she has bravely volunteered her sanity to help us raise money for next year’s Canwest event.

      So, starting on October 20th, she will be playing scary video games LIVE, on the internet for the world to watch!
      For every dollar you donate, she will play for another minute, up to 24 hours. She will also be taking requests (within reason). Do you want her to play with an Iron Man mask on? How about play upside down? Want us to turn all the lights off on her? You pony up the cash, and we’ll make it happen!

      Stay tuned here for more details!

      Also, might I add: MUAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!!!

      Pledge a little money to see our event grow...and to see Asher scared out of her gourd. smiley8.gif

    • First Round of Photos Published!

      7 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      This first round of shots comes from the Friday Meet & Greet dinner. The full set can be found here.

      Some personal favorites:





      More content to come in a couple days after I've had a chance to dig into some of the shots from the Vancity Theatre.

    • Online auctions are live!

      7 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      If you couldn’t make it out to the event or if you weren’t able to win anything at the silents auctions we held, fear not! We’ve just launched our online selection of auctions, in benefit of Child’s Play Charity.

      Item listings and links to their respective eBay pages can be found here.

      Even if you can’t bid, you can still help out by spreading the word via facebook, twitter and other social media outlets.

    • Some last minute changes

      7 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      When the schedule was originally penned, The Avengers screening we had planned on seeing was listed at 7:20 pm. The movie times at the theatre change from week to week, and this screening time is no longer available. The nearest times are a 7:25 3D screening, and a 6:50 2D screening. We know that 3D is not everyone’s bag, and we don’t wish to force anyone to spend more money than they have to, so the screening we are now going to see as a group is at 6:50. The meetup time for this has also been moved up to 6:00.

      Our venue for the Sunday after party has also been changed, we are now going back to Moxie’s to take advantage of their private lounge. Address is 180 Georgia Street, Vancouver, same location as the Friday get-together.

    • And After MUCH Delay. . .

      7 years ago

      RvB CanWest

      Finally! With teeny tiny days to go before the event, we finally present to you the weekend`s schedule. I apologize profusely for the delay in making this available to you, there were some technical difficulties on the part of our communications peon.

      But yes. Schedule. Check it out, buy your tickets (prices go up at the door, so sooner the better!), and we look forward to seeing you there!

      Friday: May 18th, 2012 Get to know your fellow guests day

      Meet & Greet @ Moxies bar & Grill starting at 7pm.
      180 Georgia Street, Vancouver, ph# (604) 684-8434
      30 people max reservation at any time
      Ends when we get bored or run out of money as a group (whichever comes first)

      Saturday May 19th, 2012 Main Screening

      Located at Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Downtown Vancouver
      10:45 am – Doors open for attendees
      11:15 am -12:10 pm – Welcome and Keynote by David Olson of HootSuite
      12:15 pm – 1:15 pm – Musical performance by Nico Audy-Rowland of Trocadero
      1:15 pm – 1:45 pm – Intermission
      1:45 pm – 2:45 pm – The Button Mash Live
      2:45 pm – 3:30 pm – Special Guest Appearance
      3:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Loading Ready Run
      5:00 pm – Doors at Vancity Theatre close

      6:30 pm – Meetup for group viewing of The Avengers at 7:20 at the Scotiabank Theatre
      Located at 900 Burrard Street, Downtown Vancouver

      Sunday May 20th, 2012 After Party Day

      10 -11 am – Group meetup at Playland at the PNE
      Located at 2901 Hastings St E , East Vancouver

      7pm – After party
      Tentatively located at Earl’s at 900 Burrard Street, Downtown Vancouver
      Location for after party subject to change

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