• Soooo...

      6 years ago


      I've been away for a while & just noticed that there are 60 members here where there were just 19 last I checked..

      First of all, Hi!!
      Welcome to the group!

      I'd be happy to try & host another gathering of RT-er's but want to get some feed back first..

      1- How many of you would like to see an RvBGA become reality?

      2- How many of you would be willing to freely give your time to volunteer & help make it a reality?

      3- What would you want to see from a fan gathering? A major all weekend type event where we buy out an event space & watch RvB videos, etc., a small picnic type gathering where we play Capture the Flag in Piedmont once a month or so, a gathering at a restaurant where we just get two big tables & people arrive to fill them & have our own meet & greet to make new local buddies, something else?

      Let me know & we'll make it happen :)

    • Its here!

      8 years ago


      the day of rvbga is finally upon us! For those of you who want to party tonight, a group of us are meeting up at rusan's in peidmont tonight at 8:30pm!

      If you want to join us for the aquarium trip we'll be at the Varsity at 11am tomorrow morning before heading off to the aquarium.

      Can't wait to see you guys!

      Ps: if you're planning to join in let me know and ill send you my cell #

    • Discount Time!!

      8 years ago


      For everyone who plans on coming out & joining us this weekend to hang out & get to know each other, here's the link to a site that can save you some mulah on the tickets for World of Coke & Ga Aquarium ^_^

      If you plan on being there, leave a comment below!


    • Updates!!!

      8 years ago


      Ok, so, we've had a few new plans & ideas since the last post.

      The dates are still the same but here's a ROUGH schedule of events

      Friday night:
      7:00pm EST - ??? Meet & Greet at a local bar.. Any suggestions? We're narrowing down on a few choices but if any of you other locals have an idea, please submit!

      11am Lunch at The Varsity!
      12:30pm - 4:30pm Ga Aquarium/World of Coke tours
      2 1/2 hour break
      7:00pm - ??? Re-group at another local establishment

      12pm -4pm NERF GUN WAR (BYOgun) in Piedmont Park!!
      2 1/2 hour break
      6:30pm Goodbye Dinner

      (For those of you left)
      Visiting Underground Atlanta at leasure

      As we've stated before though, please, PLEASE let us know if you intend on joining us that weekend.
      Since we're not charging or doing a ticketing process this year, we need you to let us know beforehand so we can plan how large of an area we'll need in the pubs.

      See you guys in May!


    • The date is set

      8 years ago


      We have a date for the beta test weekend event for RvBGA!!

      May 28th, 29th & 30th!

      Since this is a beta test, we won't have a screening room or any of the other fancy editions that all the other events have.
      Instead we'll be buying an Atlanta CityPass & visiting the Ga Aquarium, Zoo, World of Coke, Piedmont park, etc.

      We understand that this is the same weekend as RTX & that a lot of the users will be at that event.

      Anyone who didn't get tickets to that event &/or wants to meet other RT members from the area are welcome to join us!

      We will also be looking for individuals who would like to help us put together an official RvBGA event for 2012!
      Think you have what it takes to find the most awesome parts of Atlanta & plan games or events for the weekend?
      Come out to the event & tell us so! ^_^

      Since this is a Beta event, there will be no ticket sales.
      The only cost to you will be the price of your own CityPass & lodging/transportation.

      Here are some links that may help you with this


      MARTA public railway & bus system

      If you DO plan on attending, message me & so we can have a rough head count.

      Schedule of events soon to come

      See you soon!!


      See you guys soon!!

    • Don't Forget...

      8 years ago


      We have awesome forums in the group so feel free to use them!
      We'll be putting up a F.A.Q. topic up soon but in the meantime if y'all have anything you want to know about the event/group that most likely wouldn't be in the F.A.Q. then post it in there!

      Admins will be around pretty often to make sure that questions are answered as soon as possible.

      Thanks!! smiley12.gif

    • Food...

      8 years ago


      Surin of Thailand!!!

      lol jk jk

    • Planning is underway!

      8 years ago


      The first meeting for the RvBGA event was last night & based on what I learned about my fellow planners, I have a seriously awesome team working with me to put this together!

      I still need help from you guys too though!!

      In planning where to hold the event, we have to assume that some, if not most, of you will be using public transportation or walking to & from your hotel to the events.

      With this in mind, what is most important to you...

      *poll taking time!*

      Of course, we'll do our very best to find the best of both worlds but since Atlanta is a rather popular city for the South, we can only do so much..

    • An Event!!

      8 years ago


      So, I've been discussing the pro's & con's of putting together an RvB event in GA with Vacant_Hope & we feel like it could happen...

      My question to you all is this..

      What could we do that would be our own & set us apart from the other gatherings & make it seem like a worthy trip to the other community members that are a few states away (or further)?

      If you were to choose the location of the event, where would you hold it?
      It'd have to be within walking distance of pretty much everything
      (Mind you walking distance is anything within a 3 mile radius)

      Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?


    • Group pix

      8 years ago


      Sooooo yeah.. The pic I've been trying to upload isn't uploading.. /facepalm

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