8 years ago


      Just a huge reminder that tomorrow is your last day to purchase an RvBOR ticket. If my counting is correct, there are only six tickets remaining. If you have any intentions on attending, do NOT delay. Secure your ticket today!

      Also, I was on Late Nite JengaJam last night and I'd say it was a fantastic success. You can listen to the recording here.

      Remember: BUY YOUR TICKETS!!!


    • RvBOR on Late Nite JengaJam!

      8 years ago


      Hey guys and gals, just a reminder that tomorrow night at 7:30 PM PST/10:30 PM EST, JamesKryack will be on the Late Nite JengaJam, talking about RvBOR!


      Be sure to tune in at http://www.jengajam.net/!

    • Preparations for RvBOR

      8 years ago


      Well, ladies and gents, the time is growing closer. In just a few weeks, we will be holding our first official RvBOR, and we can't wait to see you there. Before we reach that amazing weekend, however, we'd like to quickly go over just a few things to keep in mind prior to the event.

      -This is by far the most important thing: make sure you have your ticket purchased and your correct T-shirt size given. All purchases are due by July 21st, 2011. This is to offer a time convenience in T-shirt ordering and ticket delivery. If you need to arrange something with the staff in regards to purchases specifically, please contact BaghdadBean.

      -Make sure you have arrangements made for lodging. Edgefield is located in a very convenient place in regards to lodging. Some options are, but not limited to, Best Western Cascade Inn, Travelodge East Portland, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, and many others. There is also a Hilton Garden Inn close to the airport, which gets my personal recommendation. If you haven't already made lodging arrangements, I would strongly advise doing so now before time runs out.

      -Know where the main locations are. Friday night will be spent at Godfather's Pizza, starting at 7:00 PM. Godfather's is located at 2503 Southwest Cherry Park Road. Saturday will be spent at the Edgefield, which is located at 2126 SW Halsey Street. Saturday evening will be spent at Chang's Mongolian Grill, which is located at 2502 E Powell Boulevard. Sunday morning will be spent at a local Elmer's restaurant, which is located at 1590 NE Burnside Road. Knowing where these are in advance, and keeping them written down, will help you immensely, but the Saturday evening location is not prioritized, as we will move there from Edgefield and most will be able to just stay in a convoy.

      -Make sure you have spending cash. Although you will not necessarily be spending money on the main event day, money is a necessity no matter where you go. I know it may sound redundant in saying it, but having extra cash on hand is wise. If you're traveling from out-of-country, this is double-advised. If you personally decide to get a taste for what Portland has to offer, which I would recommend, then you'll want money to spend off-hand.

      -I don't think I can possibly stress this one enough: Bring clothes that prepare you for any kind of weather. I suppose that is a bit exaggerated, though, so have clothing ready for extremely hot or extremely wet weather. Oregon is a very bipolar state: it can be sunny and 90 in one hour, pouring and 40 the next. Have shorts in one bag, a rain coat in the other.

      -Be sure to listen to the Late Nite JengaJam on July 19th to hear JamesKryack go on and talk about RvBOR!

      -RvBOR is represented on a few other social networking sites. You can find our official Facebook event page here. You can follow our official Twitter page here. And lastly, our official YouTube page is here.

      -Any and all additional questions you have can be asked to the staff. Please direct general questions to JamesKryack.

      And now, to finish off, I leave you with pictures of me modeling my RvBOR T-shirt. You will note at the event that the staff members will all wear T-shirts that are not the standard black. Even though our event is small, this is to help distinguish us from the rest for convenience to you all.


      Any anyone who gets the joke for the next picture, disregarding its adorable factor, will get a special high-five from me at RvBOR.


      Stay tuned for more information!

    • Update!

      8 years ago


      I'd like to take the time to say that there is only about 2 months until RvBOR. Two more months until awesomeness is unleashed! It'll sneak up on us fast, so enjoy the anticipation while it lasts. smiley8.gif

      If you have any friends you want to see at RvBOR, be sure to tell them to make their purchases before July 21st, as that is the cutoff date on all sales, both ticket and T-shirt. We're coming along really well with ticket sales, but T-shirts are becoming a bit of a pain. If you have any friends or family who you think would like an RvBOR T-shirt, tell them! Or Hell, just order it for them. I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing that for my mother. smiley0.gif

      A meet-up occurred over the past weekend between BaghdadBean, antisparkle, ragingterror, karlibean, and myself up in Troutdale, the location of RvBOR. We scouted out the main event location, that being the Edgefield Theater at McMenamin's, and I have to say, I am thoroughly impressed and unbelievably excited. Not only is the theater amazing, but the location itself is absolutely beautiful. We're all praying super hard for the weather to be spectacular when we're there, because the photo opportunities are endless! And you can be sure that there will be a huge group photo of everyone!

      Not only did we scout the main location, we also scouted the areas around to help plan for the Friday/Saturday night things, as well as Sunday morning. What we've got sounds pretty solid, and details will be available later.

      I'd like to issue a very big thank you to the 4 names mentioned above. Getting to meet all of you and spend the afternoon with you was a wonderful experience and makes me all the more excited for the event. And of course, thank you for taking time out of your schedules to help make this event the spectacular event it will be!

      To wrap up, I want to touch on a couple of subjects that have been brought to attention:

      -Some people have asked, "What does RvBOR have to offer that sets it apart from other events?" This question honestly haunted me for a while, constantly nagging my thoughts. For a long while, I searched desperately for things that would inspire people to come, something that was like a golden bullet. Now, however, I know exactly what RvBOR has to offer. It may not be RTX, but it's going to be hosted at a fantastic location, an Oregon exclusive at that. McMenamin's is truly a beautiful place, and the theater is astounding. A sneak preview photo of the theater(and our beloved Bean smiley0.gif ) will be posted at the bottom. Not just this, but an incentive to attend RvBOR is the very first three letters of the event acronym: RvB. We're coming from all over the globe to celebrate a web series we all love dearly. We gather to cherish Red vs. Blue and Rooster Teeth. I personally think an event based just on that is worth attending!

      -Another question that has been asked is, "What special guests can we expect at RvBOR, if any?" Well, I can tell you that I spoke with Gus and he informed me that no one from the Austin office will be able to attend. This is expected. This is our first event, we aren't really a big name on the map, and they're bound to be busy. There's always next year. However, we may have some individuals attending that will pique your interest, but I can't make any promises now. All information will be released in due time!

      And now for that photo... sorry the quality is less-than-good, it was taken on my phone, haha.


      CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOU ALL IN AUGUST! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

    • Exposure Part II

      8 years ago


      Some of you may have noticed a journal posted minutes ago by the user BlawnDee, a prominent member of Rooster Teeth. The journal, which can be found here, is a very generous plug about RvBOR. We're very grateful that she was willing to do this for us, and I think it'd be only fitting for us to properly show our gratitude! So please, if you don't mind, go share some love on her page. I have a feeling her journal will no doubt help get word about us out to the community.

      Much love to her!

    • Exposure, Exposure Everywhere!

      8 years ago


      Hey guys! I went ahead and created a Facebook group. That way you can easily harass any friends who might not be on the RT site into joining the event!

      You can find the group itself over yonder: www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=150502535022376

      Add yourself to the event and invite everyone you know!

    • Introductions!

      8 years ago


      I know most of us know each other already, but this offers a nice place for even more connecting. Check out the Introductions thread for a chance to get to know your fellow RvBOR attendees!

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