• What's that?

      7 years ago


      Huh? You want us to release more tickets for Sunday night's laser tag event? OKAY FINE

      Also, new website!

    • "Not Tucker"

      7 years ago



      Penned in royal blue ink and sporting the familiar less than one,

      this charming, abstract work is quite possibly the first portrait by Joel Heyman of his alter-ego, Caboose. To view the whole piece, you'll have to attend SideQuest! One of you lucky folks will be leaving with this authentic, original snapshot of the legendary Blue Base rookie in all his existential wonder, appearing only at Friday night's Charity Auction! If you haven't already, you can pick up tickets here!


      Have a good week all! 50 days until SideQuest!

    • Tickets are BACK!

      7 years ago


      Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that we have released more tickets for our Friday and Saturday night events! If you didn't get one before, now's your chance!

    • "Have you ever heard..."

      7 years ago


      the whole saga...

      about how I got...


      DUN DUN DUN!

      At last, I can reveal one of the first of several items that will be in our SideQuest silent auction!


      WHAT: A miniature Burnie Statue!

      "The city of Burnie, Tasmania contacted me and they wanted the website ( I was talking with someone in the Mayor's office... and I made all these outrageous demands like... you build a statue of me... where it's me and I have in an outstretched hand a can of Fosters and tucked under my arm I have a platypus!"

      (quoted from Rooster Teeth Podcast #21)
      WHERE: Gus' vandalism may have cost Burnie his statue but if you come to SideQuest you may leave with your very own! This unique item is only available at our silent auction benefitting Child's Play on Friday night.

      WHY: Wouldn't you just love to have this guy in front of your city hall?

    • Stand With SideQuest!

      7 years ago


      Hey guys and gals. Remember this short? Wasn't it great? You should probably have that playing in the background while you read the rest of this announcement...

      We've passed 500 members! How cool is that? We hope to see most of you at RTX! As you hopefully already know, tickets for our events during RTX are on sale RIGHT NOW. Some events have sold out, so I wanted to update you to the status of them...

      smiley9.gif The cocktail party WILL LIKELY remain sold out. I need to confirm with the venue as to the exact capacity of that room, but if we can release more tickets we will.
      smiley9.gif The BarLympics MIGHT remain sold out. I'm trying to reserve a second room with the venue which will add about 150 slots. We'll let you know if we can release more tickets.
      smiley9.gif Laser tag WILL remain sold out. We've maxed that out completely and won't be releasing any more tickets.

      There are still plenty of tickets for our farewell lunch at the Salt Lick and our pre-RTX party at The Highball. Speaking of the Highball...

      So I stumbled upon a few friends the other day who would LOVE to meet you guys at the Highball. "Who are they?" you ask. Oh, just these guys...


      That's right! The cutouts from "Stand Alone" will be at the Highball, AND...


      We'll be giving away two of these cutouts as door prizes at the Highball, and all you have to do is buy a ticket to have a chance win one! (You don't have to be present to win.)

      What will we do with the last one? Well lets just say you'll need to be around Friday night at the cocktail party to find out! smiley8.gif

      As usual, any questions/comments/concerns are welcome!

    • Super SideQuest Summary!

      7 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      If you're visiting this group for the first time, then this is what you need to know about SideQuest:

      smiley9.gif We're a community group that plans meet-ups and events for the RT Community during other major events like PAX and RTX.
      smiley9.gif RTX SideQuest will be running alongside RTX proper, and will not interfere with that schedule.
      smiley9.gif You can see more information and buy tickets to RTX SideQuest events on our EventBrite page
      smiley9.gif The BarLympics (Saturday Night) are sold out, but we have a waitlist. Jump on it if you want to attend and we'll email you if we can increase our capacity
      smiley9.gif If you buy a ticket to the Thursday night event at the Highball you will be entered into a raffle to win an authentic piece of RoosterTeeth history (We can't say what just yet!)! If you buy a ticket to EVERY SideQuest event you'll be entered into another raffle to win something even cooler!
      smiley9.gif If you're going to PAX, you can register for PAX SideQuEAST right here.
      smiley9.gif If you have any questions, just ask! We don't bite!

      - smiley12.gifCount3D and GB330033

    • Psssst... Wanna know a secret?

      7 years ago


      Pssst... I've got a secret for you... We're gathering some really, REALLY cool stuff for our silent auctions, and we want to share the wealth. No, I'm not going to tell you exactly what we have, but I AM going to tell you some other ways to get some of it. Start planning extra suitcase space now!

      First off, EVERYONE who buys a ticket to our Thursday night event will be entered into a raffle to win a super cool thing (maybe things). That's all I can say right now. It'll be super cool. You've seen it before. You want it. (Edit: No, it is not the SideQuest sign from last year. Let your imagination resume running wild) You don't have to be present to win, but you DO need to be on our list of people who bought Highball tickets.

      Secondly, if you're a super-SideQuester and buy a ticket to EVERYTHING we're going to enter you into ANOTHER raffle for some super cool stuff. Like the above, I can't say much more, but you want it. I promise. Obviously there won't be a TON of people in this raffle, so your chance is pretty good if you enter! And yes, if you buy a ticket to everything, that means you're entered into BOTH raffles because you will have had to buy a Highball ticket. Amazing how that works, isn't it?

      Finally, in addition to the silent auctions, we're going to have some other swag and such that we'll be giving you opportunities to win throughout the weekend through different methods. "What methods?", you ask? Oh I can't tell you that just yet. But let's just say that raffles aren't the only thing we have planned. RTX is focused at bringing together "gamers and game companies" so we'll be sure to cater to the right audience. smiley8.gif

      I think that's about all the coy-ness I have in me for today. Do you want some of the super cool stuff we have? Then you'd better go buy your tickets right now!

      PS: We've yet to have a day where we didn't sell a ticket! As of RIGHT NOW we haven't sold any today... Keep the streak alive!

    • SideQuest 2012 Silent Auctions!

      7 years ago


      Hey all!

      I have two cool announcements about SideQuest 2012 relating to Friday Night's Charity Mixer. Let me tell you though. What a pleasure it is to be working with Grady on this year's event. If I had 10 like him, we could hold it on the Moon and fly everyone there in a replica of the Normandy.

      1) One of the things we knew would be fun would be to put together a silent auction benefitting Child's Play, the gamer's charity. But not just any ole silent auction. A dream auction for RvB/RT fans.

      If you've bought your ticket for SideQuest's Friday pre-party, you're eligible to bid on these kickass items! What items you ask? I won't give away the surprises too soon. My lips are sealed! Okay, I'll tell you one.

      Our very own LUKE MCKAY is creating a unique drawing. It's unlike ANY that he's produced before. Because... it's a painting. That's all I'll say for now.

      2) In tandem with our specialized auction, I am pleased to announce our first RoosterTeeth Community Silent Auction, benefiting Child's Play!

      Organized by the fans.
      Crafted by the fans.
      For the fans!

      We're looking to have a lot of fun, promote a lot of talent and have as many of you be a part of a charitable cause as possible!

      If you or anyone you know wants to donate and showcase in front of hundreds of the biggest RT/RvB fans this is for you.

      I'm looking for... anything. Unique artwork! Drawings! Figurines! Customized skins! Shirts! I'll take your chupacabras!

      If you are interested, just drop me a line! Subject: Community Auction!

      That's it for now!

      Under four months to go, who's excited?!?


      7 years ago


      Just kidding, for the most part. But really, if you haven't bought tickets for SideQuest at RTX, why haven't you? We've got some awesome things lined up! You can get your tickets easily through our Eventbrite page!

      If you haven't bought yours yet, do you mind telling us why? (See the poll)

      Moving on from tickets, we have a few more things to talk about today, including our first non-ticketed SideQuest of RTX!

      SideQuest presents: RTX Friday Field Day!

      As you may or may not know, last year we played a game of capture the flag at the Texas capitol. It looks like we may have too many people to do it there again, but conveniently there is a park right near the convention center! So whenever you arrive in town on Friday, come over to Palm Park/Playground where we'll be hanging out, playing CTF, and just having fun! No promises, but we may also have water balloons (a SideQuest EXCLUSIVE, since Gus said never again after RTX 2011). I'm currently exploring options for lunch during the field day, so stay tuned!

      PAX SideQuEAST

      For those of you going to PAX East, did you forget about SideQuEAST? I sure hope not! As it turns out, I'll actually be at PAX East and able to attend the event myself instead of just plan it! We're going to be meeting up and having dinner/drinks at The Pour House Bar & Grill. The only issue is when. I figured Sunday evening would be best, but I don't know how many of you are planning to leave right after PAX ends. I've put up a new poll in the SideQuEAST thread. Let me know when we should hang out!

      Another Xbox LIVE Playdate?

      Those who joined in our playdate a few weeks ago know how much fun it was. We figured we'd do another one sometime soon! How would you like to have another playdate shortly after PAX East? Or maybe before? Do we still want to play Reach? Or maybe a different game? Share your thoughts in the comments!

      That's all for today! Tell your friends that are going to RTX to be sure to get SideQuest tickets too! As always, questions/comments/concerns are welcomed!

    • Annnnnd GO!

      7 years ago


      Tickets for RTX SideQuest 2012 are on sale now!

      Edit: Fuckin timezones, how do they work? (Tickets are up now)

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