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      7 years ago


      So, what're you doing around 12pm CST tomorrow? Buying tickets for RTX SideQuest at our Eventbrite page? Okay good. That's what I thought.

      Pro tip: BUY IMMEDIATELY. There aren't many tickets and they'll probably sell out pretty quickly.

    • Tickets! Get your tickets!

      7 years ago


      ...soon. We promise. We just have to confirm some final details. For now, feast your eyes on the information below!

      Places and numbers and prices, oh my!

      Pre-RTX Party @ The Highball
      8pm-11pm (18+ until 10pm, 21+ after 10 - Highball's policy, not ours)
      ~200 tickets available
      $40/person - Pays for the reservation, dinner (build your own pasta bar or fajita dinner, we'll vote ahead of time), a drink, unlimited bowling+karaoke

      SideQuest Cocktail Party and Auction for Child's Play @ Buffalo Billiards' "The Lodge"
      9pm-12am (18+, but under 21 can't leave and return)
      ~200 tickets available
      $15/person - Pays for the reservation, a small dessert bar, unlimited pool/billiards, darts, and shuffleboard, and a donation to Child's Play

      We'll be announcing our exciting auction items very soon!

      The SideQuest BarLympics @ Buffalo Billiards' "The Rec Room"
      10pm-1am (18+, but under 21 can't leave and return)
      ~150 tickets available
      $5/person - Pays for the reservation and tons of games (Arcade cabinets, consoles, pool, air hockey, foosball, RT Trivia, the Barvenger Craunt, and more!)

      Post-RTX Laser Tag @ Blazer Tag
      9pm-11pm (All ages)
      ~100 tickets available
      $15/person - Pays for 3 private 20-minute games of laser tag

      Farewell Lunch @ The Salt Lick
      12pm-2pm (All ages)
      ~120 tickets available
      $35/person - Pays for a family-style meal (beef brisket, sausage, and pork ribs, served with potato salad, cole slaw, beans, bread, pickles, and onions), a fountain drink, and serving of dessert (pecan pie or peach cobbler) plus tax and gratuity. (You're paying us so you don't have to worry about it when you get there)

      Tickets will be on sale THIS WEEKEND via Eventbrite. We'll post exactly when probably sometime tonight/tomorrow.

      Now I know some of you may be looking at the prices and thinking that this is crazy expensive. We know, but we want to make it very clear that we did our best to keep costs down. Some of the venues required us to buy certain food packages or pay higher fees because this is our first "official" event with them. If everything goes well this year then maybe in the future we won't have to pay so much up front and we can make the tickets much cheaper.

      Also, just so we are absolutely clear: Any money that we take in over our costs will be going directly to Child's Play. We don't want or need your money, Child's Play does. If you have any questions/concerns about how the money side of stuff is going down, just ask and I'll explain as best I can. We want to be totally transparent about this.

      Other SideQuests during RTX

      If you're unable to attend the above events due to money, but still want to SideQuest, don't fret! We're going to be having some smaller, impromptu SideQuests (akin to what we did last year) throughout the weekend that will be first-come first-serve. These won't be nearly as cool as what we have scheduled above, but they'll give you the opportunity to see some of Austin and meet other community members. We'll be announcing those sort of things MUCH closer to and during the weekend both here and via our Twitter account. Here are a few ideas we had...

      -Breakfast at Frank
      -Trip to Homeslice and Amy's Ice Creams (Not a death-march this time, I promise)
      -Trip to Torchy's Tacos and Gourdoughs
      -Late night munchies at Chi'Lantro

      And more! (Bats anyone? smiley0.gif )

      As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns you may post them here or message one of us or post in the group forum. Have a great Friday!

    • Soon...

      7 years ago


      First thing's first: SIDEQUEST XBOX LIVE PLAYDATE IN HALO REACH TONIGHT! Watch our Twitter account today for details on how we're going to be running it. Come join us!

      Secondly, I just wanted to thank everyone who has already voted in the various polls we have set up so we can get an idea of how many of you are committed to attending our events. If you haven't voted in any of the polls, please check them out. The list is here:

      RTX SideQuest Tentative Schedule:
      Thursday - Pre-RTX Party at The Highball
      Friday - Child's Play Charity Auction/Mixer at Buffalo Billiards
      Saturday - The BarLympics at Buffalo Billiards
      Sunday - Post-RTX Laser Tag at BlazerTag
      Monday - TBA

      As for new news, we're currently finalizing our various reservations and plan to have tickets on sale NEXT WEEK.

      Again, tickets for our main SideQuest events should be on sale NEXT WEEK. Some of our venues can't handle that many people, so be sure to buy early if you really want to go!

      Speaking of tickets, I'd just like to get an idea of what everyone is thinking. Please check the poll attached to this post AND BE HONEST.

      Alright, I think that covers everything for now! I hope to talk to a bunch of you in our Xbox LIVE Playdate TONIGHT!

    • Celebrate 400+ members w/ a TON of news!

      7 years ago



      So as I said in the last post, we passed 400 members! To celebrate, we've got a bunch of news for all of you!

      First, our Xbox LIVE playdate is going to be THIS FRIDAY, February 24th. We'll be playing Halo Reach starting at 8PM CST. We'll start with one party, and then when/if it fills up we'll split into two, and then when/if that fills up we'll... make more? Maybe a TinyChat too? We'll figure it out. Use this thread to post Gamertags and whatnot.

      Second, we've just about finalized our plans for PAX SideQuEAST! We haven't confirmed our location yet, but we know we'll be going out for dinner and drinks on Sunday after PAX ends. We've set up a thread for PAX East attendees to chat with each other and so we can figure out how many people will be attending. Once we confirm our reservations, we'll be announcing the location and whatnot. Look for that very soon!

      Third, we've got two new events for RTX SideQuest! One is our RTX pre-party at The Highball, and the other is a trip to Blazer Tag on Sunday! For The Highball, we're planning to do dinner, drinks, bowling, and karaoke! And of course we'll be close to Gourdoughs so you can get your donut on! (Sadly, they've moved locations. We'll try to visit another time during the weekend!) How many of you are going to join us? Tell us in this thread! The trip to Blazer Tag is going to be after RTX closes up for the night on Sunday and everyone has time to grab dinner. We'll then take a bus down to Blazer Tag and play a few private games. Ready for lazers? Fire away in this thread!

      Finally, we've set up more threads for our other announced events (Child's Play Auction/Mixer and the BarLympics). PLEASE check them out and respond so we get an idea of how many people to expect. Also, SHARE SideQuest with your friends! We need to have semi-accurate poll numbers so we be sure that we're planning for enough people!

      As always, if you have any questions/comments/concerns, let us know!

      Edit: Small addition: We're still finalizing prices for tickets to various events and stuff. That will likely be our next announcement, but we NEED NUMBERS to set prices appropriately. So VOTE IN THE POLLS!

    • 400 Strong and Counting!

      7 years ago


      It feels like just yesterday I was writing the post announcing we passed 300 members, and now here we are over 400! I'll be posting some cool news soon to celebrate, but for now I just have one question...


      7 years ago


      Hello again!

      First off, I hope you got your TICKETS TO RTX!

      Second, we have news! No event announcements today, but more general news about what we have planned. If you want to have the FULL SideQuest experience, plan to be in Austin by Thursday evening and don't plan to leave until Monday evening. Also, as we mentioned in the post about our Friday night event, we're going to be making a donation to Child's Play this year on behalf of SideQuest. Part of that will be from our silent auction/raffle/other fun stuff on Friday night, but part will be any leftovers from ticket sales.

      LE GASP

      Yes, I said ticket sales. Because RTX is SO MASSIVE this year, we have to be careful with SideQuest. Last year we were a pretty small group, but those days are long gone!
      We're making reservations at some really cool places, but we have to be sure we aren't going to overwhelm them with people. The easiest way to avoid this is to make all of our "main" events (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, followed by Monday afternoon) be restricted to those who buy tickets in advance. Tickets won't be super expensive, but they will be enough to cover the cost of our reservations and such. Last year, Dom and I paid for everything out of pocket, but with the increase in size that is impossible this year. If any one is SUPER opposed to the idea of buying tickets to SideQuest, please let me know. We'll see if we can work something out. We haven't finalized everything yet so the final price is still up in the air, but the way it stands now, set aside $50 or so if you want to go to all of the "main" SideQuests.

      Besides our "main" events we plan to have a few more things here and there. We'll organize outings to places for breakfast and lunch and dinner. We'll also have a map of super-cool nearby locations available so you can visit them at your leisure. We'll be on Twitter and posting on our website up to and during RTX, so keep an eye on both of those.

      If anyone has any suggestions or feedback from last year, let us know! We're here for YOU, RTX-goers! We want to make your RTX the best experience EVER by adding a little SideQuest to it.

      One final note for today: Our XBL Playdate is going to be on February 24th at 9PM CST! BE THERE! We'll make another post to gather Gamertags and work out logistics, but write it down!

      Have a Happy Ticket Day, everyone!

      Edit: So apparently some of the hotel rates get screwy if you try to arrive Thursday or stay through Sunday! Thanks to Milky1985, we have a solution! Check it out!

    • NEWS AHOY!

      7 years ago


      Hello again everyone!

      With the announcement that tickets for RTX will go on sale next Thursday, I figured it'd be a good day to share some RTX SideQuest news too! Today, I'd like to introduce you to...

      The RTX SideQuest 2012 BARLYMPICS

      "What are the BarLympics?", you may be asking. Well, my friends, I have the answer. As you may remember, last year we had a scavenger hunt/bar crawl (Named the Barvenger Craunt by the lovely ChurchsWife) that many people enjoyed. While a lot of people had fun, there were a few complaints about it. 1) No one under 21 could participate and 2) Some people didn't like running from place to place so quickly but they still wanted to compete. The BarLympics should solve BOTH of those things!

      Our plan for the BarLympics is for it to be on Saturday night of RTX weekend. Much like the other party that we've already detailed, we're planning to rent out an area of Buffalo Billiards. This time, we're renting the Rec Room, which has a ton of games and such, in addition to a private bar. We'll have foosball, pool, darts, air hockey, shuffleboard, some arcade cabinets, and a few consoles at our disposal. We'll divide the participants up into red and blue teams (Sorry to those of you who repped Freelancer last year, this just works better), and we'll compete in a whole mess of games.

      Edit: To pre-empt any questions about it, we're going to let people choose their teams in advance and anyone without a team before the event will be placed on whichever one makes the most sense for balance and whatnot.

      You'll get a certain number of points just for playing a game against someone on an opposing team, but you'll get EXTRA points for winning. After each game, you'll need to report in to a referee so they can make a note of it for the final score. "But what about the bar crawl?!" you may cry. Don't worry, the Barvenger Craunt will be part of the BarLympics, so those of you who want to go running around 6th Street will have plenty of opportunity to do so. At the end of the night, we'll total up the scores and declare a winner!

      Since this will be a private party, we should be able to allow everyone 18 and up to participate (Pending confirmation from Buffalo Billiards). You won't be able to go on the Barvenger Craunt, and you won't be able to leave the Rec Room, but you will at least be able to hang out and compete in some way. I'm still working up point values and other such details, but I'll be sure to update here as we have more to share.

      As with our last event announcement, let me leave you with a picture of what will be our "home base" for the BarLympics...


      PS: We're still doing the Xbox LIVE Playdate, we just haven't set a time/date yet. We might be doing it next weekend, so pencil it in!

    • Pick Your Playdate Poison

      7 years ago


      Based on the results of the last poll, it looks like we're going to be playing a game. I'm thinking either Reach or Battlefield 3, or maybe even an arcade game.

      In addition to picking the game, we need to pick a date/time. I'd suggest either Friday the 3rd or Saturday the 4th. How does that sound to everyone? Please discuss in the comments!

      Finally, since we're now knee-deep into planning our events for RTX SideQuest 2012, I'd like to invite everyone to share what they want from it. If you're a newcomer to SideQuest, let us know what you expect. If you're a veteran, let us know what we did wrong last time, what we can improve, etc. We want RTX SideQuest 2012 to be AWESOME for everyone!

      Annnnnnd GO with the comments!

    • No-Blackout News Blast!

      7 years ago


      Hello everyone!

      On this day of internet darkness (Insert statement opposing SOPA/PIPA here) I thought I'd be a bright shining light and share some news about SideQuest!

      First off, It looks like we're going to have a small gathering for PAX SideQuEAST (SideQuest at PAX East). We'll have more details soon, but in the meantime continue to vote in the poll and spread the word!

      Next, Count3D and I are knee deep in preparations for RTX SideQuest 2012! I'm this close to securing our reservation for the mixer/dinner/cool people party and I'm going to iron out details in the next few weeks. What would you like to see there? Would you like it to be a dinner? Or would you rather go out somewhere else for dinner and then just have drinks and fun at the party? Would $20-25 be too much to ask for a ticket? Remember, we're donating all of our proceeds from the night (tickets, raffle, silent auction, etc) to Child's Play.

      Finally, what would you guys and gals say to having some kind of Xbox LIVE playdate in the near future? I'm not sure what it would involve, but we could watch something on Netflix, or play a large-scale game like Battlefield 3, or stick with an old favorite like Halo: Reach. If you have ideas, let us know!

      I think that covers everything. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions/suggestions! SideQuest exists to serve YOU, so help us make it the best it can be!

    • PAX SideQuEAST

      7 years ago


      Hello again everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is treating you well!

      While planning super awesome things for RTX SideQuest 2012, we realized that theres another big event between now and then that probably needs some SideQuest love.

      How many people here are planning to go to PAX East in Boston? Would you be interested in attending a PAX SideQuEAST? (Credit to Jfrosinski [Who is TOTALLY inactive on here. Lame.] for the name suggestion)

      Let us know and share any ideas you may have in the comments! We're totally open to suggestions on this one!

      PS: We're in the process of improving and tidying up our website. Let us know if you have any suggestions for what might make it more useful!

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