• In 6 months, we're rocking your world

      7 years ago


      Hello again everyone!

      After talking it over with Dom, we decided the best way to celebrate passing 300 members is to share some details about our SUPER AWESOME PLAN TO HAVE A SUPER AWESOME TIME AT BUFFALO BILLIARDS

      Those of you who came out to the RTX SideQuest 2011 "after hours" events will remember Buffalo Billiards as a big bar with tons of games (pool, air hockey, shuffleboard, darts, etc) that we used as our meeting point after the bar crawl. Everyone seemed to really dig it, and the staff there really liked having us. So what're we going to do this year?

      Here's what we're planning: We want to reserve "The Lodge" of Buffalo Billiards and have a mixer one night of RTX 2012. We're going to get together some prizes and such for a raffle and silent auction and sell tickets and then donate all our proceeds to Child's Play. The Lodge has a bunch of pool tables, two shuffleboard tables, two dartboards, and a stage where we can set up Rock Band or something of the sort. Oh. And a bar. A bar that will be private. Just for SideQuest. How about THAT?

      We're working on securing reservations and things, so nothing is set in stone, but that's what we're planning for (likely) either Friday or Saturday night. Tickets won't be expensive, but we want to be sure we don't go over capacity and we want to be able to make a nice donation to Child's Play, so we're probably looking at the $10-20 range. We may have food if the price is right.

      So what do you all think? Drinks, games and community in the heart of Austin. Plus we're helping an awesome cause like Child's Play! That's what SideQuest is all about!

      Oh, and just so you have something nice to look at...


      Sound off in the comments with what you think of this plan and what you'd like to see SideQuest do at RTX 2012!

    • 300

      7 years ago


      We just passed 300 members in the group! Awesome! To celebrate, I'm going to see if I can talk Dom into revealing a tiny bit of the awesome that we have planned...

    • Rumble Rumble

      7 years ago


      There is movement. RTX 2012 is coming. Dom and I are planning. SideQuest 2012 is going to be EPIC.

      That is all.

    • Dear PAX,

      7 years ago


      On behalf of Grady and myself, thank you for attending our meetups for PrimeQuest!

      You made the weekend a righteous success! We're going to strive to put on a bigger show at the next Penny Arcade Expo. Post your pictures/videos from PrimeQuest here for us!


      smiley9.gifRTX date is GO!
      July 7th-8th, 2012. Save the weekend! No word on when tickets will go on sale yet, but I have a good hunch they'll at least fly the same day as last year, April 1st, if not sooner than that. I'd look for them somewhere between January and March. is GO!
      Our website is up!!!!! Right now you can check out the most comprehensive list of RT-reccomended Austin eateries out there. Thank you MildGrooveOn for helping us put this together!

      WHO'S READY FOR 2012?

    • Hello?! Is anyone there?!

      7 years ago


      Things sure have been quiet in the last month, haven't they?


      PrimeQuest is almost here!

      Count3D and I are hosting a SideQuest party on Sunday night of PAX Prime weekend! If you're at PAX, or just in the Seattle area, come and hang out/drink with us, other buddies from RTX, and maybe make new friends! Interested? Want to go? Want more details? Email or Direct Message us on Twitter!

      Why are we asking you to do this? First off, we want to be sure we can get in touch with you more directly for future developments. Secondly, we have a neat little invitation that we want to send out to everyone! We aren't going to do anything stupid like turn people away for not having invitations. Its just something fun we thought we would do.

      And remember, if you didn't get a SideQuest sticker at RTX, I'll have about 100 or so to give out at PAX! Track me down and take a few!

      Once PAX winds down, we're going to go back into hiding for a bit to work on some super awesome stuff that I promise you'll see soon. In the meantime, let us know if you have anything you'd like to see from us. We're actively planning for the next RTX (whenever that is) and always open to suggestions!

      Oh yeah, do us a favor and "Like" us on Facebook. We'll totally be best friends :)

    • Greetings from Austin!

      8 years ago


      Hello lovelies!

      Austin is lonely without all of you here :(

      But! I come with news! As of last week, the planning for SideQuest 2012 has officially begun! Dom (Count3D) and I are getting an early start this time around, so we can be better prepared. Here are a few tidbits from our conversation the other night...

      1. First and foremost, we are officially going to be known as "RT SideQuest". Why? Because we represent the entire RT Community. Because we like the look of the capital Q. Because we plan to be bigger than just RTX... which leads nicely into number two...

      2. We will be SideQuest-ing at PAX Prime! Are you going to be at PAX Prime? Awesome! Come hang out with us and eat dinner/grab drinks one night. We don't want to interfere with other PAX plans, so we're just going to try to meet up one night for dinner and drinks so we can all get together again. More news on this can be found if you...

      3. Follow @RTSideQuest on Twitter! Twitter was a huge help in making SideQuest a success this year, and we're taking the next step by creating an official account! You'll be able to find any and all SideQuest news through that account, and here in the group.

      4. And now the big one... You already know this, but RT SideQuest will be back at RTX 2012! RTX will be bigger, and so will we! We've taken all of your feedback and come up with a few things that are super-important to us and they will be a major focus over the next year or so:

      - Transportation: Although the events are going to be much closer together, we're going to look into renting a shuttle bus for SideQuest. I'm hoping that a large charter bus is reasonable. By reasonable, I mean I hope we can get enough seats and make up the cost by charging everyone a small fee for using the shuttle all weekend.

      - Events for everyone: Plain and simple, we didn't plan events for people under 21. Our bad. This year will be different though, as we're going to make every effort to plan events at locations that are all-ages. For example: The bar crawl wasn't under-21 friendly. To mitigate that, we're going to have a central location where people of all ages can hang out if they don't want to bar-hop with a team.

      - Tight schedule: We didn't do the best job of having a clear and concise schedule. We're likely going to trim down to a few big events (Think Highball and other after-hours parties, CTF, Salt Lick, and maybe one or two group meals) but publish a "SideQuest Approved" list of places for people to eat and visit at their leisure.

      - Shirts and stickers and swag, oh my!: The stickers were a huge hit this year (If you didn't get one, come find me at PAX Prime! I still have at least 50!) and so we're amping it up next year with more stuff. We're probably going to do shirts, stickers again, and maybe some other stuff. We'll have more info on this as the event approaches.

      5. I had several people trying to give me money during RTX to pay for some of the SideQuest stuff. I turned every single person down because we weren't planning to take any money or anything like that. Since there was some interest, we may be setting up a PayPal or some other means by which people can donate to SideQuest. We'll use what we can, and then donate anything left to Child's Play. If we do this, we'll post something later.

      We're going to keep posting here and on Twitter (for the time being...) to keep everyone in the loop as we plan the future of SideQuest. I hope you're spreading the word to your friends and invite them to join us at our next event!

      I love and miss all of you!

      -Grady (GB330033)

    • RTX SideQuest 2011 Feedback

      8 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      I hope you're mostly recovered from this weekend! Count3D and I want to get feedback on this weekend as quickly as possible so everything is fresh in your minds. I've set up two threads in the forums: One for positive feedback and one for negative feedback. Please be brutally honest with us so we can make SideQuest 2012 even more awesome!

      Also, if you would prefer some anonymous method (Though I don't see why. You won't hurt our feelings!) of providing feedback, let me know and I'll try to set something up.

      As always, let me know if you have any questions!

    • RTX Sidequest 2011 Archive

      8 years ago


      This is merely a post that will serve as an archive of the group profile from 5/31/11

      To receive SIDEQUEST's 2011 itinerary, please email

      You may also download the full itinerary from here (PDF version here)


      Thursday May 26th
      Thursday After Hours

      Friday May 27th
      Friday After Hours *NOTE: These events are now on SATURDAY night*

      Saturday May 28th
      Saturday After Hours *NOTE: These events are now on FRIDAY night*

      Sunday May 29th
      Sunday After Hours

      Monday May 30th

      Sidequest Sightseeing

      Download a zip file of all the menus here!

      What: A five-day blitz through the cuisine scene in Austin during RTX!

      Why: For every community member looking to hang out and celebrate some of Austin's delicious, hearty food and culture. It doesn't matter if you've never been to Austin before or didn't get in to Rooster Texas, this is about having fun and is open to all community members. If you participate, you'll be entitled to an exclusive bonus item!

      Where: The best of the best of the best Austin smorgasbords and sights! Watch this group for updates!

    • RTX may be ending...

      8 years ago


      ...but Sidequest continues! Tonight after the pool (nearly typed poop. Very different) party, there will be a Sidequest after party at Kung Fu Saloon on the corner of 5th&Rio Grande. Sorry under 21ers, they check id at the door. I promise we have heard you and will plan events for the under 21 crowd in the future.

      Tomorrow, we will be eating at Salt Lick at 1pm. You will need to drive/hitch a ride out there. If you are flying out before 5pm, it'll be tough to join us, eat, get back, and get to the airport in time. But you can at least get Salt Lick at the airport!

      Tomorrow night we are also going to one final dinner at TnT. 9pm is when we will all get together to say one more goodbye :(

      Don't fret though! Sidequest WILL return in 2012! But for now I hope to see a lot of you tonight and tomorrow!

      PS: if you or someone you know has Sidequest pictures, please send an email to our address

      PPS: a recap post of yesterday will be going up tomorrow. In case you were curious about the results of ctf, and the bar crawl

    • We Made Awesome

      8 years ago


      You guys are awesome! Tonight we had over 60 people come out to our afterparty at Halcyon! FYI in the aftermath of that I found a bag of merch. If you lost one, I have it in the back of my truck.

      Breakfast tomorrow is at Polvos for those interested. 8am sharp!

      Tomorrow night is "Capture the Capitol" and the Sidequest bar crawl! There is also talk of laser tag for those who can't or dont want to attend the crawl. Hope to see everyone around!

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