• On the Second Day of SideQuest...

      8 years ago


      Hello everyone! If you're joining us for SideQuest today (Which you should be!) I wanted to give a quick rundown of our activities:

      First, at 8am we are meeting at Franks (at 4th&Colorado) for breakfast. After breakfast a group of us are going for a swim at Barton Springs Pool. After swimming a bit, we will meet back in Downtown Austin (Likely around Congress&Ceasar Chavez where we first gathered last night for the bats. Look for the sign) to split into groups to head to either the Jackalope or Your Mom's Burger Bar for lunch. After lunch I'll be taking whoever wants to go to Amy's Ice Creams on 6th&Lamar to experience the best ice cream in Texas.

      After that, RTX OFFICIALLY BEGINS! Registration and badge pickup is from 2pm to 8pm, with the kickoff party running from 8pm to midnight. SideQuest is then going to be having an after party at Halcyon (On 4th&Lavaca) until 3am. We'd love to see everyone there!

      As always, if you have questions, please either comment or message me. I'm trying to keep up with the site while out and about, so while I may not respond immediately I promise I'll get to it eventually

      Happy RTX!

    • Transportation to Sidequest

      8 years ago


      Hello! As promised, here are the suggested means of transportation to/from the various Sidequest events. If you need more detail, feel free to message me or leave a comment. I'll be checking this post and group as often as I can.

      Note: The "Highland Mall bus stop" is on Fiskville & Tirado


      To Home Slice Pizza from RTX DoubleTree (12pm): Walk to Highland Mall bus stop, take the #10 bus that leaves at 10:40am and arrives at South 1st & Monroe at 11:40am. Walk to Home Slice on South Congress by way of Elizabeth St.

      To Downtown (For Sidequest Sightseeing - Message GB for location) from RTX DoubleTree (1pm-ish): Walk to Highland Mall bus stop, take the #10 bus that leaves at 11:55am and arrives at 5th & Colorado at 12:40pm.

      To The Highball from RTX DoubleTree (Arriving by 8:30pm): Walk to Highland Mall bus stop, take the #10 bus that leaves at 7:23pm and arrives at Colorado & 9th around 8:00pm, take the #3 bus that leaves at 8:15pm and arrives at South Lamar Square at 8:25pm.

      To The Highball from Downtown Austin (Sightseeing) (Arriving by 8:30pm): Walk to Colorado & 3rd, take the #3 bus that leaves at 8:17pm and arrives at South Lamar Square at 8:25pm

      To Gourdough's from The Highball and vice versa (Between 8:30pm and 1am): Walk. They're really close!

      To the RTX DoubleTree from The Highball/Gourdough's (After 10pm): Honestly, since you'll likely be leaving relatively late (After 10pm), the best option is to call a cab or find a ride. The nearest bus back is a 20+ minute walk away. If you want specifics check the CapMetro website


      To Franks from the RTX DoubleTree (Arrive by 8am: Take the #7 or the #10 bus from the Highland Mall bus stop

      To Barton Springs from Franks(Around 10am): Take the #30 from 5th&Colorado

      To Barton Springs from the RTX DoubleTree(Around 10am): Take the #7 from Highland Mall to Congress&Ceasar Chavez and transfer to the #30

      To Downtown Austin (To head to Jackalope OR Your Mom's Burger Bar) from Barton Springs(Around 12:30pm): Take the #30

      To Downtown Austin from the RTX DoubleTree: You guessed it! Take the #10 or #7 and get off around 5th Street

      To Halcyon from the RTX DoubleTree(For the after party after midnight): Call a cab/shuttle or hitch a ride. No bus option this late. Same for the return trip

      I think that about covers Friday transportation...


      Coming soon!


      Coming soon!


      From RTX DoubleTree to Salt Lick: Find a ride. There are no bus routes that go out this far, nor will a taxi take you this far.

      I HIGHLY suggest you double-check my suggestions by using the trip planner on Capitol Metro's website

    • Transportation and a few final notes

      8 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      Count3D is currently in the air on the way here and I'm busting my ass trying to get the last few things ready for this weekend. We're so close!

      First off, a lot of people have asked about transportation to and from Sidequest events. The official RTX shuttles WILL NOT run between Sidequest events (since our stuff is unofficial) so you'll have to rely on catching rides from people, taking the bus, or calling a cab. I plan to have a transportation guide up later tonight with my suggestions for what to do to and from each event.

      Secondly, if you haven't received an itinerary from us via email, please send another email to I'll do my best to get them to you ASAP. I'll also make a PDF of the itinerary available on this group later tonight so people can download it to their phones and such.

      Finally, if you have ANY questions or if you can think of anything we haven't covered PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I want everyone to have a great time with Sidequest, and the first step towards that is being sure everyone knows all that they need to know! Feel free to send an email, comment below, or message me (Not Count3D since he is in the air right now) with any questions, comments or concerns and I'll do the best I can to address them as quickly as possible.

      We're less than 24 hours away!

    • Only 48 Hours Remaining

      8 years ago


      We are less than 48 hours away from the first Sidequest event at Home Slice Pizza! How exciting!

      I know many of you have smartphones, so I have a treat for you. I have compiled a zip file full of PDF menus of ALL the places Sidequest will be visiting! You can download it here

      I highly suggest you go over these ahead of time, since there will be so many of us ordering. Choose what you want in advance so we can make it easier on the staff of each location! Put these on your smartphone so the wait staff doesn't have to scramble to get 40+ menus for all of us! Share with friends!

      In other news, has everyone been getting responses to emails they send to If not, PLEASE let us know!

      Count3D and I are incredibly excited to kick this thing off! We can't wait to see you all in Austin!

    • RED ALERT: Schedule Changes!

      8 years ago


      Hello everyone! I hope your LAST WEEKEND BEFORE RTX is going well!

      As you probably know, Gus recently released the official RTX schedule which conflicted a tiny bit with some of what we had planned. Because of that, Count3D and I have decided to move a few things around and schedule some new stuff. These changes pretty much only impact After Hours, but even if you weren't planning to attend AFter

      First off, the biggest change is that After Hours on Friday (The Bar Crawl) has now moved to Saturday! This gives us more time to work our way through downtown after the RTX events wrap up. If this had remained on Friday we wouldn't have been able to start things off until around 12:30, only giving us an hour and a half to party.

      The second big change is (logically) the movement of Saturday nights events to Friday night. As you may have seen, the RTX kickoff party runs until midnight. The "Sidequest After Hours After Party" will take place at Halcyon, the location originally planned for Saturday night.

      The third change is the addition of some new activities! With the schedule shuffling, we have some leftover time on Saturday so we came up with a few new things. Check the schedules below to see what they are!

      FRIDAY - May 27th

      9:00pm (approx) - Grifball tournament (sign up during registration in the hotel lobby)
      10:45pm (approx) - Achievement HORSE tournament
      12:00am - Party wraps
      After 12:00am until 3:00am - Sidequest After Hours After Party at Halcyon

      Remember, Halcyon is an ALL AGES location. EVERYONE is welcome!

      SATURDAY - May 28th

      7:00pm - RTX Party wraps up and people begin leaving the RT Offices
      7:30pm - RTX shuttles arrive at the DoubleTree
      *NEW* 8:00pm - Sidequest viewing of the Congress Bridge Bats (In case you missed it on Thursday)
      *NEW* 8:15pm - Sidequest plays RvB: CAPTURE THE CAPITOL (CTF on the lawn of the Texas Capitol building)
      9:30pm - Sidequest meets in the DoubleTree lobby to divide teams and explain the bar crawl
      10:00pm - Sidequest teams arrive downtown and begin the bar crawl
      1:30am - Sidequest teams meet at a predetermined location for last call at 2am
      2:00am - Sidequest eats at local food trailers downtown for late-night deliciousness and "debriefing"
      3:00am-ish - Sidequest arrives back at the DoubleTree for sleeping time!

      Remember, the bar crawl is only available to people over the age of 21. However, EVERYONE is welcome to come play CTF earlier in the evening (And join us at the food trailers later, if you really want)!

      There is another option for the 8pm timeslot for those of you not interested in CTF. We have more information about this in the master schedule (which can be obtained via email), but the short version is that there is a theatrical play that some may opt to attend. If you're interested, let us know.

      As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment here or email us at

    • Quick Updates

      8 years ago


      Hey everybody.

      How are you feeling? I'm pretty excited because we'll be seeing everyone NEXT WEEK! smiley0.gif

      Yeah, I can't you believe it either. I've some small updates before GB330033 unveils some more cool Sidequest After Hours info.

      smiley9.gif Join the Sidequest facebook event right here.

      smiley9.gif Would you like a text document to print out of SIDEQUEST's activities? If so, please email:, ask for the complete itinerary. The dates/locations will always be up in this group, of course!

      smiley9.gif We're about to break 200 members. The original attendance cap for RTX. That's nuts!

      Have a question about Sidequest? Drop us a line via email (, in the comments here or message either GB330033 or myself!

      Have a good week!

    • RTX Sidequest: After Hours-Sunday 5/29

      8 years ago


      To close out the RTX weekend with one last hurrah, Sidequest After Hours on Sunday night will be at Kung Fu Saloon!

      Kung Fu Saloon

      Kung Fu Saloon is a fun bar on West 6th Street that should appeal to the RTX crowd. They have a bunch of vintage arcade games and Sunday they're all set to free-play! They also have happy-hour prices all Sunday long!

      Drinks and arcade games? What better way to close out an awesome weekend?

      After Kung Fu, if people are interested, we can head to Kerbey Lane Cafe for some late night eats.

    • RTX Sidequest: After Hours-Saturday 5/28

      8 years ago


      So after the insanity that is Friday night we're going to dial it back a bit and chill at Halcyon on Saturday night.



      Halcyon is a bar in downtown Austin with a very relaxed atmosphere. They have good selection of drinks and food for us to enjoy, but the BEST part are the table-side s'mores! Check out their website for more info on that bit of deliciousness.

      The plan is to head to Halcyon after the RTX festivities for the night are done, and hang out there for the night. If people didn't get enough downtown Austin on Friday night, feel free to explore the other nearby bars and such, but Halcyon will serve as home-base.

      So what do you say, do s'mores and alcohol sound like a good Saturday night?

      Edit: smiley4.gif I'm an idiot and put THURSDAY in the first poll. This post is updated to be correct.

    • RTX Sidequest: After Hours-Friday 5/27

      8 years ago


      Get ready. Friday Saturday night will be EPIC!

      Why? Read on!

      Red vs. Blue: The RTX Adventure


      On Friday Saturday, after the meet and greet at the DoubleTree some stuff, we'll have the first edition of Red vs. Blue: The RTX Adventure in downtown Austin! Here's how it'll work (Though details are subject to change)

      We will divide into three teams: Red, Blue, and Freelancer (If you have a preference, post below! But teams MUST be even!)

      Each team will be assigned a mascot (A Halo action figure from McFarlane Toys), a map, and a "leader" of sorts. The goal will then be to visit as many Austin bars as possible (Some unique ones will be marked on the map) and take fun/interesting photos featuring your mascot and team while enjoying some drinks and fellowship! (This may become a scavenger hunt if I can put one together in time and if people are interested. However, I want the focus to be on fun and not on winning!)

      We'll run around downtown for a few hours, then reconvene somewhere for last call (2AM) and then head out to local food trucks to have some late night eats! Then we'll head back to the RTX hotel (DoubleTree) to "debrief" and determine a winner!

      Myself and Count3D will serve as judges and as "leader" for two of the groups. We'll just be making sure no one dies, and that we all end up in the right locations at the right time. We need one more person to volunteer to lead a group, so speak up if you're interested! The third person will also serve on the panel of judges at the end of the night.

      As stated above, some of these details are fluid and may change. I may or may not be making a trophy or plaque for the winners to be enshrined on. We may even be able to arrange for it to stay in the RT office!

      If all of this sounds like fun to you, be sure to post so we can get you on a team! As always, please post if you have any questions or comments that you'd like me to address.

      Team rosters will be posted here:

      RED (15 members)
      Leader: GB330033

      lonestarlite +1
      HolythGoalie +1
      Flashburn900 +1

      BLUE (17 members)
      Leader: Count3D

      SailorTweek +1 (Tenative)
      Lamchopz +1 (Tenative)
      Neeners +1

      FREELANCER (16 members)
      Leader: Optimizer

      mobius_ox +1
      Razorx243 +1
      flats +2

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