• RTX Sidequest: After Hours-Thursday 5/26

      8 years ago


      The first of our Sidequest After Hours events will take place right alongside our regular Sidequest schedule!

      The Highball


      Thursday night we'll be kicking off the RTX weekend at The Highball! The Highball is a hybrid diner/bar/bowling alley/karaoke lounge right next to the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar.

      We'll be getting together to enjoy dinner first (After watching the Congress Bridge Bats) followed by some entertainment. You can check out their menu here. Don't forget to save room though, Gourdough's is within walking distance as mentioned in the regular Thursday post! Or of course, you could go to Gourdough's first and then come to The Highball. Either way works!

      We'll officially shift into "After Hours" mode at 10PM, when The Highball goes from an 18+ establishment to 21+ (Also take note that the karaoke rooms are 21+ all the time)

      We plan to rent at least one karaoke room for some period of time, but that is still being finalized. Feel free to bowl if you want, but we're not paying for it! If you get a group of bowlers together ahead of time, be sure to make a reservation so you don't have to wait!

      The plan is to hang out and party until they close at 2AM, so bring your A-game and prepare your liver!

      If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to share them down below!

    • RTX Sidequest: After Hours

      8 years ago


      Hey everyone! I am currently putting together some late night entertainment (bars and late night food) for Sidequest and just wanted to see how many people would be interested in attending.

      Currently I'm planning a bar/pub crawl for Friday night and visits to unique bars for the other nights. Naturally, food will follow all events.

      All of this largely depends on the official schedule and when those events end, so I'm waiting until we have more info before making a schedule. But I do have ideas for each night and can work around the official schedule

      If you would be interested in some bar hopping and late night chow, please respond to the poll and post with any ideas you may have and I'll see what I can work in.

      TAKE NOTE: Because these will involve bars and such, you must be 21 to participate

    • Roll Call

      8 years ago


      smiley9.gifThursday May 26th

      smiley9.gifFriday May 27th

      smiley9.gifSaturday May 28th

      smiley9.gifSunday May 29th

      smiley9.gifMonday May 30th

      smiley9.gifSidequest Sightseeing

      Please vote in each poll.

      We're over 170 members which is pretty crazy. We're closing in on the same number of people who were getting in to RTX originally.

      Which restaurant are you most looking forward to?

    • MONDAY - May 30th, 2011

      8 years ago


      "Goodbye Major Cinnamon Bun, I will always remember your buttery goodness."

      RTX has come to a close, but there's a Sidequest goodbye party to be had! And we've saved some of the best for last!

      Lunch: The Salt Lick (1pm)
      Twitter @SaltLickBBQ
      Recommendation: Burnie via Drunk Tank 21

      The choice is yours... pecan pie (Griffon's pick) or blackberry cobbler (Geoff's pick).

      Dinner: TNT Tacos and Tequila (7pm)
      Twitter @TnTacosTequila
      Recommendation: Griffon via DrunkTank 63

    • SUNDAY - May 29th, 2011

      8 years ago


      "Oh, man, that is a burn! Dude, you just got burned! Burned, dude, burned!"

      Before the anticipated RoosterTeeth shoot, let's meet up to take on the spicy awesome madness that is...

      Breakfast: Torchy's Tacos (8am)
      Twitter @TorchyTaco
      Recommendation: Burnie via Twitter

    • SATURDAY - May 28th, 2011

      8 years ago



      Mexican food it is!

      Breakfast: Polvo's Mexican Restaurant (8am-9am)
      Twitter @PolvosAustin
      Recommendation: Geoff says it has some of the best chicken in Austin.

      Comment if you're going!


      8 years ago


      Alright, so Count3D has posted the meal schedules for Sidequest Thursday and Friday (Which you really need to look at if you haven't!). But if you look carefully, there are some pretty big gaps in between our meals!

      "Oh no! GB, why would you guys do that?! We want to be together FOREVER!"

      I know, I know! Don't fret! I've got you covered with...


      "What is Sidequest Sightseeing?" you might ask. Well, its pretty simple... I've compiled a list of things to see and do in Austin that are relatively close to the areas we are eating. Before and after meals, you are encouraged to take a Sidequest of your own off to one of these fantastic* locations!

      The idea is to get out and see Austin, right? Well here you go! I plan to lead excursions to certain locations on each day, but there really aren't any "organized" trips to anywhere. (Except Thursday night, when everyone is encouraged to get together to watch the bats. We'll then head to Highball/Gordough's for our evening entertainment.)

      Anyway, check out the list below and post what you think is interesting. I'll be posting a map of all these locations along with bus routes to and from the RTX Hotel, our eating places, etc, at a later time. For now, I just want everyone to see everything there is to do and chat about what they're excited to see!

      *Not all locations fit all definitions of fantastic

      Congress Bridge Bats



      At dusk, the largest urban bat colony will fly out from underneath the bridge to feed. I think you can also hear dripping noises from underneath the bridge. (Please, for the love of God, get this reference)

      Lady Bird Lake


      Lady Bird Lake (used to be Town Lake) runs through the middle of Austin (Looks like a river on a map) which you can explore by renting a canoe/kayak. How could that possibly be a bad idea? Grab three other people from the internet, rent a boat, and hope to survive! It'll be like Left 4 Dead, only... wetter.

      (I can't possibly list all of the boat rental places here, but if you're interested let me know and I'll post a few in the comments)

      Barton Springs Pool


      Best swimming ever. Hands down. Natural, spring-fed pool that stays between 68 and 71.5 degrees year round.

      NOTE: Barton Springs is closed on Thursdays for cleaning! If you want to swim, plan to do it on Friday!

      Zilker Park


      Its a park. They have grass, and trees, and air, and probably people. Zilker is huge, so if you just want to chill out and soak in some Austin fresh air, head that way. They also have a disc/frisbee golf course, some sand volleyball courts, if thats your thing.

      Paramount Theater


      This is a historic theater in downtown Austin. They offer tours but they cost money and I believe they are seasonal. You can purchase tickets online, but currently you can only buy tickets for next week. If enough people are interested, I'll see what I can find out about securing a tour farther in advance.


      Texas Capitol


      If you're a government/history buff, take a tour of the Texas capitol building or just stroll along the grounds. Or, do like I did my freshman year at UT and play a game of capture the flag on the grounds. It works out to be a GREAT symmetrical "map" for CTF! (CTF may be a better late-night activity if people are interested)

      Old RT Office


      (I think thats the right location, but there is a small chance I am wrong)

      Although the RT magic is long gone, the building is still here! Perched atop a Pita Pit, this is where RT lived for several years. Stand outside and listen to the infamous bus noise! Pop into the Pita Pit and get a bite to eat or drink at the trapdoor table! Just take a picture! Really, there isn't much to do here. Just look at the pretty building.

      The University of Texas


      What starts here changes the world. No really, it does! Case in point: Burnie and Matt and Joel met here. Done and done. Anyway, UT campus isn't far from our breakfast/lunch spots downtown, so if you're a potential student or just want to check out UT, head over and check out all it has to offer!

      Sixth Street (Daytime)


      Sixth may be best known for its nightlife, but its still an impressive place to walk in the daytime! Stroll down and scout what bar you'd like to hit when night falls. Or, if you feel like it, hit one at noon!

      And that pretty much takes care of Sidequest Sightseeing. There are WAY more places to visit in Austin, but they aren't really close to where we'll be eating nor would we really have time to go.

      I threw a poll up just so people could see where the action is going to be, and potentally arrange groups to go to different locations

      If you have any questions about any of these locations, just ask

    • FRIDAY - May 27th, 2011

      8 years ago


      "Simmons, I want you to poison Grif's next meal."

      What meal of Grif's would Simmons poison? How about some of the greatest hotdogs and burgers in Austin?!

      Breakfast: Frank's (8am)
      Twitter @hotdogscoldbeer
      Recommendation: Geoff and Gus via Drunk Tanks and journals

      IMPORTANT: We're anticipating a large amount of people for lunch, so we're dividing into two groups, ALPHA and DELTA. If you have a preference between the two restaurants, state so below or you'll be assigned randomly before the event!

      GROUP ALPHA: The Jackalope (12pm)
      Recommendation: Griffon via DrunkTank 63

      GROUP DELTA: Your Moms Burgers (12pm)
      Twitter @eatatyourmoms
      Recommendation: Geoff via DrunkTank 55

    • Newsday

      8 years ago


      Good day!

      Lots of things happening, so I'll try and be brief.

      smiley9.gif Check out the Official RTX group that Gus created.

      smiley9.gif Do you have twitter? I've created a SIDEQUEST attendee twit-list. Ask to be added.

      smiley9.gif Sidequest Monday is a GO! Thanks to the response in the poll, look for that schedule to be announced soon.

      smiley9.gif Big thanks to Dark and Abstruse for their generous feedback on a list for anyone of drinking age! Check out Dark's pretty detailed drinks review group for all sorts of information.

      Austin Drinks Recommendations: (via dark54555 + Abstruse)
      1) Real Ale (Best brewery in the state? You decide! It's the only Texas brewery with an ESB. Try: Fireman 4 Blonde Ale, Rio Blanco Pale Ale, Full Moon Pale Rye Ale, Brewhouse Brown Ale.)
      2) Live Oak (Local to Austin! Try the Hefeweizen! Highly rated.)
      3) 512 (Especially Pecan Porter!)
      4) Shiner Bock (Most readily available. Try the Black Lager!)
      5) Lone Star (You're drinking it for the tradition… not for the taste.)
      6) St. Arnold (Ideal summer beer = Lawnmower!)
      7) Ultimate Gus bonus points: Tito's Vodka

      AVOID: Rahr
      If it's Rahr Ugly Pug, punch them twice and make sure it's as hard as you can. It's terrible.

      Don't like alcohol or are underage? No problem: Saint Arnold makes a root beer that's supposed to be really good. Not to mention Gourdough's has Dublin Dr.Pepper. Also, you can't leave Texas without trying Big Red!

    • A Sidequesting We Will Go!

      8 years ago


      Hey everyone!

      For those of you patiently waiting on some more info about the Sidequest schedule and such... keep waiting!

      Seriously though, Count3D and I are working on firming up the schedule and should have news soon. Currently it looks like the bulk of Sidequst events are going to be on Thursday and maybe Friday morning, with official RTX events taking place the rest of the weekend.

      We might try to arrange something for Sunday (depending on how long the official RTX events last) and maybe a final meet-up on Monday for those of you hanging around for Memorial Day.

      With that in mind, I'd like to get an idea of who will be around when...

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