• PAX SideQuEAST News TODAY!

      4 years ago


      Are you all ready for some PAX SideQuEAST news? We hope so! Keep an eye out for an announcement and tickets later this afternoon! Tickets will be $25/person to cover food for everyone and our venue, but we have limited space! If you want to attend, be sure to get your ticket ASAP after we put them up!

      We'll have more information on the Community Compendium editor position, an RTSQ for Child's Play wrap-up post, news about a NEW event called SX SideQuest, and other cool stuff coming this weekend.

      Enim Filii!

    • Community Compendium Editor Wanted!

      4 years ago


      Hey there community! We're still working on getting an RTSQ for Child's Play wrap-up posted, but in the meantime we wanted to share an opportunity for YOU to contribute to RT SideQuest!

      If you've been around a while, you may recall the Community Compendium we put together a while back. The intent was to collect active RT community groups and such in one place to make it easier for new community members to get involved right away. While it was a great success early on, it's a pretty daunting task to keep it updated, and so it's currently pretty far out of date.

      That's why we're looking for someone to serve as our new Community Compendium Editor!

      We're looking for someone with a passion for this community to take ownership of keeping the Community Compendium updated with the latest RT community group information. We're thinking monthly updates, not daily or weekly. You'd be in charge of adding new and upcoming groups, removing old and inactive ones, and keeping the Group+Event map current.

      If you're interested, comment on this post and we'll get in touch with you!

      Note: This is purely a volunteer gig. You're not getting paid. Except in smiley12.gif

    • World Cancer Day

      4 years ago


      Did you know today is World Cancer Day? Several of the charities we support work to help kids who are fighting cancer.


      smiley9.gifChild's Play​ supplies hospitals with games and toys that can be used to ease the unpleasant-ness of a hospital stay, which could include nasty things like cancer treatment. Help us help Child's Play through our upcoming RTSQ for Child's Play event:

      smiley9.gifExtra Life​ raises money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals​ to support research and training, purchase equipment, and pay for uncompensated care. Though RTSQ for Extra Life won't be until November, you can still join our team today!

      smiley9.gifMake-A-Wish Central & South Texas​ grants wishes to children with life threatening conditions to help put a smile on their face in a time of need. We want to help grant wishes by sending @Barbara and @Caleb Over the Edge!

      Help us help others in the global fight against cancer!

    • RTSQ for Child's Play

      4 years ago


      Our first charity event of the year is coming up VERY soon! We're getting together at Gamerz Galaxy in Austin (Much like we did for Extra Life 2014) on the day after Let's Play Live (Get your tickets!) to raise money for Child's Play!


      We're currently planning out what games we'll be playing and some other special things, but for now you can support the event by donating via our Child's Play widget and telling us you'll be there on the community event page!

      If you're coming out to Austin for Let's Play Live, this is a GREAT way to keep the RT Community fun going throughout the weekend! There is NO cost to attend, but the goal is to raise money for charity, so we'd greatly appreciate donations to the cause!

      What sorts of things would you like to see happen at RTSQ for Child's Play? More Johann Sebastian Joust? More information about how Child's Play helps kids? Appearances by Rooster Teeth cast & crew? Tell us and we'll try to make it happen!

    • New videos!

      4 years ago


      We've got some exciting news about our upcoming events (including RTSQ for Child's Play, RTSQ for Make-A-Wish, and PAX SideQuEAST) that's getting posted tomorrow! But did you know we have NEW videos on our YouTube channel?

      That's right! @legato2d has been busy crafting great recaps of some of our 2014 events! Watch everyone get fancy at RTX in our Cocktail Party & Charity Auction video. And then check out how we raised over $5,000 for Children's Miracle Network (also watch me gracefully dance with @josho) in our recap of RTSQ for Extra Life!

    • PAX SouthQuest 2015

      4 years ago


      Heads up everyone, even though PAX SouthQuest sold out a little while back we got some more space at our venue. We've got 30 more tickets on sale! Go get 'em!

      And don't forget to check out who else is going on the community events page!

    • So Long 2014! Happy 2015 from RTSQ!

      4 years ago


      (Also posted on our website)

      As the final hours of 2014 tick away here in Texas, we wanted to share some BIG news that has come about in the last few months. In addition to that, we want to wrap up 2014, and talk briefly about our first events of 2015!


      A while back, we applied for a 501(c)(3) tax-exemption from the IRS. We're happy to report that our exemption has been granted and we're now officially a tax-exempt non-profit organization! That opens a TON of avenues for us, as many companies won't donate to organizations that aren't 501(c)s. Being a 501(c) will allow us to improve our community events by getting things like food and supplies donated to us, as well as get even cooler items for our annual charity auction at RTX!

      Of course, being a 501(c) comes with a few restrictions as well, but rest assured that we've looked everything over and nothing should change. We'll continue to be the organization that you know and love and we'll continue to serve both community and charity!

      Closing out 2014

      One of our last acts of 2014 was to make our final charitable donation of the year. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite as large as we'd hoped, but it's still substantial. We donated $3,500 to Child's Play Charity today, bringing our total raised/donated in 2014 to <strong>$19,711</strong> which is JUST UNDER our goal of $20,000! SO CLOSE!

      You might ask, why didn't we make our goal of $5,000 for Child's Play? In part, it's because we want to make sure we have enough money in the bank to be able to start our 2015 events. We're holding some extra money in our general fund so that we can bring you the best events possible in 2015! Also, we'd just like to remind you that we've donated over $25,000 to Child's Play in our existence, meaning our total contribution to Child's Play is still far above our contributions to our other charity partners.

      Don't worry, we've got something special in the works to benefit Child's Play early in 2015...

      As for other things we did to close out 2014, we also held our annual meeting, where we decided to mostly keep things as-is in 2015. We're not going to be making any major changes this year, except in the number of events we host and where/when we host them. We're going to work hard to make our events the BEST Rooster Teeth community events around and to make our BIGGEST contributions to charity ever!

      We did discuss our visuals a bit, so you may see some changes in our visual branding across our website, social media profiles, etc. Don't worry, it's nothing major. The sign is here to stay. Always.

      Now, we'd like to share our first three events of 2015 with you!

      PAX SouthQuest - January 2015

      Our first event of 2015 is going to be in San Antonio at the inaugural PAX South! Starting at 8pm on January 23rd, PAX SouthQuest is going to be a celebration of community with great Tex-Mex cuisine at Casa Rio on the San Antonio Riverwalk!

      Tickets are ON SALE NOW over at Ticketbud for $25 each. Your ticket will help to pay for a great spread of Tex-Mex favorites as well as a private space for community members to gather and chat!

      We have limited space, so get yours ASAP and join us for the first RT SideQuest event of 2015! You never know who might be there...

      RTSQ for Child's Play - February 2015

      We told you we'd have something special for Child's Play early in 2015! On February 21st (The day AFTER Let's Play Live) we're planning to host our first 24-hour livestream/gaming marathon of 2015, this time to benefit Child's Play! As with our last two "test" streams/marathons, we're planning to be playing at Gamerz Galaxy in Austin, as well as online, for a FULL 24 hours!

      We haven't nailed down many details yet, but as soon as we do we'll be sure to post them! For now, just know that if you're coming into Austin for Let's Play Live, you'll have a great Rooster Teeth community event to attend on the day after! The party can go ALL weekend!

      PAX SideQuEAST - March 2015

      Notice a pattern yet? We're keeping things in high gear with a one-event-per-month pace for almost all of 2015! We're planning to bring PAX SideQuEAST back after another successful outing in 2014. Currently, our plan is to move to a different venue, so that we can have a better opportunity to chat while eating. Lucky's Lounge has been great to us, but the atmosphere is a bit too chaotic to form the great community bonds that we hope to make at our events. Stay tuned for more information over the coming months

      Spectre Applications

      Applications to be RTX SideQuest Spectres will be going out sometime in the next few weeks. We don't anticipate much to change, other than the fact that we will be a bit more strict about allowing people to be Spectres when they're already Guardians. Some veteran Spectres will be able to do both, because they've proven that they can, but it's extremely unlikely that we'll choose any new Spectres if they're already going to be Guardians. It's just not fair to RTX or to RTSQ for you to have to split your time and dedication between the two. We'd rather you be all-in for your Guardian duties or all-in for Spectre duties rather than trying to do both.

      Again, that isn't set in stone, but that's what we're thinking at this point

      Happy New Year

      The last thing we'd like to do in 2014 is wish ALL of you a VERY Happy New Year! Thanks to YOU, we had a very successful 2014, and we have great momentum to carry us into 2015 and beyond. The Rooster Teeth community is truly magical, and we love you all.

      Happy New Year, and Enim Filii!

    • RT SideQuest for Extra Life

      4 years ago


      It's that time of the year again! We just posted a bunch of details about our RT SideQuest for Extra Life

      If you can make it out to Gamerz Galaxy in Austin, we'd love to see you! We'll even have the RT stream up on a big TV! So if you just want to come out and enjoy RT's antics with other community members, you can!

      Whether you're going to be joining us in Austin or online at , we can't wait to see you on Game Day! For the Kids!

      Enim Filii!

    • Ready... Set... DRIVEQUEST!

      4 years ago


      From everything I've heard, PAX PrimeQuest had enough awesome to probably carry us to the end of the year, but charity never sleeps! That's why we're gearing up for a DriveQuest THIS SATURDAY!

      Many of you have probably already seen the details a few times already, so I'll just cover the basics...

      We're hosting a 24-hour livestreamed marathon at Gamerz Galaxy in Austin to benefit AbleGamers and their Driving Home Accessibility campaign. We'll kick things off with some Mario Kart 8 at 11am on Saturday, drive on from there!

      Want to join in the fun?

      smiley13.gif If you're in or around Austin, come join us anytime between 11am Saturday and 11am Sunday at Gamerz Galaxy (1000 E 41st Street, Austin, TX 78751)
      smiley13.gif Check out our Mario Kart 8 tournament with the code 9728-1384-0532
      smiley13.gif Tune into our livestream at and let us know what games you want us to play. We'll even play online with you!
      smiley13.gif Donate to the Tiltify page at to help AbleGamers accomplish their goal!

      We're hoping that the RT Community will rally around this great cause, as you've done so many times in the past, and donate to make a difference! Even if you don't have the funds to make a donation, awareness is just as powerful! Hop on our stream and learn more about what AbleGamers does and how you can make a difference!


    • Awesomeness Awaits

      4 years ago


      Hey RT Community! We've got tons of great things to talk about, including PAX PrimeQuest, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, and upcoming events! Head over to this post on our website and get caught up!

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