Stargate New Flight

    • Long time past

      7 years ago

      Stargate New Flight

      So another year (and a quarter) has gone by. Many of you probably think New Flight is dead, but with the current lack of all things Stargate, it's more likely than ever that this project will get the green light in the coming months.

      First, I need to relocate myself again and establish my business. Once that's done and I have a steady income, I can channel funding into the filmmaking side of things. New Flight won't be first (as it can't be monetised) but it is high on the list. Hold onto your ideas and do let me know if you encounter anyone that might be cool with helping on this project when it starts wink.png

      In the meantime, you might have noticed the recent kickups about piracy and privacy. I have a poll running in my journal that's designed to collect data for the purpose of refuting the basic thinking that brings things like SOPA and ACTA into existence. Hop over and answer honestly - and mention it to your friends!

    • Re-opening the gate

      8 years ago

      Stargate New Flight

      I'm not sure how many of you ever "met" Katanafleetd, but if he were still among us, yesterday would be his sixth anniversary on the site. We should always remember our fallen comrades.

      Back when he died, we who were making New Flight asked his family how they'd feel if we dedicated the series to his memory and possibly use his audition piece for a one-line-wonder character as the actual line (it was gooood) - his sister said that would be wonderful.
      Unfortunately, the project stalled, as Fritz and I were the only ones really capable of doing anything with 3D. Fritz is far too busy these days and my copy of Max is on a laptop that's none too reliable or comfy to use. I'd really like to try and get the series moving again - nothing's happened in canon Stargate that would contradict it too much and it's still a while into the future, so we can still do this. I'm working again on the script, polishing it a bit and continuing the writing.
      What I really need from all of you is any help you can give. If you have any ability in 3D animation, especially character animation, you'll be the lifeblood of the project. I'll even switch to using Blender if there are difficulties getting people with legal 3DS Max copies.
      If you've no ability in that area, you can still help immensely - firstly, by trying to find others who do. We still need a lot of voice actors; I think the majority are American males, so we probably won't have any problem finding them lol.png
      If you're any good at turning a novel into a screenplay, you're welcome to take a chunk of the novel and make it so that I can integrate it into what's been written - a few things have to change because of the limitations of video as opposed to the written word, but it's easy enough to pick up how those things are happening.
      There are other jobs going, too - for example, texturing. Someone's gonna have to spend days in Photoshop just to make all the planetary surfaces we're gonna need. Then you consider all the clothing that has to look realistic, the new ships that have generic tileable textures and could do with a lot of work, the environments, the console displays... all in all, there are probably over a thousand man hours of Photoshop work to do, so if you're any good... HI!



    • Video Time

      9 years ago

      Stargate New Flight

      So, some of you have seen the Facebook statuses, or the comments about render progress... this took approximately 62 hours and 22 minutes to render and it is, in my opinion, epic.
      The last time I rendered this trailer was the 14th of May 2008, so a lot has changed. None of the models are in the "final" stages (most of them are nowhere near) but we're gradually moving along. I decided to mix things up slightly and overlay some text on this one. Sadly, the bit at the end hasn't done what it was supposed to do, so I apologise for that... it's all flashy. And the web address seemed much clearer in the preview.
      Anyway, I present to you the current version of the Stargate New Flight trailer on YouTube. The higher-resolution Windows Media version can be found at this address.

      Check out the previous news entry and the website for more data and possibly a little bit of Data!

    • Inception

      9 years ago

      Stargate New Flight

      The group is live.
      Here's my current list of tasks to get this on the road: ( smiley13.gif means completed)

      Fully texture current model
      Complete current model
      Create low-poly version

      Improve the hull texture
      Create mock-up interiors for animation
      Get or make high-poly interiors
      Incorporate a combined interior-exterior high-poly model

      smiley13.gif If that bloody Air Traffic Control tower is still on the bottom, remove it.
      Add hull objects
      Improve hull texture - Ablative armour, perhaps honeycomb pattern - discuss with Shura
      smiley13.gif Do the fore-centre column. Possibly by doing the Bridge set.
      Get consoles designed
      Sort out the aft and ventral appearances - add something to them.
      Add more windows
      Create mock-up interiors for animation
      Create final high-poly sets
      Sort model into a single high-poly file (finalise)
      Duplicate for exterior-only version
      Create low-poly exterior version

      Get someone with 'Shop to design the interior
      Get Jonas' ideas and incorporate them

      Get high-poly model
      Create mock-up interiors for animation
      Get or make high-poly interiors
      Create New Lantea skies

      Find someone who can do them

      Get high-poly model
      Create low-poly model

      Get high-poly model & get or create low-poly model
      Mod Spooky's Dart

      Hive ship
      Get high-poly model
      Get or create low-poly model
      Create mock-up bridge set for animation
      Get or make high-poly set

      Hyperspace effects

      Midway Station
      Get it designed
      Create high-poly model, interiors and low-poly model

      Get musical score from Firebug
      Send draft animations to Firebug for atmospheric music

      Get additional surface textures
      Get outdoor models for in-atmosphere scenes

      Verify model currently acquired
      Fill in the gaps

      Get at least one license for full version of 3DS Max 2010

      Sound effects

      Weapons effects

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