Make sure you get a country location and color from The_Amazing_Cam before making this.

General Info:

Form of Government:
Head of State's Name:
Color of Nation on map:
Important People:
Name of Currency:

Stats: All of your stats start out at 1, and you get 24 points to put in those skills as you see fit, but the maximum for a starting nation is 7. There are other things that affect your stats but I'll get into that later. Every month you get 2 points to improve your stats, you cannot put both in the same stat. You must post in the thread (There will be one eventually) telling your current stats and how much they increased IN BOLD.

Economy: How stable your economy is, how rich your nation is.
Espionage: How good and experienced your agents are at spying, and counter-spying.
Military Strength: How strong your military is, also efficiency, how fast you can mobilize.
SCIENCE: How technologically advanced your nation is, how hard your scientists are working towards making new advances.
Nationalism: How loyal your citizens are, how dedicated your officials are to actually improving your nation.
Industry: How fast and how well your factories work and pump out goods.
Foreign Relations: Affects how many alliances you can have. 1-5 points = 1, 6-10=2, 11-15=3. This will most likely change as the number of players increases.
Stability: How united your country is under a single government, how well they react to war, emergencies, and foreign policies.

These last 2 stats are different. You can choose how high or low you want them to be (1-15), and the high end and low end of the spectrum offer different bonuses AND negatives. These cannot be increased every month.

Education: This determines how intelligent your common citizen is. (1-3) Very stupid, but will blindly follow orders and lies. Will panic in a crisis or during something they don't understand very well. +1 Nationalism, -1 Stability. (4-11) Nothing, basically just for show. (12-15) Very intelligent, is more competent and can get work done faster but will sometimes question authority. +1 Industry, -1 Nationalism

Religion: This determines how religious you want your nation to be, completely fanatical or atheist. (1-3) Atheist, no religious people questioning and limiting scientific research. Some people might panic more in a crisis with nothing religious to hold them together, like prayer. +1 SCIENCE, -1 Stability (4-11) No bonus. (12-15) At this point your nation should probably be a theocracy. Can sometimes limit scientific research. Very zealous warriors who believe they are killing for a greater cause. +1 Military, -1 SCIENCE.

Post your stat list before AND after the bonus's are factored in.