The Afterstreamers!

    • October Update

      4 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Hello Afterstreamers!

      Welcome to the month of October, too spooky! We’ve been incredibly lucky that there have been constant streams going on and a very active group! We have had some issues with admin participation, and thus we asked a person to step down from their position, but are still a member of the group. With that, we are pleased to announce that our lovely Emily (hrd-a-rumor) has become an admin in order to help us keep you the people up to date on streams and community engagements!

      Congratulations to kristothefer, agent_navi, and xmarkstheboss for winning the raffle! We hope to do another one when we hit 200 members!

      People have asked us about having an Extra Life group. We're in the works of getting it set up, so if you're interested in participating, please contact Sunny (IWillFail) through Twitter preferably but RT site by either forum post or direct message works as well.

      We have some AWESOME news. In order to keep our podcasts going on a weekly basis, we are going to have one guest on each week, this way we can better interact with the community. Go to this forum post, read the instructions, and put your name in to secure a spot. We will be going from the top to bottom and crossing off that person once they’ve been on. That means first come, first served!

      On a more serious note, we're sad to say that monthly community meetings have been cancelled until further notice. The purpose of said meetings were to allow ideas, concerns and questions to be addressed and discussed in a civil manner, but emotions can get the better of people and a lot of things were said out of anger or misconstrued by others.

      Lately, there has been discussion on what exactly the duties/definition of an AS admin is. Right now we are going to clarify what exactly we do for the group.

      Admins are there to make sure no problems arise, and if they do, to resolve them as quickly as possible. They keep the peace and maintain order. And although they will be there for someone to talk to, admins are there for group-related issues. They aren't there to seek out those who are troubled. If those who are troubled come to them, they will either do their best to help, or refer them to someone who can. The title of admin implies that 1) the person is either a founding member or has been with the AS for a long period of time 2) has shown commitment to the group and has brought new, beneficial ideas to increase our reach 3) are present at streams, game nights, and the AS tinychat and 4) is responsible for fostering a community focused on video game streamers. From the beginning, our goal has been to encourage connection within streams so people are comfortable with one another.

      To simply put it, we are here to administrate. We work to keep the tinychat and the Bunker a fun safe environment, to put content out that we hope y'all will enjoy (podcasts, game nights, contests), and to make sure everyone is having a good time in and out of streams. It's not meant to be a "position of power". Honestly, it's tough work trying to organize events and content for over 160 people, keep track of streamers, ensure harmony within the group, and still have a life. We've had some original admins step down because they could not be as committed as we needed, likewise we’ve had previous admins come back once they had the time. Our actions have always been done for the growth of the community.

      No other group does what we do; promoting streamers from, or found through, Rooster Teeth. We've had multiple streamers say that they think we are a great organization and are thankful for our support.

      We encourage and love how close people have become in our community, and are always willing to listen if you have something bothering you. But the expectation that the admins are responsible for the direct care and comfort of our members is difficult for us. We aren't trained to handle emergencies. There are other resources out there to help. That being said, Human Resources (Grace & Brendan) are here to listen. That doesn’t mean they are the only admins you can talk to, there are many people here that care. The admins’ main goal is to prevent bullying within the group.

      TL;DR We're a group of friends, working for the benefit of a larger group of friends.

      To close, a more fun subject: Game Nights! Just a reminder that Xbox 360 game nights are held officially on Saturdays due to school (this doesn’t mean you all can’t get together and play) and CAH/Fibbage game nights are held every Friday! PC Game Nights are pending if Sunny (IWillFail) can get off his lazy ass.

      For more detailed information, check the Afterstreamers twitter for times & updates!

      With Love,
      Brendan M. “Not Mario†Wascher “Grace I fucking swear if you put yourself firstâ€
      Grace “Brazillian Waxing†Lauren “Clam your dick Brendanâ€
      Sunny “I’m done with the admins et vous êtes des gros conards, cauliss tabernak†IWillFail
      Kai Fuck-You-I’m-Fourth.
      Ashli “still dedâ€
      Ricky “Fuck You, that’s how†Ruelas
      Jordan Vinton Ural Francis AKA Caillou Swag Master General
      Chris “I zoned out†ataco98
      Jenna “wheelchair buddy†Greenbean
      Zach "The One. The Only Captain Caboose" Choo choo
      Emily “I’m already scared send help what have i done†Mooreâ€
      Fil “thats not how you pronounce it and it’s not spelt with a ph you phuck†SaFer. FILipe SAntos FERnandes (Aka the guy with multiple personalities)

    • Special End-of-July Update!

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Hello fellow Afterstreamers!

      You might have heard via our 8th podcast that we will be having a giveaway raffle celebrating us having over 100 members, which is simply amazing (in fact, we are at this moment at 150 members, holy crumpet). If you haven’t listened to it, to listen to it here and make sure you subscribe so that you know whenever we post a new podcast! When we first started the Afterstreamers, it was about ten or so people that just wanted chat after one of Tina’s streams. Now, we’re a community that streams, games, and supports one another. Thank you all for contributing to the growth of our group.

      With that, the admins collectively decided we wanted to do something for you guys, and raffles are a great way to do so. Here’s how it will work:

      Click here to the !Raffle submission page. You’ll be asked to type your first name, twitter handle, and RT username in the answer field. Remember that you have be a member of the group and a non-admin to be eligible to win.

      Once you’ve entered your information, you’re all set! Three winners will be randomly chosen. The prizes for the raffle are two RT Salute posters and a spot on the Afterstreamers podcast for a week. (Winners have one week to claim prize. Unclaimed prizes will be either be re-raffled or not sent out. Afterstreamer admins have the final say on all prizes. Prizes may be refused at the discretion of admins.) After the posting of this news post you have ONE WEEK to enter. Winners will be chosen and announced the following Sunday. Messages will be sent on both the RT site and a DM from the Afterstreamers twitter account, so make sure you follow @Afterstreamers to make sure.

      Craig (theladderman) recently held a meeting in which he invited all Afterstreamers to the tinychat and discussed issues that people had with the group. (Ex: No more shipping.) To get a full grasp of what was discussed, please talk to an admin or someone else who was at the meeting. However, we realized that this was both greatly needed and extremely productive. So our plan is to have a monthly community meeting where ideas, concerns and questions can be addressed and discussed in a civil manner. We want our group to continue to thrive, and we believe that this will greatly help restore harmony and help our group grow stronger in numbers, but more importantly, in friendship. These meetings will be held on the last Sunday of every month at 4 PM CST.

      Now back to a lighter note! If you haven’t heard already, we have a shirt! To minimize the cost to you (and because we don’t want to worry about a middle man) the link to the shirt will be posted in THIS FORUM! For all the details go to the forum so you can make this badass shirt yours!

      Also, if you’re ever interested in the streamers we follow, we’ve created a handy archive that links the streamer’s twitch, twitter, and other social media accounts. You can find that here.

      To close, let’s talk about GAIMS! Just a reminder that Xbox 360 game nights are held every Wednesday and Saturday and Cards Against Humanity game nights are held every Friday! For more detailed information make sure you check the Afterstreamers twitter for times and updates!

      It’s crazy to think that we started with just ten or so people, and look at where we are now.
      It is amazing how far we have come! I love you all! (Yes even Brendan, but don’t tell him I said that.)

      Grace <3

    • GTA V: Operation: Ray's D

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Whats up guys! It's Fil from the Afterstreamers!
      So, a few weeks ago I tweeted about a big heist I was trying to plan in GTA V for Xbox 360. Aaaaand I didn't get to go through and do it that week. But guess what. ITS BACK BITCHES. And this time it is legit the shit. Saturday, July 12th, 8 p.m. CST. We will be heisting. Slots are limited as there is only 16 allowed players in 1 session of GTA V, and admins and vips are automatically assured spots, so if you want in, message me on twitter, the RT site, xbox, or whatever else ASAP. This is also a TEAM heist, and cooperation is expected.... There will be more to follow later. Til' now, get hype. #HeistHype

    • RTX 2014 Meet-up!

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      So I don't know if you guys have heard of this thing happening next week called RTX. It's some sort of event or whatever happening in Austin. Idk. You might be there?

      If you are going to be at RTX, we'd like to get a meet-up organized! Myself, Sunny, and Chris will be at the convention, and we want to get to know our group better! Plus, wouldn't it be awesome to get a group photo in front of the Tower of Pimps?

      We aren't sure where we would be meeting, and timing will be hard since all the events going on? Would you guys like to get a dinner together? Breakfast? In between panels? We'll figure it out, but for now, if you would either message me your phone number or kik account (whichever you prefer) so that we can better organize this, that'd be great!



      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Man, a lot has happened since I last made a post here. So let's get this update started shall we?

      1) WE'VE REACHED 100 MEMBERS SINCE MY LAST POST! HYPE! Be ready for an upcoming podcast where we talk about interesting things we'll be doing to celebrate 100 members. As well as this, make sure you introduce yourself in this fourm!

      2) Regarding the podcast, Podcast 6 is out and we think that it's our best one yet! Go check it out here!

      3) Also regarding the podcast, we want YOUR questions! To ask your questions that will be answered in a podcast, click here!

      4) And now we get to the sad, but needed update. Unfortunately, the offensiveness I discussed last post has not totally subsided. I have gotten a few complaints about being offended in the streams and/or in the TC. A big part is slurs. Some being racial, some being sexist. I will not say specific words, for that would negate the point that I'm trying to bring across. These terms and especially getting into conversations about these racial or sexist topics are extremely to some people, and therefore should NOT be talked about or brought up. I ask you that if either of these topics are brought up that you drop the topic immediately and find something else to talk about. I also ask that you respect people's life-style choices. I will not go into depth with this topic, but if you have any questions regarding it please contact me and I will do my best to explain it. Along these lines, if you have ANY questions regarding this post please contact myself of Grace on the site and we will help you.

      5) ALSO! HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to the amazing, wonderful, and talented Lex for creating our new kick-ass logo! Make sure you follow her on twitter, tumblr and stay tuned for her awesome movie and art streams!

      That's it boys and girls. See you next time where I hopefully don't have to address this type of issue again. Thank you all for listening! ^_^

    • Hunting for Achievement Nights POLL

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Yo Afterstreamers!

      I talked about having a night where we can work together to get an achievement that maybe you've been having trouble getting yourself. I made a poll in order to see what game we should do first (only games that allow for at least 4 or more people in a lobby/match/campaign together). Please vote! This is the only way we can be democratic and serve your needs better :)

      Thanks guys! We're hoping to get this going soon!

    • STREAMS!

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      So I've noticed more and more members of The Afterstreamers have been streaming lately and I figured, "What the hell, why not retweet them like some of the other streams on the Afterstreamer Twitter account."

      Want your stream publicized? Feel free to leave any stream info you like (I'll probably make this into a forum post at some point, figured I'd start out in news) If you want your stream announcements retweeted, (and why wouldn't you?) make sure to leave your Twitter username.

      tl;dr It's not that long. Go read it you lazy bum.


      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      It has come to the admin’s attention that one of the worst things that we could imagine has entered our group. That thing is cyber bullying. Now that we have reached (and surpassed) 100 members it is more important than ever what we stop this before it spreads and someone really gets hurt. I know a lot of you like to joke around with each other and make jokes. But there is a point where it stops becoming a joke, and turns into something that starts hurting someone else’s feelings. And that line gets crossed more than you think. From this moment on, we will see that this bullying is stopped. If someone has been bullied, please contact either myself or Grace (or any other admin if you are more comfortable talking to them instead) and we will issue the person his/her first and ONLY warning. Names of who told us and who received the warning will be kept anonymous. A second offense will result with a Tinychat ban, a removal from the group, and exclusions from any more gamenights. That being said, if you someone offends you please consider contacting that person via direct message and tell them you felt offended by them. Many times these problems can be sorted out without any 3rd person intervention. Also please take this post very seriously. While we do realize that this is the internet, the people USING said internet are real people. And while some of us don’t feel as offended at some jokes, some people ARE. And I ask that BEFORE you make these jokes that you take the feelings of EVERYONE into consideration.
      On a lighter note, we would also like you to congratulate Zach (WESTnation or Captainzcaboose) and Jenna (wontontongirl) on becoming admins! Congratulations to you, Zach and Jenna!

    • The Shitload of Announcements Post.

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Well, the title basically explains what this will be about.
      First off, we're very close to hitting 100 memebers in the group, and on behalf of all the admins, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you joining us and getting us this far, here's to 100 more members, and far beyond that!

      Second of all, Podcast #5 has been released featuring Brendan, Grace, Kai, and Ashli.

      Third, Game Night tonight in Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition as usual. Feel free to send a message to either Fil or myself (Ashli) to either of our gamertags (AutoAquatic or Freelancer Vexx, respectively) for an invite, if you don't manage to contact either of us in Tinychat, or anywhere else.

      Fourth, Ray will be streaming tonight, 7 PM CST. Just threw that in seeing as how I was typing this anyways.

      Fifth, (Will it ever stop?), Star will be streaming this Sunday (May 4th) with Ray as a special guest.

      Final thing, Tina will be opening up her Minecraft server soon. More info can be found HERE.

      tl;dr We're almost at 100 members, Podcast 5 is out, Game Night tonight, Ray will be streaming, Star will be streaming, Tina's Minecraft server will soon be open.

    • Halo 4 Game Night!

      5 years ago

      The Afterstreamers!

      Join us in our Halo 4 Game Night!
      Add either Ashli (Freelancer Vexx) or Grace (TheBrunette440) and message either of us if you would like to join!

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