The Alliance of Halo Players

    • Awwww shiiiiit......

      7 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      I'm back from... wherever. This time, though, I bring only a video and a snippet of advice: If you haven't already, go get a Halocharts account. Best choice you'll ever make... if you don't value self esteem. Here's the vid, good night and happy hunting.




    • No moar over hypeness. OR IS THERE?

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Actually, there isn't. Nothing too special anyways... *COUGH DOUBLE XP WEEKEND COUGH*

      Moving on to moar pressing issues, let's return to the epic love child of bacon and violence, Halo: Reach. Over the past few weeks I've REALLY gotten better at the game so I wanted to share my success with y'all. Please note that these are for the MLG pro uberhaxor wallbang legit 360 no scope fakey playlist, so don't be confused. Before we get any further, though...



      Strafing needs to be used constantly in order to become a successful player. You need to keep your movements frantic and unpredictable, but you also need to be able to strafe with purpose. While strafing, keep the recticle of your DMR on their HEAD. Five shots should be what all you need to drop an enemy; any more than nine means you're getting sloppy. A one shot, beat down, and another shot should also be able to prove useful.

      Power weapons should always be kept an eye one; a team that doesn't focus on power weapons is a team that doesn't get them... and then gets anally butt raped by them. Stuff like Camo takes 120 secs; pro pipe and rockets take two seconds less. Just have at least one teammate covering the major ones; you wouldn't want xXFALL3N hA10xX to get it, would you?

      Callouts are EXTREMELY importante. You need to at least know most of the OFFICIAL callouts of each map you're going to play in order to do well. The more specific you are with these babies, the moar likely you are to get the t-bag.

      Playing with a party-----> Eh. If you're good with another buddy or few bros, coo. Go ahead. Just remember to judge every adversary with some respect; the Sergeant Grade 2 you were calling out might actually end up shitting on you. Also, make sure you/party are in the same league; good players yes. Shitty, no.

      Well that's about it for this half ass excuse of a post. I'll see y'all next post.

      ((If you wanna play, send me a message saying you're from this group, please. I don't accept random invites.))


      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Hello, my beautiful gamers, how ya doin'? I'm back again with (Surprise surprise) informations on MW3. This post will be dedicated to Survival Spec Ops. Now before you go askin' any questions, please watch these videos below to be filled in.



      Again, not much to say; trailer speaks for itself. Looks like this is gonna be pretty badass; only downside is that it's only you and some other guy.

      What we DO know from the trailer, how ever, is that it'll be a lot like Nazi Zombies... sorta.


      #Still upholds the Points System (Obviously)
      #Still has perks, but from the trailer you have to unlock them
      #Still need to buy guns, equipment, etc.
      #Still is going to get harder and harder as you progress (TWSS)
      #The almighty n00b tube pro pipe is making an unexpected comeback in the form of guns and fucking turrents
      #Still provides that sense of wacky, unrealistic sense of thrills and satisfaction blowing shit up. It's like being a kid in a candy store... a sick, violently disturbed kid in a candy store run by mentally unstable wackjobs.


      #AI have guns now
      #You can level up and earn perks
      #You can buy sentries, killstreaks, and even DELTA SQUAD FAST ROPING FROM THE FUCKING SKY
      #There will be "challenges" or contracts, just like there are in Black Ops for doing a specific task.
      #Only Two player Co-Op (DUH)
      #You won't be able to play as a sadistic German, alcoholic Russian, gung-ho G.I, or even a quietly psychotic Japanese Dude.

      That's it for this post, ladies and gents. See you next week with even MOAR information on one of the most over-hyped gaming franchises in the world.

    • New Information On MW3

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Sorry for being gone for so long, blah, blah, blarg. All pleasantries aside, to time get to the good stuffs: MODERN WARFARE 3. If you haven't heard already, there have been MAJOR improvements to the game, such as:

      #New improved melee system
      #No Stopping Power and Commando
      #New improved Killstreak system
      #Theater mode from Black Ops is making a comeback
      #Dedicated Lobbies (i.e Snipers, try-hard, casual, etc.)
      #Spec Ops unlocks guns and camos (Only for Spec Ops, hopefully)
      #Still relying on users for host connection
      #Quick-scoping is making a comeback
      #Trying to make the game "camp free"


      Yes, no more douchebags with .44 Magnums with Tactical Knife or a wasted perk spot. Since S.P is no longer in the game, the guns will probably be nerfed to cause the same amount of damage if it did have S.P.

      Not much is known at this point, so your guess is as good as mine. I'm assuming this the end to panic knifing (When the other guy squeezes his controller in surprise and pushes your shit in) and stupid Marathon Lightweight Knifers. What I'm thinking they're gonna do is do it the way the Halo melee system works; two hit in front, sweet assassination in the back. Assuming that they want to do it realistically as possible, you might have to tap the melee button once to bring out the knife, and tap again to actually knife. Like I said before; all speculation.

      No more nukes for you! From what I've gathered on the interwebs, ---> there might possibly be team killstreaks. Very early in the press leaks, Robert Bowling denies any team killstreak whatsoever, but we'll see about that.

      Since everyone went happy-in-the-pants when Black Ops introduced it, (Not really; ripoff from Halo, but whatever) it feels right that the developers should bring it back for all the die hard machinima fanboys. Not really interested in this section, if you can't tell.

      Now this, this I am excited for. From what I've heard, the developers are considering or already have intergrated dedicated game type lobbies. Some choices could be: Try Hard Domination, Casual TDM, Try Hard Quick-Scoping, Knife Only TDM; the list goes on and on! Just realize that this idea could be totally false, so don't jizz yourself just yet.

      Pretty self explanatory: Complete the objective, do a certain task to perfection, and you get rewarded with a weapon or camo of some sort. I'm pretty sure it's restricted to Spec Ops only, because if a Level Two was running around with a Golden ACR with FMJ and Extended Mags, not too many people would be happy.

      Sadly, the game still relies the user to provide connection support. This means, unfortunately, that lag switching and host migrations will be an inevitable part of the game. *SAD FACE*

      Now all the Mini-Grizzes will rejoice and go happy in their pants. If you don't know what a Mini-Grizz or who Grizz is, you should be ashamed. Anyways, this means that you have a sniper and still play aggressively; just like those guys in MW2. Unfortunately, this means idiots spinning around in circles going 2-34 trying to perfect the art of Grizz.

      From what I've heard from my friends on the interwebs, they'll try to make it camp free by making the killstreaks not as powerful or something like that, so no more Ghost Pro or Cold Blooded bitches going for Dogs or Nukes. I really don't know anything at this point; it's all speculation.

      That ends this week's news post, I'll see you next week with (Hopefully) more information on another over hyped Call of Duty game. If not, I'll be hosting an open MW2 or Reach Lobby. Send your messages to ThinkRocket if you wanna play. Peace out.

    • How to Successfully be a Killwhore in BO

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Goddamn, its been a long time. Anyways, the trick to successfully doing this is actually helping out your team.

      Yes, I said HELPING OUT YOUR TEAM. By that I mean slapping one the spy plane killstreak and letting everyone else handle it.

      I know this is exactly the opposite of what kill whorin' is: helping other kids get kills. Just think about it though: if your team know where the enemy is, they'll start rushing. And if they start rushing, you're more likely to steal kills, spawn camp, and not get killed. Since everyone will be rushing, the enemy will most likely go for you teammates, not you; but thats only if you play your cards right.

      WHAT TO DO

      ---- Stay back. If everyone's rushing, you'll have a better chance of stacking killstreaks if you hang back and pick up the pieces. By that I mean be a complete douche and steal everyone else's kills.

      ---- Don't camp I mean stay in one area for too long. If you do, you're chances of getting revenge killed are a lot greater than if you moved around; just not to close to the action. The same goes for a room full teammates. I don't care if you have Ghost Pro and a suppressed Golden Galil; you and everyone will end up getting butt raped in Hutch's latest montage.

      ---- Just have fun. Studies have shown that--- nah; I'm just bullshitting you. If you tryhard EVERY SINGLE GAME, you'll end up breaking Black Ops in half, or dumping you European supermodel girlfriend to play everyday. You wouldn't want to end up like the Forever Alone dude, would you?

      Just take from this dude.---->

    • We're back.

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Sorry it took so long to get another one up. Now for some news in Reach.

      If you don't know already, you can actually get BLUE FUCKING FLAMES. Just download the new Bungie app if you have an iPhone or iTouch, click the heart symbol once you get it, and turn on the madness. I already have mine, and Strutter already has his.

      Not many tips I can give out this week, except just to have fun, don't be a fucking tryhard, and beware of rage quitters.

      Since my vacation has started, feel free to invite me to play with you. (THATS WUT SHE SAID)

    • Subscribe to this mothafucka right now

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      One of my FAVORITE commentators. He's already got two videos out on MW3, so check it.

      Might be starting a YT channel with an XBL friend of mine; stay tuned.



      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      STOCKPILE: Your focus should be to control the main building. If you do, you own the map. Pretty simple.


    • BO Escalation

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Having finally gotten the DLC, I now have some tips pro tips for you guys. First off, lets start with...

      I'm gonna speak in Domination terms for most of these maps.

      ZOO: This map is my favorite by far. If you're spawning by "C" Dom, hop on the ledge that over looks "B." You can secure that position for your team for the cap. Remember to place a claymore in monorail tunnel. If you're just camping at "C" Dom, however, plant a claymore at the first part of the stairs. Make sure that its very close to the railing, so the suckers on the other team can't see the lasers.

      If you're on "A" Dom, the first thing you wanna do is run towards "B." On your right hand side should be a building with a ladder leading to the sewers. If you go prone in the doorway, it'll be pretty hard (THATS WUT SHE SAID) for the other team to get you. This spot is great for camping, especially if you don't wanna risk your helichoppter or doggies at the ledge at "C." If this is too "dangerous" for your taste, there's a building on the left hand side of "B" Dom. Climb up the stairs or whatever and you'll see a window overlooking "B." Camp here to defend B or to get a nice quad feed with a 'nade or C4. Regardless of what you wanna do, these two are some great ass camping I mean DEFENSE position.

      HOTEL: I don't really play this map much, but there a couple crucial tips I need to offer your. The elevators----> If you wanna be a HUGE asshole to the other team, get ya claymores ready...
      Remember, if you wanna pull this off correctly, you have to do these steps.

      (By the way, find the most high traffic elevators for this.)

      1. Get in the elevator and get your claymore ready.
      2. Just walk straight in and plant that claymore.
      3. Wait for shenanigans to unfold.

      It may not work the first few times; it has to do with luck. But if it happens, it pays off BIG TIME. I got a fucking quad feed one time.

      The second pro tip is the steam room. Since there's so much steam in there, you can easily hide in the corners with Ghost Pro and a silenced Famas.

      I'll continue this next week. Toodles! NO. That sounded fucking gay.




    • Holy fucking shitcakes

      8 years ago

      The Alliance of Halo Players

      Population explosion! Well, not really, but I get excited every time someone new joins. This post's topic is gonna be about: PONIES AND UNICORNS

      TYPES OF PONIES: Jk, jk, let's get onto the real topic, shall we?


      Treyarch gives us another five or four orgasmic new maps to play with. Since I haven't gotten the time to download them, I'll just give you these:

      Sorry if it doesn't meet your "standards of entertainment;" just watch and learn from the fucking videos. Please note that this post was for people who haven't bought it yet or for people who haven't played them yet. If I get the map pack, I'll try my best to host a playdate or something on Saturday; not fact, just an assumption.

      Pancakes out.

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