The Happy Experiment

    • Week 9 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      Day 52, Sunday, June 21
      Take Photos
      Take photos and display your favorites. Print them and post them on your wall, save them as your screensaver, etc.

      Day 53, Monday, June 22
      Spend 10+ Minutes Outside
      Feel free to take photos, collect things, etc.

      Day 54, Tuesday, June 23
      Write Story/Poem/Journal Entry
      Maybe even share the results!

      Day 55, Wednesday, June 24
      2 Hours Off the Grid
      Get offline for at least 2 hours straight. Try and find something else fun to fill your time.

      Day 56, Thursday, June 25
      Add Your Favorite Color
      Add your favorite color to the room you're in most frequently, whether that's pink in your bedroom, green in the living room, blue in the kitchen, yellow in the office, or whatever!

      Day 57, Friday, June 26
      Sing at Least 5 Songs
      Pick any combo you like. They can be fun, meaningful, on the radio, etc.

      Day 58, Saturday, June 27
      Good Night's Sleep & Relax in Morning
      Get a good night's sleep from the 26th-27th, and then relax on Saturday morning when you first wake up.

    • Week 8 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      Day 45, Sunday, June 14
      Craft Something
      Paint, get out the hot glue gun, make jewelry, whittle--whatever will make for an interesting crafting project!

      Day 46, Monday, June 15
      Your Favorite Game
      Write about your favorite game. This could be a video game, board game, card game, etc.

      Day 47, Tuesday, June 16
      Paper Airplane/Origami
      Do something fun, simple, and soothing that involves paper folding.

      Day 48, Wednesday, June 17
      Amazing Outfit
      Wear the outfit that makes you feel the most amazing.

      Day 49, Thursday, June 18
      Buy a Gift
      Buy something for someone else. It could be as small as a lollipop for a co-worker or as big as a video game for a sibling!

      Day 50, Friday, June 19
      Future Me
      Write a letter to your future self. If you want, use .

      Day 51, Saturday, June 20
      Get in Touch
      Call/Skype someone you haven't spoken to in a while.


    • Week 7 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      Day 38, Sunday, June 7
      Impulse Buy
      Impulse buy something $10 or less.

      Day 39, Monday, June 8
      Listen to an Album/Soundtrack that Makes You Happy
      It could be from your favorite band, movie, TV show, etc.

      Day 40, Tuesday, June 9
      Make a Fan Trailer/Book Cover/Etc.
      Make a fan trailer for your favorite show/movie, a fan book cover for your favorite novel, a fan album cover or music video for your favorite band, etc.

      Day 41, Wednesday, June 10
      Make a List of Things You Love
      Don't be afraid to set a goal minimum number—15, 25, 50?

      Day 42, Thursday, June 11
      Share a Favorite Fact
      What is the coolest, most fun, most interesting, etc. fact that you know? Share it and learn the favorite facts of others for fun!

      Day 43, Friday, June 12
      Find Shapes in Clouds
      Lay outside or watch from your window and see what shapes you can find in the clouds.

      Day 44, Saturday, June 13
      Favorite Drink + Park/Bed
      Make/buy your favorite drink. If it's nice out, enjoy it somewhere outside. If it's not nice out, enjoy it in bed.

    • Week 6 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      May 31, 2015 - June 6, 2015

      Rooster Teeth:

      Day 31, Sunday, May 31
      Collect from Nature
      Is there a pretty rock outside your front door? Are the wildflowers by the nearby lake especially lovely? Bring something home that strikes your fancy.

      Day 32, Monday, June 1
      Video That Makes You Feel Better
      Share a video that always lifts your mood.

      Day 33, Tuesday, June 2
      Make a Stranger's Day
      This can be as simple as a smile or holding the door, or as generous as paying for someone else's coffee.

      Day 34, Wednesday, June 3
      Share Your Favorite Accomplishment from 2014/2015
      Did you read a particularly complicated book? Help a charity? Get an insane gaming achievement? Practice your art?

      Day 35, Thursday, June 4
      Eat Good Nutrients
      Fruits, veggies, nuts, vitamins—all are your friends! Today, concentrate on having nutrient-rich foods.

      Day 36, Friday, June 5
      Take a Hot Bath
      Take a hot bath or shower or do something that really soothes and relaxes you for at least 10 minutes.

      Day 37, Saturday, June 6
      Find a Happy Place
      Where can you visit that makes you happy? Do you love the atmosphere of a local pub? Want to hang out by a fountain? Have a favorite park?


    • Week 5 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      Day 24, Sunday, May 24
      Play with a Cat/Dog/Pet
      Whether yours, a friend's, or a shelter's, take some time out of your day to play with a cute animal! Alternatives include watching animals out of your window and feeding ducks.

      Day 25, Monday, May 25
      Try Something New
      Get creative with it if you can!

      Day 26, Tuesday, May 26
      Treat Yourself
      Do whatever that phrase means to you personally!

      Day 27, Wednesday, May 27
      Share a Favorite Thing
      Have something that you love? Share it with someone, be it friend or stranger!

      Day 28, Thursday, May 28
      Funny Photo
      Selfie, animal pic, baby pic, two action figures of yours—whatever the subject, make the photo funny!

      Day 29, Friday, May 29
      Indulge in Your Favorite Foods
      Don't worry about calories, trans fats, or carbs today—just enjoy!

      Day 30, Saturday, May 30
      Try an Exercise for Fun
      Dancing, lifting, running, martial arts, using a trampoline—Find something to try for fun that might count for exercise.

    • Week 4 Themes!

      4 years ago

      The Happy Experiment


      Day 17, Sunday, May 17
      Buy Yourself a Gift
      Buy yourself flowers, a cactus, a fish tank, etc. for you to tend to. Be sure to take pics and share!

      Day 18, Monday, May 18
      Coloring Book
      Whether you buy a coloring book or print a page you find online, spend some time coloring today! Share your creations.

      Day 19, Tuesday, May 19
      Write a Postcard
      Write a postcard to a friend/family member/etc.

      Day 20, Wednesday, May 20
      Sing to Favorite Song
      Sing along to your favorite song(s). If you're brave, share a recording. Or just let us know your song!

      Day 21, Thursday, May 21
      What Do You Like About You?
      Write at least three wonderful qualities about yourself on a Post-It note or piece of paper that you'll keep in sight all day.

      Day 22, Friday, May 22
      Write Something 100% for Fun
      Write something--anything--for fun, whether you plan to share it or not!

      Day 23, Saturday, May 23
      Watch 5 Episodes of Your Favorite TV Show
      Let us know the show and your favorite episodes!

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