The Latecomers

    • 60 Members in 2 Days!!!

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers


      I can't believe it! We've already hit 60 members! I am so happy and excited to meet all of you! It's been a blast talking in the Team Speaks, and on the forums!! I said I was going to party at 50, but 60 is just as good. :D Thank you all so much for being awesome and we're talking in the Team Speak now if any of you lovely people would like to join us!

      Free doughnuts for all! Danielle's buying. <3

      - Punkelman <3

    • Defiance Free To Play For The Weekend

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Hey PC Gamers, great opportunity to hook up this weekend and get to know each other! Defiance is Free To Play for this Weekend on Steam! So all of you planning on attempting to play it (I've heard this game is great fun) just comment here and set up some meet ups, and have a great time!!


    • TeamSpeak

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Currently in a TeamSpeak!

      Want to join? Look at the previous news to find out how!

      Questions? Feel free to ask!

      We can't wait to hear from you!


    • Many ways in! No way out!

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Just a quick update for anyone who hasn't seen, we're currently the number one trending group!! smiley0.gif . Just wanted to say congratz everyone and thankyou to Danielle and the rest for helping create this smiley1.gif 'Go not quite so lonely people!'

    • Well That Escalated Quickly

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      50 Members already? Wow, that was pretty quick, but then again, with Rooster Teeth having such a huge fan base, I'm not too surprised. Anyways, welcome everyone, it is a pleasure to have you all here. I have set up an Introductions thread so we can all introduce ourselves and get to know each other better. And please, if you have a great topic you want to talk about, don't hesitate to start your own thread.

      Also, gamers! From the looks of it we have a lot of Halo 4 and Minecraft players from what it looks like so far, so I'm going to shoot for our first two "Latecomers Community Playdates" within the next few weeks. I will be posting up a thread to see which one we'll play first, and once we have everyone's play schedule in the "Schedule Thread" we'll have our dates soon after.

      Also, depending on the number of people we get for the Playdates, I may start looking for a second in command for Gaming, to help me plan out the dates and games, as well has host other parties that either I can't attend or we have too many people for everyone to be in one party for a game. So message me if you are interested in this position, but please do not pester me, as I will not choose right away. I may not even decide until we have our first playdate.

      That's all I have to say for now, so see you all around.


    • We are currently

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      In the TeamSpeak.

      Wanna join us? Read the information in the last post.

      We want to meet and talk to every one of you :)

      Need help? Just ask!



      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Because we have become such a large group already, we have some changes.

      First of all, welcome!

      With the help of Roo Teeths Caiti, we have made a chat we can use! If you go onto the Rooster Speak website (or follow the link below) you can download Team Speak. (free for laptops, 4.99 app download)

      Once in the Team speak option, hit connections, connect then put in

      We will be in the RT Community option. (message me first to see it any of us are on, if you want)

      Again, welcome! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! And feel free to send a friend request :)

    • Welcome!

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      I just want to say HELLO and welcome everyone :)

      I literally made my account two days ago, after watching RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter content for over two years. I made the account in hopes of finding people who were like me, getting on the site obnoxiously late but having no less love for the RT and AH team and everything they do.

      Personally I am a shy person. I like to make myself not know and just lurk like a creeper. (except I wouldn't blow you up after the lurking) But this time I decided, why not?! Why should I do the same thing I've always done. Thus, my thread on the forum was born.

      In two days I have met wonderful people. People who like me, have come to the party late, and we have bonded over it.
      In two days we have a 15+ page forum thread, a group, a chat and plans.
      In two days I've felt less alone on this website than I've felt in life with the people I actually know.

      So welcome to the party everyone. We turned up fashionably late, but we are here none the less.

      Thanks for becoming part of my thread.



    • Welcome Latecomers!

      6 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Welcome Latecomers!

      This is our group for the people who have been long time followers of Rooster Teeth and are just now jumping into the community, or for people that are completely new to Rooster Teeth. Though this is made for those who are new, those who have been around for a while are welcome to join and give us tips on how to have fun in the Rooster Teeth Community.

      For right now we will just be meeting and greeting and making friends and discussing random topics like we did in the original thread where many of us met and got this idea. But we are planning to have many activities and events that will bring us all closer together for more fun. I myself will be planning a "Latecomers" gaming group so you gamers out there can meet up and have fun gaming and grabbing achievements/trophies together.

      Looking forward to meeting you all, and having a ton of fun.

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