The Latecomers


      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Engagements will begin at 4pm Texas Time


      Get ready.


      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      This Saturday, the 3rd of May, the Latecomers shall be partaking in nightly game festivities.
      We'll be rocking in Halo 4 for the first time in a long time.


      If you have any favorite maps or game types bring them along, we just might give them a shot
      Exact time to be posted later, we'll keep you updated


      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Hopefully posting this will make her post the stuff for the recording of the live podcast.

      It's been 3 days so far since she was meant to post it. (nobody else has the links and deeeeeeeets)

      Please message and abuse @Danielle until she does.

      :P <3 #NoHate #HalalTheBeef

    • Rooster Speaks game night!!

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Hey guys!

      Want to get in on a series of competitions to win some RT store merch?

      Then head over to the lovely Rooster Speak group and read what they're getting up to tonight and details on how this and the future nights work!

      @NobleSteed (one of the admins of the Rooster Speak Team Speak server) is your amazing host! So give him a shout if you have any questions!

      And if you haven't already, join the Rooster Speak group!

      They're the awesome providers of the TeamSpeak server we use! They are an amazing group of people and truly make you feel welcome in this community! So don't be afraid to join the group, hop on the server and meet some awesome community members!!

      Post edited 4/23/14 11:23AM

    • Gta 5 game night!

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Just finished the live cast! Missed it? We have it archived and will be releasing it soon!

      But now we're playing some GTA5! Join us in TeamSpeak now!

    • The Latecomer's Livecast!

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      We're kicking off in the fun at 4pm EST/9EST TONIGHT.
      You can load up the Google+ Event page HERE.

      We've yet to start, but we will be very soon. smiley8.gif Prepare your butts. Also, feel free to ask any questions you have about the Google+ service, if needed.

      You may need to sign up for Google+, to use the Q&A function, which lets you lovely people ask us some questions for the podcast, LIVE.

      Afterwards, we will be hosting a GTA V game night on TeamSpeak.

      Hope to see you guys there. Let the fun commence! smiley9.gif

    • Podcast Episode 11: The Smeg Caravan.

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      After a wee fortnight off, the Latecomer's Podcast is back once again, and it is great!

      This week's cast consists of admins Ash, Danielle and Nic, with beloved community members Amanda and Neil. A pretty stellar line-up, don't you think? smiley8.gif

      Topics this week include dumb people, breath-holding, which animal they'd be, my status as a celebrity and the Smeg Caravan takes centre stage.

      You can watch the goodness HERE.
      Ask us questions HERE.
      Subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE.


      Also, a quick friendly reminder that tomorrow we are celebrating hitting 2000 members!!
      The current plan is to stream a live video podcast via. Google Hangouts, and then we will be running a GTA V Game Night.

      The fun all starts at 4pm EST/9pm GMT. BE THERE! smiley7.gif

      You can read the original post HERE for any details that might have been missed. smiley1.gif

      Have a great weekend, guys. smiley12.gif

    • I promised something cool.

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      I promised something cool. I promised something cool. And now I'm here to deliver you that cool thing.

      *****THIS SATURDAY, APRIL 19th AT 4:00pmEST/ 9:00pmGMT*******
      Come join us on google hangouts for a live, video podcast. In it (we hope) we will have a chat running so you guys can talk to us as well and ask us anything your little hearts desire.

      You'll also get to see mine and Beckas pretty faces. So, come just for that. ;)

      (also watch me physically get angry with Kyle and yell, a lot.)

      ******BUT WAIT! THERES MORE!*******

      Right after that, at around 6pmEST/11pmGMT, join us on TeamSpeak for a GTA game night!

      We're gonna play some custom maps and maybe try to make our own heists. It'll be absolutely top!

      We'll have more details closer to this weekend, so keep an eye out for future posts!!!!

      Comment below if you plan on joining us for one, or both of these things!! It's gonna be fun times for all!

    • Hey babies.

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      So, no Podcast this week. Second week in a row and we really do feel horrible about it.

      At this point all two of you who actually listen to it are probably all like "NO, MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD HAVE ABANDONED ME. WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO FILL UP THIS ALMOST TWO HOUR GAP ON A FRIDAY?"

      But fear not....

      We're recording one today. So we'll be back next week :)


      The group has hit over 2000 members.



      As I write this, we're at 2011 members. So we've survived Y2K and are two away from surviving doomsday.

      You guys are all amazing. This group is really fundamental to my experience on this site and in this community. When I made it I never thought it would grow into what it has and I would have met the most amazing people that I have. I'm fully aware that if I didn't take the step to contribute something to this community and put myself out there I wouldn't have met people I consider to be my best friends, I wouldn't be feeling the best I've felt in years and I definitely would not be making future plans for vacations and moves to see all their lovely faces.

      So thank you guys. From the bottom of my heart. Without all 2000+ of you, this group wouldn't be anything what we imagine it to be. There would be no effort for a podcast, no game nights, no wants to get to know the community that much more.


      So with that, I will say what I say whenever I make a post on the milestones that this group goes through.

      There are over 2000 of you. That is 2000+ people to meet, to talk with, to game with. That is 2000+ potential friends you can have. You joined the group for a reason. To become more involved in the community, to be a part of something amazingly great. Do not be afraid to take that first step of talking to people. If I did, I would never have met my best friend or people I consider to be my family. One message, one post, on TeamSpeak chat can change a lot of things. And if you're afraid that these people won't welcome you with open arms, you are so wrong. The RoosterTeeth community is one of the most open minded, amazing communities you will ever encounter. You will never leave and think to yourself "I just don't fit in, here." I can promise you that. So take the plunge. Send a message to your fellow Latecomers. Come to one of our game nights. Go on TeamSpeak and talk to awesome members of the community. Go into the threads, forums, chats, anything. There's over 2000 of you. At this point, there really is no excuse.

      (and yes, we are planning on doing something cool for the 2000 mark....)

      So until the next post, lovelies.


    • WE'RE SORRY!

      5 years ago

      The Latecomers

      Sorry guys. No podcast this week. I know we are poop faces.
      Basically this week has been hectic for everyone, for example yesterday I was at Uni from 10am - 5:30am...shit has got real. But do not fear, we should have another one for you next week.

      sorry again.

      However! You can join us on Saturday at 6pm EST/11pm GMT for fun in Cards Against Humanity.... yes you heard right.

      All you need to do is join us in the Rooster Speak groups Teamspeak. Normally, however if you have trouble connecting simply use the direct IP of

      From there we will link the game (it's in browser) and hilarity will ensue, don't worry if you don't know how to play. It's possibly the simplest concept of any game.

      (Alcohol consumption is encouraged)

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