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    • Trombone Shorty

      6 years ago

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      I just got done listening to the album "Backatown", and I wait till Sunday to put it up here.

      Do you like Jazz - like the old school Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Thelonius Monk kind of jazz? Do you like R&B, like Boys 2 Men or Brian McKnight? Do you like to rawk out with your guac out? This album is for you then.

      Troy 'Trombone Shorty' Andrews is supported by his band Orleans Avenue; bassist Mike Ballard, guitarist Pete Murano, saxophonist Dan Oestreicher, drummer Joey Peebles, and percussionist Dwayne Williams. Andrews plays both trombone and trumpet[10] and provides lead vocals on the five tracks with lyrics. You'll also hear some guitar and singing from a certain Lenny Kravitz. By the way, Trombone Shorty refers to his diverse musical style as 'supafunkrock'.

      Probably my favorite song, Where Y' At comes near the end of the album. Don't let that tarnish your view of the entire album. This is one you throw on and leave on. Jazz Fusion at its finest. Hurricane Season is a monstrous work of funk that kicks the album off perfectly. The title track, Suburbia, and The Cure are standouts. Big horns blast your cerebellum into tiny bits of gray matter begging to be soothed by jazz.

      Where Y' At

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    • Local Natives

      6 years ago

      The Music Project


      Thanks go to @steffasaurus for turning me on to this band via a twitter post.

      The debut album, Gorilla Manor, can be described as chockfull of lush, tightly arranged earworms. The first four singles, to be exact: the autumnal, woozy “Wide Eyes,” the piano-driven yearner “Airplanes,” the urgently spiky “Sun Hands,” and (my favorite) the propulsive, string-laden “Camera Talk.” These songs’ odd reggae breakdowns, beguiling do-do-dos, and constant tribal percussives make for an addictive, rewarding listen. Except for an impressive reinvention of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign,” the rest of Gorilla Manor takes it a bit easier, but these boys never ramble without reason.

      This music will sound familiar, but stands all its own. I downloaded both albums this morning, but so far have gotten through the debut.

      Check out:
      Camera Talk
      Warning Sign
      Shape Shifter

      One from the new album:

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    • Heart In Hand - Only Memories

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      Hey guys, let's welcome the first Monday of 2013 in with some METAL!!

      This week, the band I'm showing off proves that melodic metalcore still thrives
      and is still alive and kicking. Please welcome Heart In Hand's 2011 album Only Memories!

      This album kicks major ass and reminds me a lot of what the metal scene was full of 6-7 years ago.
      Bands like this only come around once and a while, so when you hear a band this profound it really makes you stop. Heart in Hand breathes new life into the dying and vastly overpopulated metalcore scene with this album. It's an album full of well-written and strong instrumentals and beautiful, meaningful lyrics. The lead guitar parts weave a beautiful melody with the rhythm guitar parts in most songs, while the lyrics themselves are a lot about reliving the past. The title track, Only Memories has some particularly awesome lyrics about just that, while Tunnels shows off some great guitar parts and how strong the instrumentals are on this album. The vocals are a throwback straight to old hardcore and metalcore bands which inexplicably feels so right and new. The acoustic song This One Time in Denver is really cool and helps this band prove that they're very well-rounded and not just a one-trick pony.Overall, great band that needs to tour the US more frequently.Their new album should be coming out soon, I hope it's anywhere near as good as this one!

      Songs to listen to:
      Only Memories
      This One Time, In Denver...

      Well, same time next week? Stay heavy motherfuckers!!

    • DANG IT

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      @Trevor already beat me to Lumineers... Look here.


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    • It's Totally Sunday Right?

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      Imagine Dragons - NIght Visions


      Although the Las Vegas-based band Imagine Dragons has been around since 2008, they’ve only recently become a part of the world of mainstream music. Imagine Dragons is comprised of four people: front man and songwriter Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee and drummer Daniel Platzman.

      The Imagine Dragons philosophy when it comes to songwriting, it seems, is to be as purely honest about the nature of the human existence as possible while simultaneously hanging on to an extreme sentimentality over it, even when things take a turn for the worse.

      Overall, all of the tracks on Night Visions complement each other nicely and work well together to create an honest and uplifting album that listeners will no doubt revel in time and time again.

      Favorite Tracks:

      It's Time
      On Top of the World

    • I See Stars - Digital Renegade

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      Hello everyone, it's everyone's favorite Metal Monday Tuesday poster! After a short absence, I finally have time to write again. I missed my day yesterday, but what the hell I figured I'd write something short. I know a lot of people will give me shit because I'm always writing about electronic metal bands, but I feel like deathcore and other similar genres, while I enjoy them, are so well known and cluttered that finding good bands people haven't heard of is far and few between. I happen to enjoy this sexual fusion of electronic and metal, and I've been dragging you readers along while I try to find great bands. This week's pick is no different, the pick of the week is I See Stars' latest album, Digital Renegade!


      I've been in love with I See Stars ever since this summer. I can't stop listening to this damned album! Every track on this album is catchier than the last, with great lyrics ranging from standing up against the 1% to partying and having a good time. This album was produced by Joey Sturgis and the electronics and guitars certainly show it! Joey is THE MAN when it comes to this shit, having risen to fame producing the Devil Wears Prada (who I am not a fan of at all, too much preachy over-religiousness in their music). Some of my favorite tracks of this album have been hugely influential to my band, like the title track Digital Renegade or Filth Friends Unite. Filth Friends Unite has a great sounding lead synth ,as well as a very dubstep-styled synth layered over some great chug patterns for the main riff. It's such a great song that really shows that metal and electronic as genres aren't that far apart. They have two vocalists, one clean vocalist and one screamer, and both are great. The high-pitched singing is really good (coming from someone who doesn't typically enjoy clean vocals), and while the screams may not be the best in the business, they still sound great. My personal favorite song on the album has changed a bunch, but right now it's Digital Renegade. It's got such a great chorus that has this unbelievably uplifting feel to it, while being extremely catchy. The breakdowns are all there, for fans of typical deathcore songs. It's hard to single out a perfect track or part to any song on the album, they're all great and I encourage you to give it a fair chance!

      Songs to Listen to:
      Endless Sky
      Digital Renegade
      Filth Friends Unite

      As always, I'll be back next week, and I promise next week's update will be HEAVY AS FUCK! smiley8.gif

    • Shoot the Girl First - They Have Clocks

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      Hey there everybody! Another week, some more fucking kickass metal bands to listen to. This week, I'm bringing you a little taste of France with the French electronic deathcore band Shoot the Girl Firsts album They Have Clocks, We Have Time!
      Shoot the Girl First is a band that knows exactly what to do to stand out in the ever popular deathcore scene. They heavily use synths and orchestral scoring as the majority of their sound, with the guitars and other traditional metal elements playing second fiddle so to speak. The best example of this is their standout song, "A Tumor Called Marla" that was easily the best song on this album. It features the typical deathcore chugging and breakdowns you'd expect while being paired with everything from church bells and strings to electronic sections. "Last Breath for a Capulet" also has some great electronic portions, with some clean singing that I'm not too fond of. One of my favorite songs of theirs is actually a Skrillex cover and wasn't featured on this album, "Father Said". It's my alarm to wake up in the morning, and it's a song that I HAVE NOT been able to stop listening to since they put it out over the summer. It's the perfect blend of heaviness and electronics, make sure that you give it a listen even if you're not a Skrillex fan (I'm not AT ALL). Shoot the Girl first is definitely a band that I hope makes it far as they have their sound carved out and they really stand out in the ever growing deathcore scene.

      Songs to listen to:
      Father Said (Skrillex cover)
      A Tumor Called Marla
      Last Breath for a Capulet

      Along the same lines, my band just released a new single today and I'd love it if you could check it out as well! We're hugely influenced by Shoot the Girl First, the Browning (who I've written about before) and We Butter The Bread With Butter. It's called, "Strapped in Like a Captain". Give it a listen here if you want, and contact me if you'd like a copy of it! As always, tune in next week for another metal monday, next time with less self-promotion (I swear!)

    • Have Heart - The Things We Carry

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      Another fresh Metal Monday, this week featuring local positive hardcore legends Have Heart's The Things We Carry! (Genre Nazis take note, I don't give a FUCK that this is Hardcore and not metal and neither should you.)


      The Things We Carry was Have Heart's debut album, released in 2006. Have Heart was a Positive Hardcore band from Boston that unfortunately split in 2009. Positive Hardcore is essentially a genre of hardcore with positive lyrics, usually promoting self-respect, perseverance, and the straight-edge lifestyle. This album is definitely my favorite of Have Heart's two albums. I'm not usually into the whole hardcore scene, but these guys do it so well that I can't help but be a fan.

      My favorite track, "The Unbreakable", is all about the people we all know in our own lives who have always worked hard to give us the opportunities in life we all deserve, not matter the costs. While the instrumentals are all pretty straightforward, the lyrics are really what shine. The lyrics are meaningful and well written, and everyone can identify with them.

      "Armed With a Mind" is another great song, starting out with a really catchy drum hook. The lyrics are all about staying true to yourself and not worrying about your looks no matter what anyone may say. This song calls out all those people who pick on other people for how they look, but are so obsessed with their own looks and fashion trends that they never think for themselves.

      Overall, this is my favorite hardcore album for sure. I'd give the entire CD a once-over listen as most of the tracks are good. Tune in next week for some more ear-shattering, mind bending FUCKIN' METAL!

      Tracks to listen to:
      The Unbreakable
      Armed With A Mind
      Something More Than Ink

    • Listening Party: New GY!BE

      6 years ago

      The Music Project


      Breaking out the listening party this week for a very special and unexpected surprise that hit the music world last week. Infamous Montreal post-rock outfit Godspeed You! Black Emperor suddenly began selling vinyls of a new album - their first in a decade - at a Boston concert and promptly made a public announcement. The new album, Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! comes on the heels of roughly a year since the beginning of the band's reunion tour (which I incredibly regretfully haven't been able to see any of and AUGH). If you are not familiar with GY!BE, the best summation I can give is to imagine heart-wrenching cinematic orchestral scores transported into the context of a rock group with as many guitars as strings and assorted percussion. In typical GY!BE fashion, there are a couple of tracks that hit around the 20-minute mark, with a couple of shorter drone-based tracks following each.

      The album is currently available to stream at The Guardian (I really wish this site would allow group admins to embed, but if an admin sees this and would like to embed the player here that would be wonderful), and it will be available to purchase next Tuesday. I haven't had a chance to listen yet, so I will be participating in the listening party along with you!

      Write down your thoughts in the comments, and let's get this party started!

    • The Spectrum #3: Grizzly Bear

      6 years ago

      The Music Project

      So I’ve been bad. I could go into a lengthy explanation of why I haven’t written any posts the past few weeks, but basically it comes down to just me having far too many things going on and no time for this. My apologies. Let’s get back to the music!


      Genre(s): folk, pop, psych-rock, progressive
      Years Active: 2002-present
      Catalogue: 4 LPs, 2 EPs

      This one is another no-brainer for anyone who knows me, but it had to happen eventually, and it’s timely seeing as they just released a new album. Grizzly Bear is a 4-piece Brooklyn-based group consisting of Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor, and Chris Bear. Naming all of the members of the group is crucial here because Grizzly Bear is one of the rare cases where each band member plays a truly integral part in the songwriting and production process. Not that it always was that way. The “band,” so to speak, began in the early 2000s as the bedroom recording project of Ed Droste, who never actually intended to have his quiet pop tinkerings listened to beyond a few friends and family. After meeting percussionist Chris Bear (coincidentally, Droste gave his music the Grizzly Bear moniker before meeting Bear), they released a full album of fleshed out demos entitled Horn of Plenty in 2004. While very lo-fi, fuzzy, and rough, the folky pop with sprinkles of psychedelic haze would serve as a prototype of things to come.


      Soon after, guitarist/songwriter Daniel Rossen and multi-instrumentalist/producer Chris Taylor were brought in, and the 4 would begin attempting to bring their diverse tastes and musicality (everyone but Droste had grown up playing and studying jazz; Chris Bear had attended the New School as a big-band drummer for a while; Dan Rossen attended NYU and first dabbled in pop songwriting along with college roommate Fred Nicolaus for their eclectic pop-meets-electronic project Department of Eagles; and Chris Taylor originally wanted to be a professional jazz saxophonist but wound up focusing his efforts in sound production) together into something coherent. Their first LP as a quartet, 2006’s Yellow House, established them as an up-and-coming band in the milieu of the emerging “freak folk” scene (led by groups like Animal Collective) of the mid-aughts. The album is a densely-layered collection of woodsy, contemplative folk, swirls of psychedelic reverb and sound samples, lush vocal harmonies and arrangements, and occasional pop clarity. It also established the Ed/Dan songwriting dynamic that would become their hallmark (Ed helming the more traditionally pop stuff and Dan favoring more winding and expansive compositions). Their next record, 2009’s Veckatimest, was a breakthrough for them that featured a couple of crossover hits (I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this VW ad featuring “Two Weeks”), and served as a more poppy and focused crystallization of their previous work. The band began writing songs more collaboratively, with each member’s fingerprint felt throughout, and the styles shift more dramatically throughout (from more quiet, acoustic folk to balls-out rock outbursts to proggy interludes to lush strings and electronic noodling). The production (helmed by Chris Taylor) and sound on the album was expansive, yet meticulous and precise, giving the band a reputation for seeking perfection in sound (detractors would call this “fussiness,” but I disagree).


      That leads to this year’s Shields, released a couple of weeks ago to high acclaim. The album combines some of the more hazy psych-rock/folk sounds of Yellow House with the pristine production and pop sensibility of Veckatimest and progresses their sound in a way that is both logical and in some ways very surprising. Many songs were written from the ground-up between band members, each one contributing to structure, melody, lyrics, etc (and also breaking down the strict Ed/Dan paradigm further by having them trade verses/choruses frequently). The result is their most “democratic”-sounding album: an album that sounds like nothing anyone but them could write, seamlessly blending 70s-style prog, sun-drenched psych-pop/rock, and the quiet ambience of folk and jazz into a wholly welcoming and immediate package with the depth and subtlety to warrant multiple listens over time. They are a band living in the ambiguous space between indie rock stardom and mainstream accolades and the financial “success” associated with it (this is actually explored in-depth very well in the cover story of this week’s NY Mag), but at the end of the day Grizzly Bear are just a group of insanely talented musicians who were lucky enough to find each other and be able to work together in a way most bands never could. They are constantly seeking and searching new ways to create music that excites all of them, and, in turn, excites a heck of a lot of us who are lovers and fans of music in general.

      Starter Tracks:
      “Knife” (Yellow House; also, one of the best/more unsettling music videos I’ve ever seen)
      “Little Brother [Electric]” (Friend EP)
      “While You Wait For The Others” (Veckatimest)
      “Ready, Able” (Veckatimest; another rather unsettling video)
      “Sleeping Ute” (Shields)
      “Yet Again” (Shields)

      Vote and discuss!

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