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    • Come Play With Us!

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest


      We are less than 2 hours away from Game Night on Xbox! You still have time to vote for which game you want to play! To vote, click here. If you want to play, send a message to Kariann (gamertag ChickTasticGRR) by 8 PM CST and she will get you set up!

      As promised, Michelle is back in this week's episode of I Haven't Played. Watch her try out GTA V for the first time.

      Kariann has released the next installment in her Let's Scare series. Watch Let's Scare Dead Space 3 Part 6!

      Own a PS3 and want to play games with the Angels? We're looking for people who want to play in the future and we want to know what time works best for you. Please vote for the best time in this thread. Remember, all time frames referenced are based on Central Standard.

      Ladies of Rooster Teeth have 2 exciting events coming up! Tomorrow, Friday the 11th, they will be playing Halo 4. To play on Xbox, send a message to Kiwi. To play on PC, send a message to Ayarin. This Saturday, October 12th, at 7:30 PM CST there will be another Girl Talk Live! If there's something specific you'd like to talk about or advertise, leave a comment here.

    • Monday Monday...

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      So good to us

      We released 2 new videos on Friday and Saturday. Did you see them? We debuted our first ever AHA! Game Night video, Angel's Ark! Watch to see who wins the beloved Tower of Divas! Jill released her latest Girls "Play" Creepy Cooking. Watch it and get in the Halloween spirit (see what we did there?).

      We have good news and bad news...The good news is Michelle will be back tomorrow with another I Haven't Played! The bad news is that due to some technical difficulties, the Let's Scare will be delayed this week. Sorry, guys! #TECHNOLOGY

      We will be continuing last week's Game Night in Minecraft Xbox this Thursday at 8 PM CST. Ladies who played last week, send a message to ChickTasticGRR if you can make it. If you weren't able to make last week's, don't worry! You can play too! Just send a message to gamertag TheCaterjillar before 8 PM CST on Thursday and she'll get you set up.

      We are just 14 members shy of 200! After we hit that magical 200, we'll have a special game night with the chance to win even more prizes! Invite all your friends so we can make this happen!

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

    • Play Minecraft - Win Prizes!

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      At 8 PM CST tonight we are playing Minecraft for Xbox. Everyone is welcome! Tonight is very special because the winner of this week's game will earn prizes! The prizes are: a $25 donation made in your name to Controllers for a Cause, a .gif made of your win, and a special post announcing your win/donation.

      Want to join? Simply send an Xbox message to ChickTasticGRR by 8 PM CST and she will get you set up in the game.

      In the meantime, check out Kariann attempt Assassin's Creed 3 for the first time in this week's I Haven't Played...

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

    • What Have We Been Up To?

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      What haven't we been up to this week?

      Last night we kicked off our series of fundraising events for Controllers for a Cause(our team with Ladies of Rooster Teeth for Extra Life) with a Cards Against Humanity livestream! Thank you to everyone who participated. We had an amazing time discussing everything from shrimp poop to nipple blades to Jack's foray into the adult film industry.

      If you missed out last night, don't worry! We are going to be having lots more events coming up. For more information on how you can be involved and ensure that sick children get the treatment they desperately need, read our news post.

      Speaking of events, we are having a Game Night this Thursday at 8 PM CST in Minecraft for Xbox. Everyone is welcome! We will have multiple hosts on hand so we'll be able to get everyone involved.

      Our first Game Night Let's Play will be released this week! Subscribe to our Youtube to watch it the minute it's out.

      On Friday, Jill released Girls "Play" Kissing Under the Moonlight. Watch and see if Jill is able to keep a forbidden love secret!

      Today Kariann released the latest installment in her amazing Let's Scare Dead Space 3 series. Can she figure out why the game hates her? Watch to find out!

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

    • Extra Life - Controllers for a Cause

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      This past week both AH Angels and Ladies of Rooster Teeth have been hinting towards something happening this Sunday September 29th. Well here we are finally able to announce what we are doing.

      Our groups have decided to join forces and create a team for the Extra-Life event! We have created a team called "Controllers for a Cause" that ANYONE can join to help us reach our goal of $2,500.00!! (If you want to join our team Please see below)

      This Sunday at 7pm CST we will be live streaming our kick off event of Cards Against Humanity on Twitch TV!! You do not want to miss this event! All you need to do is show up to Angel TV at 7pm CST, sign into the Cards Against Humanity Server (Free), and get ready to have some fun playing CAH. We will announce at 7pm a few things about Extra Life and also how CAH will be played but no worries everyone should have a chance to play.

      We really hope to see everyone there for our kick off but also for our upcoming live stream events!!

      ********************** IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN OUTR EXTRA LIFE TEAM ***********************
      All you need to go is go to the Controllers with a Cause Extra Life Page, click on Join Team, choose a hospital that you would like your personal fund raising efforts to go to and then what type of sponsor you would like to be. (If you register for the premium $15.00 this means that if you reach 200.00 or more you can get a t-shirt.) Next it will ask for more information and one of those steps will be to ask if you want to create a team, join a team or be individual. If you want to join our team you can drop down that box, find "Controllers for a Cause" and head onto the next questions.

      Of course if you would rather just donate or have friends or family that would rather donate you can link them to THIS PAGE and they can make a secure donation to any one of the sponsors on our team already. ***REMINDER!!! This money goes straight to the Hospital for Childrens Miracle Network that we have chosen on our sponsor page. We DO NOT see one cent!!***

    • Hey Lovely People...We Have a Date

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      You bring the controllers, we'll bring the game.

      That's right. You voted and the game that won by a landslide is PAYDAY 2! We want to see all of you awesome folks in Payday 2 tonight at 8 PM CST. Prepare for heists and lots of laughs! If you want to play, shoot a message to Kariann or Jill. If you haven't joined one of our game nights before, be sure to send your gamertag in the message and they will invite you to the party when it's time.

      In other news, check out Michelle's first time playing BattleBlock Theater in this week's I Haven't Played!

      Due to some Youtube issues, we have rereleased Kariann's Let's Scare Dead Space 3 Part 4. Watch it here!

      Reminder: Keep your Sunday evening free! We will be doing something very special and we want you all to join!

    • Weekly Update!

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      Happy Monday, awesome peeps!

      On Friday Jill released Girls "Play" Romeo on the Run. Can she make it to level 5?!

      Today Kariann released the next installment in Let's Scare Dead Space 3. Will she ever recover from this trauma?!

      Michelle is releasing the next I Haven't Played tomorrow! See what she tries out next.

      We're holding an Everyone Welcome Game Night this Thursday (the 26th) at 8 PM CST. Vote for what you want to play! Poll closes Thursday at 8 AM. See you there!

      Last, but definitely not least, we will be making an extra special announcement in the next few days. All we're saying is, clear your calendars for Sunday (the 29th) evening. You will definitely want to join.

    • Ladies Night in Minecraft!

      5 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      Bored tonight? Want to play with the AH Angels and a bunch of other cool ladies? Join us in Minecraft on Xbox tonight at 8 PM CST. If you want to play, just send a message to gamertag ChickTasticGRR and she'll send you the invite.

      On Tuesday, Michelle released I Haven't Played Dead Rising 2!

      Are you going to a con and want to meet up with other fans? Check out the Going to a Con? thread where we will post whenever we're going to a con. Feel free to do the same! We'd love to meet you all in person!

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

    • Achievement Race Winner & Weekly Update!

      6 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      Hear ye, hear ye! We have news you've all been waiting for! It was a very close Achievement Race all along but here are the final scores:


      That means Kariann is the winner of the first ever AH Angels Achievement Race! Woohoo! Let's have a big round of Internet applause for both Kariann and Michelle's efforts in this race. You did a great job, ladies! *claps*

      On Friday, Jill released Girls "Play" Cute Hamster Date! Jill may have cracked during the making of this video.

      Today Kariann released Let's Scare: Dead Space 3 Part 3! Make sure you watch to the end for the extra special last 2 minutes!

      Tomorrow, Michelle will be releasing I Haven't Played...Dead Rising 2! Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see it as soon as it's up!

      Our next Game Night is this Thursday, September 19th at 8 PM CST in Minecraft for Xbox! This one is Ladies Only and we hope to see you there!

      We are currently a mere 33 members away from 200! Wow! Once we hit that milestone, we'll be planning another awesome game night! We had a great time at our 100 member Game Night in Cards Against Humanity.

      Last, but not least, Ladies of Rooster Teeth Screen Gems is this Saturday, September 21st at 8 PM CST. Vote for the movie you want to see here and join the Hangout on Saturday to watch it!

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

    • Important Announcements

      6 years ago

      The Nerd Nest

      Hey guys,

      Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've unfortunately had to cancel Game Night tonight. The good news is, you can usually find one of us online to game with! Add Kariann, Michelle, Jill, and Sarah on Xbox Live. If you see us online and you want to party up, just send us a message! We'd love to game with you.

      In preparation for our next game night on Thursday, September 19th at 8pm CST, please vote on what you'd like to play in the Game Night forum. Poll closes on Tuesday!

      We've had a lot of new members join the past few weeks. We love all your awesome faces already, but go ahead and introduce yourselves so we can get to know you better!

      I Haven't Played is back! Watch Michelle take on Payday 2 and ruin some justice.

      smiley12.gif The AH Angels

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