This is the official journal entry of The RvB Shuffle Club

Welcome to [The RvB Shuffle! Club]
Killamanjaro, Leader
Onegaishi, Founder
Bondius, Founder

Short History written by Bondius:

In late 2006 I, Bondius, came across my first harem anime called "Shuffle!". Seemed nice so I checked it out. After seeing it, I was overthrilled to discover such a fun anime filled with the most awesome girls. Shortly after, I contacted Onegaishi and started a small group which we named "The Red vs Blue Shuffle! Club". Being the first of it's kind, week after week we grew bigger into one of the most popular clubs on
Sadly, on the 20th of April 2007, Onegaishi announced his departure. From today, I'm going to take care of the club and member list. I hope you accept me.

Sadly, though, Bondius has left RvB and I haven't seen him since but I was luckily able to catch Onegaishi when he signed on for the last time. He gave me right to take over the Shuffle! Club and I'm glad that I did.

Club Details
As you know, we're based on the popular anime/h-game called "Shuffle!", created by Navel Co.
Our club consists of RvB members who viewed and enjoyed the anime, thus creating the common topic. Each member will choose one of the following girls and place the corresponding banner on his profile to identify and acknowledge his membership. The Club has random announced or surprise contests awarded with either mods or special bonuses.

Club Rules/ Joining
The few club rules are easy to follow ...
1) To join, you must have watched and enjoyed the anime "Shuffle!"
2) Always keep your standard member banner on your profile. Lack of banner means lack of membership.
3) Announce the founder of any "change of allegiance" between the girls (example, changing from a Nerine to a Sia fan)
4) You ARE allowed to have your own Shuffle! Club banner, AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THE STANDARD ONE UP AS WELL

Simple, isn't it?
To join, simply message me/post in this journal asking to join, pick your favorite girl and then place your banner up. That's it!

Other Notes
Any that are not on the list but have the banner up should message me so I could add them to our ranks. Those outside the list can't participate in club-only contests/activities even if they have the banner up.
Due to the change of leadership, some approved members might not be on the list. If so, please contact me so I can add you.

Hey guys, click on the banner and it will give you the full sized banner.