The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

    • Welcome To Vale Episode 1 and Our YT Channel

      1 year ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews


      Mark Here. Hi. Hello. We're all fine down here. How are you?

      We've been talking about it a lot and we're relieved to have our first (and hopefully not the last) episode of Welcome to Vale. While it is starting out as a pretty clear parody/adaptation of Welcome to Night Vale, we're going to start to pivot a bit and make it our own while maintaining the spirit.

      For more, please head to our YouTube Channel and subscribe -

      And we're going to be regularly adding designs to our new shop including a Welcome To Vale Shirt -

      If you want more, please share and tag us. We want to work on more, but it will take a little more time and dedication on top of our full time jobs. Thanks for sticking with us and we'll see you next week for our Nomad of Nowhere coverage!

    • Feed Interruptions Explained

      1 year ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      Well it looks like we have our answer.

      The entity that was interrupting our feed earlier last week seems to be a "Community Radio" station from the county? city? of Vale.

      This is wild. Not only does it confirm that Anima is some sort of alternate dimension to our very universe and the fine folks at this production company are simply recounting stories from the rift, but they seem to have their own broadcasts!

      We've looked into it further and we've been able to gain glimpses into Vale after the Communication Tower fell and the city was overrun with the Creatures of Grimm! This is both terrifying and exciting. Exciting in that we're going to get a closer look into the lives of those we thought were once fictional, but terrifying in that what if this hypothetical rift that we've found can start letting in corporeal beings and we're single-handedly responsible for allowing in creatures that prey on our emotions in one of the most tumultuous times in our worlds history?

      Too that we say a confident


      We will attempt to be live at our normal time slot on Wednesday. Tune in to see what happens LIVE at 7PM PST on AfterBuzz TV Animation

      - The Rooster Team  microphone

    • RT Classics Reviews

      1 year ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      Happy Sunday! Or if you're not feeling it, then just...Sunday.

      IT US.

      We're comin atcha for a quick idea of what this week is going to be.

      So last weekend we ran a poll about what type of a show we were going to do for that following week and there seemed to be quite an interest in covering old/cancelled shows. With that in mind we decided to make it more than simply one show and have an episode to talk a little more in depth about one series then trying to cram them all into one episode.

      We all voted internally and came up with PANICS to cover for our first episode of this RT Classics series.

      If you haven't watched it, click here! -

      This was one of the first series that RT tried to do in a post RvB success world and we'll let you know what we think of it this coming Wednesday on RT Reviews LIVE on YouTube. 

      We're going to be talking about a few of the headlines in the world of RT for the week at the top, but PANICS will be our main squeeze.

      Make sure to join us in the chat and stay for the entire show. don't want to miss a second...

    • Our Weekly Show Between Aftershows

      1 year ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      Mark here,

      I just wanted to give yall a bit of information about what we're doing between Aftershows.

      As some of you are aware, we do Aftershows for all of the animation series (and some live action), but we've been given the opportunity to stay weekly in order to dive deeper into some other topics that we either haven't had the opportunity to discuss on the aftershows or are passionate about and utilize the platform for.

      On top of that, we're going to start using our platform on AfterBuzz to feature other noteworthy fans and get a little creative with it. 

      Personally one of my favorite projects that I decided to do for the show was the Season 3 In Memoriam that we first showed at RTX a few years ago and due to the nature of our aftershow, we never really had the opportunity to do some more play and utilize our YT channel. So open your mind and widen your horizons because we're traveling into weird territory soon and we're going to need your help to spread the word.

      Here's a quick look at some of the shows we've done on our "AfterShow Break"

      RWBY Volume 6 Productions - 

      RWBY Manga Review - 

      Our Favorite RT Docs - 

      Special thanks to Mat Hames for watching our show about the docs! If the director of these documentaries took the time to watch our show, you should too!

      Nomad of Nowhere is on the horizon and we've got a few more stops to make.

      Join us on Wednesday when we talk about the 100% real, canon-filled, real series deleted scene haven that is RWBY Chibi. 

      What comes after that? Stay tuned listeners.

      - The Rooster Team  microphone

    • The Story of the ABTV Rooster Team and Beyond

      1 year ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      Before reactor culture really started to take off, Maria Menounos decided to create an ESPN for non-sports TV shows called AfterBuzz TV. There were many aftershows that were created based on popularity and there were others that were made due to various hosts requesting them to start.

      These Aftershows were a way to get a group of experts together to discuss the events of show, theorize about where it was headed and even getting the chance to talk to cast and crew. AfterBuzz provides the platform and the hosts do the work to build the show up and book talent.

      Due to Rooster Teeth being a digital company, it seemed like a no brainer that the community would be able to follow along to the show.

      The first RWBY show was on July 21st 2014 and featured most of the group you see today alongside Matt Lieberman just as he was about to start his journey at SourceFed and beyond. Due to this new schedule he ultimately had to bow out, but he was a major part of the show as it started.

      In terms of Rooster Teeth, the bubble was growing and growing. RWBY enjoyed a successful third season, RvB was in the middle of its twelfth season and there were rumblings of a third show based on the characters X-Ray and Vav. The cultural phenomenon and permeation of RWBY was still in its beginning stages, but they knew they had a hit and were more than happy to share some behind the scenes with the fans more than just at RTX or the DVD Commentary.

      The show was able to host a number of the cast and crew from the show including the main four voice actresses, the writing staff and even Monty Oum himself.

      Rooster Teeth was still going through a PR firm for interviews and appearances at the time and we wanted to take this time to thank Fons PR and Brad for all of the support in making sure we got who we need as well as providing us a platform to reach the RT Community at large as well as to attend our first RTX.

      The team at the time (Katie, Megan, Patrick and Mark) traveled to Austin with a panel scheduled and no preconceived notions with how it would go. We were expecting an empty room, but ended up having to turn people away. It was an awakening moment and showed the power of this community. We continued our RvB show, added X-Ray and Vav and kept growing the shows with fresh guests and new members of the community.

      One of the last impressions on us as members of the community at large was our inclusion in the special thanks section of Volumes 2 and 3. This isn’t a brag or a boast, but a flag in the ground of how much work was put in on both ours and RTs sides. The work was enough to warrant inclusion in the credits of a show that we spent the time to analyze and bridge the gap between creator and fan.

      It was after this time that Rooster Teeth accelerated the process of creating their own bridges toward the fans. Alongside this, the actors and creators started to double and triple down on their work, which started to limit the amount of time that crossed over with studio availability leading to the inability to appear on our shows.

      Here’s where our shows start to change.

      RWBY Volume 4, Red vs Blue Season 14, Camp Camp Season 1 and Crunch Time saw us creating new relationships with the creatives involved in the projects. Spending more time to focus on the recapping/reacting to the shows allowed for deeper discussion. Being limited by guest availability made those appearances more special and provided us new faces to appear.

      Due to some of the scheduling changes, we had to do day time interviews with Lindsay Jones, Samantha Ireland and Walker Satterwhite.

      Doing those shows  allowed us time to talk about multiple projects as well as not have to cater to talking about shows. While they didn’t do too well live, their YT and Podcast lives got to live on a little longer.

      The pieces were starting to come together.

      As we were wrapping up Camp Camp Season 2 and RvB 15, the AfterBuzz Studios came to us with an opportunity. During these seasons, we officially added Stacey Shuttleworth and Andrew Mena on as team members and were able to provide a full team experience on a weekly basis. Afterbuzz started to unify shows under various verticals in order to maximize viewership/listenership.

      A couple of things came from this. We had to start to rebuild our audience on a new channel exclusively for Animation Recaps and Reviews, something that we are still fighting to do and need your help to keep the word spreading about our new home.

      Secondly, we were provided the opportunity to do more than just Aftershows/Recaps. This led to the creation of Rooster Teeth Reviews, a new catchall show that we intended to keep monthly during the off seasons. We launched pre-RWBY with our first episode of RTR and had our first episode taken down due to showing the Volume 5 intro despite it being released publicly on YouTube. Thanks to this rocky launch, the show wasn’t able to permeate like we wanted to and our effort to have a strong start failed.

      Only upon our weekly releases of our RWBY Volume 5 recaps did our audience slowly start to trickle in and our Aftershow evolve further.

      That was the Sparknotes version of our story. If you want any more information about us, please don’t hesitate to ask. Whether we’d be able to answer those questions is a different story, but please still ask. :D


      So where does this lead us? What is the future of the ABTV Rooster Team/Rooster Teeth Reviews Team? We’re going to post our plans for the rest of the year on this page soon, but in the interim, here’s something you could do to help us.

      We’re going to be going the extra mile and keeping our weekly schedule. We want to recapture our status as a bridge between RT and the fans by offering more coverage, post/pre season discussions, getting guests during non-peak times, talking other parts of RT that wouldn’t fit in an Aftershow settings and featuring other community members.

      This is our main objective with the “Off-Season” RTR. Creating a beacon for the community.

      It is more imperative to share our show with friends that watch RT content. This would include any and all of the following:

      - Watching the show (live or not) on AfterBuzz TV Animation

      - Tweeting comments using the show hashtag #RTReviews and then if it's an aftershow #rwbyabtv, #ABTVCampCamp, #ABTVRVB, etc.

      - Tagging/Following the groups Twitter @ABTVRoosterTeam

      - Using these in conjunction with the official RT Hashtags

      - Asking various actors or crew VERY POLITELY that you would like to see them appear/guest on the show.

      When it comes to RTX time, make sure you are following the official @RTXEvent Twitter Account and bring us up whenever you see a tweet about panels and appearances.

      That way when time comes our end to apply for Press/Panels, the fine folks at RT know that the fans want to see us there.

      Thanks again to SailorGirl81 for prompting this. It was lovely to go back to where it all started to help us reach high and make this community even bigger than all of us.

      Dust Ya Later

      - The ABTV Rooster Team  microphone

    • Tentative RTX 2017 Plans

      2 years ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      Greetings One And All!

      We're excited to say that we're all looking forward to RTX this year. Things will be a little different when it comes to RTX this year.

      We have but ONE panel this year, but it's going to be stuffed to the gills with fun AND YOU BETTER SHOW UP or WATCH LIVE ON TWITCH.

      More details soon, but WE WANT YOU THERE TO FILL THE ROOM!

    • Samantha Ireland Interview on February 8th, 2017

      2 years ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews


      #itsyaboi Mark B Donica REPPIN THE ABTV ROOSTER TEAM.


      I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me.

      Long story short, we have Sam Ireland (The voice of Nora) coming in to the studio AFTER the finale. So I wanted to put the thought out there to think of questions DURING the finale because the interview is going to be BEFORE our Aftershow on 


      It's been a hell of a season and we're excited to talk about everything that has transpired.

      Thank you to everyone who has made it into our live shows, commented on our videos, left reviews on iTunes, Subscribed to our Team's YT account, followed us on Twitter and just being wonderful people. 

      We'll update you on the status of all of our other shows that will be returning/created in the coming months.

      We're already looking forward to RTX in July and can't wait to see you all there.

      Dust Ya Later!

      - The ABTV Rooster Team  microphone

    • Volume 4 Episode 1 & 2/WoR Aftershow!

      2 years ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      We are LIVE Thursday Nights at 7PM PST for our RWBY AfterShow on AfterBuzz TV!

      #ICYMI, here's our first episode! We have plenty of theories, but we want to hear yours!

      AfterBuzz TV's RWBY Aftershow!

      Dust Ya Later!

      - ABTV's Rooster Team  microphone

    • RWBY Volume 4 and More!

      2 years ago

      The RoosterTeam! #RTReviews

      We're coming up on the end of our mass of RT Aftershows and leading into our biggest season of RWBY yet!

      Thanks to all who made our Camp Camp show so special. I (Mark) can't thank you enough. Camp Camp affected me in a way that I didn't expected it to and I'm happy I was left in a corner and laughed at. We took a community journey together and I wouldn't have it any other way. Let's hope for another season of Camp Camp next summer and some specials while we wait. 

      Our last episode of the RvB Aftershow for Season 14 will be here before we know it and it's been a hell of an experiment. What was your favorite story arc? 

      The Crunch Time Aftershow just got a change of schedule to where we are now covering one episode per Aftershow in order to dive into the minutia and try to get guests in studio. NO SPOILERS because we're going along at one episode a piece. Come along, it's going to be a weird ride.

      FOLKS IN LA! The Tugg screenings are going to be coming up this week and if you're going to the Burbank show, say hi! 

      RWBY. VOLUME. FOUR. We're still in the planning phase of what night and time we'll be recording, but we'll keep you posted. We've make sure to not interfere with other RT productions in order to be available for guests.

      Regardless, we appreciate every single person who watches, listens, comments, follows, shares, sends fan art, says hi in public, EVERYTHING YOU COULD POSSIBLY IMAGINE. We can't thank you enough and want to go on as many wild rides with you as possible. 

      We love being able to serve as a direct link to the creators that we all love. AfterBuzz keeps growing and we're excited to take you along with us. 

      Stay tuned here, on Twitter at @ABTVRoosterTeam and Facebook. We've been using our YouTube page for extra content from our shows, so please subscribe there too! 

      Thanks for Everything

      - Megan, Katie, Patrick, Emma, Alexis, Mark, Hopefully More Soon and the entire AfterBuzz Media Group Staff 


      The ABTV Rooster Team  microphone

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