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      4 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      This was brought to my attention, it is written by @LoZelda

      Please give it a read to find out more info, and get involved if you can as it is a very important subject.


    • Helpful Tips #1 CONTINUED

      4 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      #3 - Behavior Changes

      Behavior changes may sound similar to personality changes but there are some subtle differences. These can be along the lines of feigning an illness to avoid certain situations. This is easier to monitor and spot in your own children as you know them well and know when they are unwell and when they are not. But this would be harder to spot in friends or work colleagues. Nightmares and fear of social situations can also be good indicators. A major and incredibly severe behavior change would be the need to carry a weapon, or the desire to suddenly want to learn how to defend themselves in a physical situation. While the discipline of learning something like Judo or Karate is normally a positive thing to do for mental, social and physical well being, if this is sudden change to want to do this things this could be a subtle indication of many underlying factors not just limited to bullying.

      #4 - Self Harming/Depression

      Hardest to spot but its the most damaging of all the signs possible. Self harming and depression are normally brought on after a lengthened period of bullying, a short intense experience of bullying, or someone who was already vulnerable who was targeted.
      The problem with this is people tend to hide feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts, and also learn how to hide self harming. The common misconception is that self harming normally only occurs on cuts to the arms, and can be easily spotted as they are visible or a person begins wearing long sleeve dark clothing in the height of summer. But this is not the case. While the most common form of self harming, people could cut themselves on the stomach, legs and other areas, especially areas that are easy to hide. If the bullying is linked to their physical appearance they could end up attacking the bits the bullying are targeting. Self harming could also be hitting themselves to cause bruising which is easily explained away, or they stop eating or take harmful substances.
      The key with this one is to be observant of subtle changes. In fact being open to the first 3 signs I mentioned could open your eyes to self harming or depression. But don't be dismayed if you can't spot this as it is incredibly difficult to spot, and unless you are a trained medical professional, you may never notice depression straight off. What's important is just to open and let the person know you are there for them when they need you, whenever they need you.


      What is important to remember about all of this is that each case is completely and utterly unique!

      Some may exhibit all of this, some may only display some of this of, and others may be incredibly adept at hiding everything and you will be none the wiser.

      What is important is that you remain aware and open to all of this and you will begin to pick up on when something is wrong. Even if you don't pick up on someone who is a victim of bullying, you could pick up on another issue which needs just as much support and attention you can give it.

      And even if you still struggle with this, what remains important is that you are there for your friends, family and work colleagues and let them know that you are there whenever they need you, for a just a friendly chat or a hug, or some cookies and a shoulder to cry on. Just be someone who is available for support and you are off to a terrific start.

      I hope that this all made sense and I managed to make it in to a coherent lump. But if there are something you want to ask about or clarify, then don't hesitate to ask okay.

      But stay tuned for more helpful tips and guides and other things coming up in this group okie dokies?

      But for now I shall say bye bye.

    • Helpful/Informative Tips #1

      4 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      Helpful Tips #1 - How to identify/spot a victim of bullying

      As much as we think, and to be honest, hope, that we are told from an early age that if we ever felt we were being bullied or intimidated we were to come to an adult or friend we trust that we can tell our worries to, this isn't always the case.

      And as much as people think they can identify someone in trouble, like a superhero listening out for cries for help, I have met people with this mentality, this is also not always the case

      Being able to spot a victim of bullying easily, or have that victim come up to talk to you, is in most cases a minority of what can occur. The majority are incredibly hard to spot, or will never approach someone for help.

      But if it is so difficult to identify someone who needs support, how am I supposed to help out?. This is the question many people have. And there are conflicting opinions on how best to inform or teach someone or multiple people about this.

      So, in this journal/news post, I am going to do my best at gathering all this information into one helpful coherent lump that will you have a better knowledge about spotting a victim of bullying, be it a friend, work colleague, member of your family or your own child.

      #1 - Change of Personality

      A lot of people will say that if someone was suddenly to become frustrated, stressed and angry, or were suddenly to become shy, withdrawn and non-assertive, then this would be a strong indication that the person was being bullied.
      But this is not entirely accurate. What would be more accurate is that their personality could be dramatically changed from what it normally is, or it could be more subtle changes. So a person who is normally bubbly and bright becomes shy and withdrawn, this may be an indication of there being a problem. Its noticing a change that will set your alarm bells ringing, and its being observant to this that can make a difference.
      The problem with this is it is not a sure fire way of spotting a victim of bullying if you do notice a personality change, be it major or subtle. This is because personality changes could indicate many other things too. Anger and frustration could be a an indication of being overloaded, be it school work or at work. Becoming withdrawn and sad could be because they recently lost a family member or friend. And in some cases personality changes could be an indication of an illness or condition, for example someone becoming aggressive and unwilling to do anything is one way of spotting someone with hypothermia.
      But even if it doesn't lead you to a potential bullying problem, being open to the changes in someones personality means you can support them and talk to them about what could be wrong and support them with an entirely different issue, is still important. So don't completely dismiss it.

      #2 - Physical Evidence

      Physical evidence of bullying can be an easy indicator in most cases but that is not always the case. Take for example cyber bullying, with the internet being famous for anonymity and the ease of which evidence can be deleted, finding evidence can be hard. But you can still find physical clues if you know what to look for.
      Physical evidence you can look for can be things like, missing belongings, torn or bloodied clothing or unexplained cuts and bruises. While normally good indicators of physical bullying, cuts and bruises could still be an indicator of cyber/verbal bullying as it would an indication of self harming rather than being harmed by another. Other physical evidence could be found online, such as comments from others but this is harder to monitor.

      To Be Continued

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    • It's been a while....

      4 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      Hi this is Sammii here, one of the new admins on this group to give you an update.

      Obviously it has been a while since this was last updated, but this is an important group, both for me and for @ailsarocks and I am not about to let it die an early death so I have been planning some things for it to keep it updated with interesting and useful things as well as get you guys involved more.

      Obviously Ailsa started this group as a safe haven for those who have experienced cyber bullying, or bullying in any form, not just on this site but other sites, as well as when you are at school or work or other situations. Or just want to find out ways to support the group and its cause.

      She brought me on board as she thought my past experiences with bullying would add to the group and people could relate to what I've been through and I can help others.

      I obviously have spoken about my experiences with bullying in one of my vlogs, which you can find here so you can find out a bit about my background and stuff.

      This is why this group is important to me, and I agreed to helping out, as it is important and it is not a subject to be ignored, and any way I can help people work through bullying or educate people is something I really want to do.

      So plans for the future...

      I plan to keep you up to date with useful sites that you can look into. And events and such that you can can take part in.

      I also plan to start using my training as a Cadet Instructor to educate people on how to spot bullying, a victim of bullying and how to communicate with someone who is a bully or a bullying victim.

      I also plan projects along the lines of a buddy buddy system and maybe a video series where, if people are willing enough can talk about their experiences or answer questions but this is a mere idea at this point.

      But yes. I intend to keep this group alive, so please if you also agree that this group is important, then share it around and keep it alive. Put the banner on your own group pages and obviously keep watching this space for updates.

      But for now... I shall bye bye.


      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      Hey, quick message here as it is #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY TODAY!

      To raise awareness, CyberSmile are asking folks to tweet a positive picture of you smiling or whatever with the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY and #IMACYBERSMILER.

      This will let Twitter users know all about the campaign against cyber bullying that we strongly support here in the RT Community, and that if anyone feels they have no one to turn to, then we are here to listen.

      You've got just under half an hour to take your picture, then post it at 6pm GMT!


    • Cyber Bullying and Vine

      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      At a glance: Upload short, looped video clips.


      What is it?
      Vine is an app, available for Apple devices as well as Android and Windows smartphones. Recently, Vine has updated their features to allow users to log in and use their Vine accounts using an internet browser on a computer.

      The app allows users to record videos up to 6.5 seconds long, which then play on a repeating loop. Users create an account including username and profile image and post their “vines†onto this profile. Other users can “follow†you and videos from everyone you follow are displayed chronologically on a central feed. By default, Vine profiles are public, meaning anyone can view your videos, but you can change the settings to make your posts “protectedâ€. This means that only your approved followers are able to view your vines. Videos produced in the app can also be shared on your Facebook and/or twitter accounts.

      The “Explore†section of the app makes it easy for users to find interesting or popular videos. Uploaded vine videos can be put into certain categories such as comedy or fashion to make it easy for people to browse posts of a particular nature. Once uploaded, people viewing the video can “like†it, post a comment about it or “re-vine†it, uploading it to their own profile.

      Who uses it?
      While the Vine terms available on the website do not give a minimum age for use, the Apple app store states a minimum age of 17 years and the Android app on Google Play gives a content rating of “Medium Maturityâ€.

      NEED HELP?

      How do I block someone on Vine?
      Go to the account’s profile and tap the button with three dots at the right of the top menu bar, then select Block this person. Blocking an account will prevent the user from following you and viewing your profile, but they will still be able to view and comment on your videos that appear in popular results for search tags.


      Visit the Vine FAQs page (this is part of the Twitter Help Center)

      Have you ever had any negative experiences on Vine? How did you deal with them?
      For more information and support contact

    • Cyber Bullying and Instagram

      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      At a glance: Photo-sharing with added extras


      What is it?

      Instagram is a photo-sharing service, where users upload pictures and have options to manipulate them, for example using filters, blurring effects and frames. Users can follow others’ accounts and view the pictures they upload on a central feed. Accounts are public by default, which means anyone can view your pictures, but can be made private so that only approved users may view the content. The ‘Explore’ function can be used to search for other Instagram users to follow, or view popular or interesting pictures.

      As well as photos, users can upload videos, up to 15 seconds in length. When a photo or video is uploaded, users can write a caption, which may include ‘hashtags’, or tag other Instagram users in the picture. People viewing a photo can ‘like’ it, or comment on it. Hashtags (e.g. #scenery) may be used in captions or comments to allow Instagram users to search for content on a particular theme.

      Instagram have recently added the ‘Direct’ function. This allows users to send photos or videos to specific users without displaying them on their main profile. Direct images from people you follow are delivered immediately to an inbox, while messages sent by people you don’t follow are put into a ‘requests’ section so you users may decide whether they will allow that person to send them direct images.

      Who uses it?

      According to Instagram’s terms, the service is open to those aged 13 or older. It is most commonly used via smartphone apps, so users can instantly upload pictures taken on their mobile phones, but is also accessible online.

      Need help?

      How do I block someone on Instagram?
      1. Go to their profile by tapping the profile button at the bottom of the app and searching for their name or username
      2. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner of their profile
      3. Tap Block User

      How do I report a photo?
      1. Tap the three dots below the post
      2. Tap Report Inappropriate
      3. Select why you're reporting the post

      How do I report an account that is bullying someone?

      To report an account that is being used to harass or bully somebody else, use this online form.

      Visit the Instagram Help Center

    • Cyber bullying and Tumblr

      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room



      WHAT IS IT?

      Tumblr is a blogging site mainly focused on sharing images. Users create a tumblr ‘blog’, which they can give a title, and are given their own website with a web address in the format Choosing colours, profile and header pictures and various features can adapt the look of a blog; the blog appearance is extensively customisable depending on your knowledge of web coding. Users can also choose from preset ‘themes’ to use, which can be submitted by other people for public use. You can also browse for new themes to use in the ‘Theme Garden’; this part of the site contains ‘premium’ themes that can be purchased to customise your site design. Premium themes typically cost $9, $19 or $49. When a tumblr user goes to post to their blog they are given the option to post text, a photo, a quote, a link, a video or a chat post.

      Other users can ‘follow’ a tumblr blog so that the posts appear in their central feed. of posts The owner of a page can choose to make their blog password protected so that only those who are given the password can access the content. Tumblr posts that you like can be ‘reblogged', so that they appear on your page, or ‘liked’. Posts you have liked can be viewed from your account at a later time. You can choose whether or not other people are able to view posts you have liked in Settings.

      Tumblr also features an Inbox; this contains all messages your blog may receive, including Questions, Fan Mail and Submissions. Users can choose whether their followers can ask them questions. Fan Mail is a way of sending messages in support of a blog you enjoy. Some blogs allow people to send in submissions of suggested content; again, this can be decided in your blog settings.

      Tumblr accounts feature built in analytics, so users may view the pattern of activity on their account, for example the number of ‘notes’ in a time period. Notes are the notification system of tumblr and tell you details of interactions with other users; whenever someone starts following your blog, likes a post, or reblogs something from your account.

      Tumblr can be connected to apps; the main one is the tumblr app itself, which allows users to view and post blogs from their smartphone rather than a computer or web browser. Other connectable apps include photo-sharing platforms such as Instagram, so Instagram posts can be shared straight to your tumblr blog. You can also share tumblr posts to other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook by linking your accounts.

      WHO USES IT?

      The tumblr terms state that people under the age of 13 should not use it under any circumstances. The site is used by far more women than men and is most popular in the United States.

      NEED HELP?


      On Tumblr, to stop receiving messages from someone, they are added to your Ignore list. To add someone to your Ignore list, click here and input their username.

      You can also ignore anonymous messages. Click “ignore†on an anonymous message to permanently block that account and IP address from sending messages to your blog.


      You can also disable Ask, Submit, and anonymous questions in your blog’s Settings. Click Settings (the gear icon) at the top of your Dashboard, then choose the blog you'd like to update on the left side of the page.


      If you come across content on Tumblr that violates their Community Guidelines, email Tumblr with as much information as possible at

      Visit the Tumblr Help Center

      Remember for help and advice, visit smiley12.gif

      So, how regular is cyber bullying on Tumblr? Is the process of blocking easy? Share your experiences if you have any.

    • Cyber Bullying and YouTube

      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      YouTube is an online platform that allows people to watch and share self-made videos. Anyone can watch videos on the site without being logged in, but to interact fully with the site’s features you need a Google account. Videos that contain potentially offensive content are only viewable by registered users who have confirmed that they are at least 18 years old.

      Once you create an account you can also make a channel. This is like your public profile and is where all your uploaded videos will be published. You do not have to create a channel but cannot access all features of the site without one. When someone uploads a video, they can also add a description and place the video into a particular category; the Video Manager allows you to select who can view your content. Uploaded videos are set to Public by default, which means anyone can find and watch them. Other options are Unlisted, so the video will not appear in search results and Private, which means the video will not appear in search results or on your channel, but can be privately shared.

      When viewing a video, logged in users can ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ it using the thumbs up/down buttons, or subscribe to the channel. Channels you subscribe to appear on your YouTube homepage, along with some of the most popular videos in your location and suggested content based on your previous viewings. If you have created a YouTube channel, you can also leave comments on the video, or reply to a comment left by somebody else. As well as leaving comments publicly underneath a video, users are able to send private messages to someone else’s inbox. The Privacy Settings allow you to decide whether anyone can send you a message or you only want to receive contact from people in your contacts list.

      YouTube has a Safety Mode that can be activated to help filter out inappropriate content. This can be locked to the ON setting for a particular internet browser, which can help parents and guardians to control what videos young people are able to access.


      NEED HELP?

      Visit their Channel page, which should have a URL similar to
      On their “About†tab, click the flag icon H0LXl.png
      Click Block User


      Below the video player, click on the "Flag" button
      Click on the reason for flagging that best fits the violation within the video.
      Provide any additional details that may help the review team make their decision.


      Flagging a video is anonymous - users cannot tell who flagged a video. However, YouTube do require you to be logged in to use their flagging tools.

      You may report users, inappropriate background images or profile avatars through the reporting flow located on the bottom of every channel.

      Visit the channel page you wish to report
      Click "About"
      Click the Flag drop down button
      Select the option that best suits your issue


      To send a report of abuse or harassment through content or comments, use YouTube's reporting tool.


      Take action on comments. Click the arrow in the upper right of a comment on your channel or video to see your options.

      - Remove takes down the comment from YouTube. If the comment has any replies, they will also be removed. Note that if the comment was also shared on Google+, it will still be live there.
      - Ban from channel blocks the user from posting comments on videos and your channel. You can remove the user from the banned list later (see below).
      - Hold comments for approval. You can require approval for all new comments before they're posted to your video or channel:
      - Video comments - Find the video in the Video Manager, click Edit under the video, and click Advanced Settings. Then, under “Allow commentsâ€, select Approved. You can also choose the default moderation settings for new videos in your comments settings.
      - Channel comments - You can turn this on for your channel in your Channel Navigation settings.
      When someone comments, you'll get a notification as well as a blue banner on the channel or video. You can then review the comments to approve, delete, or flag them for abuse or spam.

      Automated filters

      - Approved users and banned users. In your comments settings, you'll find a list of approved users and banned users. Approved users' comments will automatically be approved and shown, even if you've chosen to hold comments for approval. Banned users' comments will never be shown. You can add or remove individual users or Google+ Circles.
      - Blacklist. In your comments settings, you can specify a comma separated list of words and phrases. Comments closely matching these terms will be held for your approval (unless they were posted by someone on your approved user list).
      - Spam filtering. If someone leaves a comment that looks like spam, a blue banner on the channel or video will let you know. You can then review these comments to either delete them or approve them if they're not actually spam.

      For more information and support visit

    • Cyber Bullying and Twitter

      5 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Safe Room

      So last week, we had a look at exactly what to do and how to get help or support if you need it on Facebook. If you missed it, read the article here. also comment on that journal if you've ever had to use the Facebook Reporting System.

      But today, we look to Twitter. What do you do if you think you are being cyber bullied there?

      The Twitter Help Center has sections for all kinds of help and support.

      Like Facebook, Twitter has a Help Center that tells you if and when to block and report, as well as exactly how to do it.

      They also have links to all the major anti cyber bullying charities and support websites if you want to get advice from someone impartial. If you are being cyber bullied on a Twitter please talk to someone.


      I'm new to Twitter, so I haven't encountered much yet. Have you ever had to block or report someone on Twitter? Was it simple to do? Have you ever had to navigate the Twitter Help Center? Let me know in the comments section.

      For more information and support visit

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