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    • Old meme phrase is old... and issue 9

      7 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      ....and bad comic is bad. smiley6.gif

      So before I get into my lack of artistic acumen, allow me to quickly explain. So most of you probably heard about the G4 tv show called "Proving Ground" where Ryan Dunn and some nameless hot chick were going to see "What's it like testing out theories from movies, TV shows, and video games in real life?"

      Of course, this is kind of a clear rip-off of Rooster Teeth's Immersion.

      So, this spawned a funny little comic idea I had.


      I drew this in late May, never touched it up, procrastinated my ass off at getting RT times issue 7 out, and wouldn't ya know, on June 20th Ryan Dunn got into a tragic car accident and died.

      I debated on running the cartoon anyway, but after Dunn's death G4 put the show in limbo and were considering not running the show at all which, therefore, made the comic kind of irrelevant. Luckily, RT user and comic creator DeanArcher saved my ass and I've been working with him ever since.

      But this has been sitting on my hard-drive and my Tinypic account, so I'd thought I'd share it with you in all of its crappy glory. Hope ya'll enjoy! smiley0.gif

      And quick sidenote about issue 9: I have some stuff ready and placed, but not completely. If I rush out an issue now I will bee too bombarded with end-of-year work stuff and normal family holiday shenanigans to put anything out before the holidays. Instead, I'll keep my little stock of articles, leisurely finish up the rest and put out one holiday RT spectacular*

      *note, may not actually be "spectacular" smiley6.gif

    • RT Times issue 8

      7 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Here it is. I'm slightly impressed I was able to get it out before halloween (well, technically it IS Halloween, but still...)

      Although I was rushed on this a bit, it was still fun to play with the folio at the top. I might continue to play with the folio- especially for holiday issues, special issues, etc.

      Special bonus hugs will go to anyone who can tell me where that font is from (the font used for "The Rooster Teeth Times" )

      It probably has some spelling issues, since I wasn't able to do as much proofing as I usually do, but enjoy it at any rate (click for bigger version):


    • RT Times issue 8?

      7 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Hello all!

      I know I've been absent from Rooster Teeth a lot lately, which is sad. If you want, you can head over to my profile and read about it, but that's BORING! smiley6.gif

      I'm trying my damnedest to squeeze out an RT times issue for Halloween, but I give it about 30% odds of it coming out BEFORE halloween. Now I could do a simpsons and release a halloween issue a week AFTER Halloween, but that might be kinda lame. smiley4.gif I dunno- what do you think?

      I have a lot of cool stuff for the halloween issue, and if I don't put out an issue I will AT LEAST share some of that unused stuff with you all. I should also unveil my crappy comic, but maybe that can wait until later. smiley6.gif (Thank goodness DeanArcher has taken up the comic front- for all of your sake's! smiley8.gif

      So keep this group on watch for some stuff coming up in the next week. And I'll cross my fingers for some actual FREE TIME to do it. I've had so little free time I haven't even played Dead Rising 2 or L.A. Noire! smiley4.gif

    • Works in Progress.

      7 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Hey guys, just wanted to show you what I'm working on right now. Its a little scene from Podcast #133... smiley8.gif


      Stay tuned for the final result!

      - smiley13.gif

    • While You Wait...

      7 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Howdy all!

      To help pass the time until the next RtT issue comes running off the presses, Here's a comic:

      Don't forget to click for a bigger view!

      I just couldn't resist after reading both This Post By Gus and the resulting Flame/Troll/Rooster Teeth Fan War awesomeness. We once again show how we are the most volatile, dangerous loyal fan-base on the Internet.

      The moral of the story: Beware of Geeks and Internet Fanboys/Girls in large-and I mean large numbers. smiley8.gif

      Take Care Fellow RoosterTeethers!

      - smiley13.gif

    • RvBOR spotlight

      8 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      The side project I have been working on is a newsletter for the First ANNUAL (suck it, Gus and Geoff) RvBOR event.

      Don't know what RvBOR is? Why the hell not? Ok, ok. So it's the first fan meetup being held in the Portland, Oregon area. If you live around there, you should DEFINITELY check it out (the main event is sold out, but there's events going on ALL THIS WEEKEND for your fix of community camaraderie! smiley0.gif

      It was a lot of fun to work on a commission for the RT times, and maybe I'll open up the field to other commissions in the future. It was also fun to work with RvBOR admin BaghdadBean , who would like you to think that she whipped me with an old-timey cane while I worked on the newsletter----and that is COMPLETELY true! smiley4.gif LOL

      Here is the newsletter if you want to check it out. I will definitely be starting work on a new RT times issue on Monday, after what will likely be an epic weekend (epic busy, not epic fun- unfortunately. smiley4.gif )

      click for bigger version:

    • Climbing out of the work hole...

      8 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      ....and falling into another one! smiley4.gif

      My work has been epic busy/crazy this past month! Some of it is normal summer moving-and-shaking, other parts of it are insane and NOT normal and terribly frustrating!

      So it's really put a hamper on RT Times production. I have luckily been able to get out the special project I have been working on, but it came out later than i hoped, which sucks because I feel bad for dropping it into the person's lap late, and when they're surely busy doing other stuff! smiley4.gif

      So the next issue of RT times will come out, but I don't want to make promises as to when. I am shooting for within a month, but no guarantees. At the moment, I have to go battle my desk and the unwieldy mountain of papers upon it!

      I will post the special project as soon as it's completely finished, so in a day or two. smiley1.gif

    • Issue 8 info and photoshop skills (?)

      8 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Enjoy this for right now:


      Done in about 5 minutes. LOL

      So hope ya'll liked issue 7. Right now I'm working on a special project separate from issue 8, and I will tell ya'll about it when it's done, which should be within two weeks or so. Issue 8 has a tentative release time for July 30.

      As always, anyone who wants to contribute can. Just p.m. me smiley1.gif

    • Issue 7 is UP!

      8 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      Some new features: A regular comic AND the new RT community spotlight. Let me know what you think of these features.

      If anyone wants to contribute to the RT times, you can always message me. For example: the community spotlight section. I'm only one person on this site and only know so much about it, so I'm sure someone else can offer a broader or different and unique perspective on a group, topic, user, etc.

      So here's the issue. Click for a bigger version.


    • Short post about issue 7

      8 years ago

      The Rooster Teeth Times

      As always- welcome new members. My little army of RT times readers is growing.

      Some news on issue 7:

      Yes I am a week behind schedule. It has nothing to do with my so-cal beach bum....ness. I work for a magazine that has had a lot of people calling in sick so I've been working in an office that's essentially a post-zombie apocalyptic ghost town. I'm like Louis from the left 4 dead comic. Joke Reference.

      The paper will be out tomorrow afternoon at the LATEST!

      Oh, and about the comic: Last post I mentioned drawing a horribly-illustrated comic that, though funny IMO, something happened that made it somewhat irrelevant and possibly controversial (*GASP!*). smiley6.gif

      However, DeadArcher has saved my ass and gave me a really funny, timely comic to put in place of the one I drew. So huge thanks to him! smiley13.gif

      The one I drew *MIGHT* go into a later issue, depending on how the situations plays out. If I decide to not place it, I might just make a post and show ya'll the comic. Because I spent a damned hour drawing it, and you will LOOK AT IT, DAMMIT! LOL smiley6.gif

      Tl;dr - look out for issue 7 TOMORROW.

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