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    • Game Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!

      4 years ago

      The Skype Club

      Game Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!Hello, Skype Club members!

      Tomorrow is the day! "What day?", you may ask. Well, if you haven't heard/read about it, tomorrow is our very first game night! Woo and yay! So, for those interested, here are the crucial details:

      Thursday 24th July.

      What Time?
      8pm to approximately 9:30pm UK time (use this handy link to find out when that is if you live outside of the UK).

      What are we playing?
      Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

      To participate in this inaugural event, you can either a) add me on Xbox Live (my gamer tag is Thompower) and I'll send you an instant invite as soon as I'm set up, or b) send me a message on XBL (again, using my gamer tag) and I'll invite you once I receive it.

      I'm not expecting this event to be full, as I only know of two people who should be joining as of right now, but it would be good to get as many of you as possible so that we can all get to know each other tomorrow, and from then on the fun can begin in future game nights.

      So yeah, I hope to see some of you there. And who knows, this could be the start of something awesome! smiley0.gif

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    • Which day?

      4 years ago

      The Skype Club

      Hey gang.

      A few people have come to me over the last couple of days, both UK and non-UK based fans, stating that Thursday might be a problem for them in taking part in our first game night, so with that in mind I thought I'd give you guys the choice as to what day you'd prefer out of Thursday and Saturday.

      So, go ahead and specify which day you'd prefer by answering the poll. If nobody does so then I'll just presume that the majority of you would prefer Thursday and we'll stick to that, so please state which day is better for you.


    • I have returned!

      4 years ago

      The Skype Club


      So my holiday was good. It was decent to get away for a while and recharge my batteries, even if I still frequented this site whilst on vacation.

      Anyway, now that I'm back home it's time to start gearing up for our very first Game Night! Are you excited?! Well, you shouldn't be. We'll only be moseying around in Minecraft (on Xbox 360!) for an hour and a half or so, thereby allowing everyone to just kick back and get to know each other.

      So don't forget: Minecraft. Xbox 360. 8pm-9:30pm BST. Thursday. I hope to see some of you there.

    • Holiday time!

      5 years ago

      The Skype Club

      Happy Friday everyone!

      This is just a quick journal to say that I'll be going on holiday tomorrow, and won't be back until the following weekend, but rest assured the very first Skype Club game night will take place on Thursday 24th July so don't forget to keep the date free!

      I should have internet where I am staying, so you can still message me on here, Skype and/or Kik if you want to stay in touch. If not, I'll catch you all soon!

    • Welcome to The Skype Club!

      5 years ago

      The Skype Club

      Hey everyone. smiley1.gif

      Firstly, thanks for joining this group. It's always cool to see people take an interest in something new that crops up, and it means a lot to me that you guys and girls want to actively take part (well, hopefully!) in some of the stuff that I've got lined up for us.

      To begin with, why not head over to the introductions thread to tell the rest of the gang a bit about yourself, and check out this thread to let people know what your Skype username is too, if you'd like to start chatting to people you've never met before.

      Finally, I already have plans for the Skype Club's inaugural game night! At the moment I've penciled it in for Thursday 24th July from 8pm-9:30pm, and we'll be playing in Minecraft., but that could be subject to change. Interested in taking part? Send me a message or comment on this news piece to let me know if you are.

      I think that's it for now, but don't forget to watch the group to get all the latest news on game nights, Skype chats etc etc, and I'll speak to you all soon! smiley12.gif

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