The Spartans Reborn

    • Rebuilding.

      3 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Wolf_Soul announcing another redo of the series Spartan Reborn. A project that was cancelled years ago. Probably not many fans anymore after a long absence.

      Hope you enjoy the ride with the character again, but in more details.

    • Home Coming.

      5 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      The original leader of the Spartans Reborn has return. If you want to join us in clan work, teamwork, machinima, and story writing. Feel free to join us.

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      The Spartans Reborn

      Join if you like and Machinima updates will com soon.

      Go here.

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      8 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      The Spartan Reborns' Machinima is now in progress. If you want to sign-up now, please comment on this journal. This applies to everybody, including you. Sign-ups will end at the end at April 31st, enjoy.

    • The Return of The Covenant

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Chapter 55.

      >: 2020 Hours, February 25th, 2632 (Military/Calendar)
      Location: Covenant Cruiser.

      Insides the Covenant Cruiser’s Hallways, the Humans and Elites were under enemy fire from the Covenant Forces ahead of them. Hayley-018 took out a Grenade Launcher and started firing it directly at the Brute Minors. Brody-453 threw a Frag Grenade at them, and then an explosion came out from underneath them. Most of them comrades were down, finally Katelyn-109 and Steven-297 started rushing towards them. They both fired their weapons at the Covenant Forces, a couple of them tried to run away, but failed.

      “Looks like that’s all of them,†Katelyn-109 said, “Besides, we still have a long way to go.â€Â

      “I know, but to me it seems they were stalling,†Steven-297 said, as he saw his comrades walking passing the both of them, “Let’s go, Katelyn.â€Â

      As the team started walking, a camera was at the corner of the hall, recorded the whole thing and was viewed by General Xelimus. Xelimus grabbed a hold of his Fuel Rod Gun and headed out the door with two Brute Bodyguards that followed him. Finally the team were close to the room of the prisoner, in other words the Detention Block.

      “So, were all from the same squadron, correct?†Brody-453 asked, as they were walking.

      “Yes, Squadron Alpha.†Hayley-018 told him.

      Out of nowhere, Xelimus and a couple Brute Minors came out of the darkness and started firing their weapons at Squadron Alpha. They reacted by taking cover; the Brute Plasma Rifles shot a couple of them. Samuel-101 took out his SMG from his suit and started firing it at the Brute Minors. One of them had fall by Samuel-101. One of the Marines was taken away from the team and dragged into the darkness by the Brutes. Katelyn-109 fired the M6S-Pistol at the Brute Minors; her weapon killed two of them.

      “There’s too many!†Hayley-018 said out loud, as she kept firing.

      Ashton-666’s Assault Rifle didn’t want to fire anymore cause of ammunition, so he picked up a Brute Spiker and started firing it at them. Brutes surrounded them all from both sides. At front and at back, they were pinned down, badly. Steven-297 finished reloading his Battle Rifle and started firing it at the Brute Minors again. Katelyn-109 saw reinforcements for the Covenant heading to their position. They can’t handle another wave again. The Brutes shot down two more Marines.

      “God damn it!†Hayley-018 yelled, as she fired her Battle Rifle at the Brute Minors one by one.

      Berserk Brute Minors started rushing to the Alpha Squadron, a couple of them grabbed a hold of the Marines, and started beating them down until they couldn’t breath. Elites started rushing towards the Brutes and smacking them with their weapons. But most of them were out numbered, since they don’t have any reinforcements. Xelimus started firing his Fuel Rod Gun at the Spartans; they all dodged the bullets and hit the Brutes from behind them. Xelimus growled at the Spartans, as he reloads his weapon.

      “You Demons shall be dead before our plans will be released!†Xelimus told them out loud.

      ‘I don’t get it, they last group we encountered didn’t tried to kill us, but yet stall,’ Steven-297 thought as he still fired his weapon, ‘But this group is trying their best to wipe us out completely…something isn’t right here.’

      To be Continued…

    • The Return of The Covenant

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Chapter 54.

      >: 2000 Hours, February 25th, 2632 (Military/Calendar)
      Location: Covenant Cruiser.

      Inside the hallways of the Covenant Cruiser, the Humans and Elites were breaking through the Covenant’s defense, without any problems. Steven-297 started firing the Battle Rifle after he finished reloading it. Hayley-018 threw a Frag Grenade at the Brute Pack behind them; an explosion came out from underneath them. Their Power Armor started to spark a bit, and the Elites finished them off with their weapons. Steven-297 killed off the remaining Covenant troops ahead of them.

      “Hayley, how’s our status?†Steven-297 asks her, as he was reloading his weapon.

      “We’re all good, a couple are injured but they are mobile still.†Hayley-018 told him, as she looked around.

      They all started walking forward, for a while, until they made it to the Engine Room of the Covenant Cruiser. They weren’t amazed of what they saw, the Marines started placing bombs all around the Engine Room, while the Spartans were look out. Brody-453 realizes that Covenant Troops were heading to their position. Brody-453 took out a Grenade Launcher that was place onto hit back. Once he finished loading it, he started firing it at the Covenant. Explosions were come out of bullets that been launched.

      “Are you guys done yet?†Brody-453 asked us, as he kept firing.

      Hayley-018 gave Brody-453 a hand and she started firing the Battle Rifle back at them. The Brutes started firing their weapons as they were ducking for cover. After Brody-453 finished reloading his weapon, he still kept on firing it at the Covenant Troops. Bullets that flown through in the air, the smell of death, the two Spartans took cover as they were reloading.

      “We’re pinned down!†Brody-453 yelled at us, as he reloads his weapon.

      Steven-297 took out a Shotgun that’s been strapped onto his back, and loaded it. Once the Brute Minors passed through, he fired the Shotgun at them, one by one. They started falling onto the floor, killed by the wrath of the Shotgun. As soon as Steve-297 needed to reload, Brody-453 and Hayley-018 interfered by firing their weapons on the Brute Minors. The Marines have finished the preparations and signaled that they finished their objective. Katelyn-109 told the others that they finish the preparations.

      “Okay then, move out!†Steven-297 ordered them, as the Marines, Spartans, and Elites started firing their weapons at the Brute Minors.

      What they all left behind were deaths of the Covenant’s Troops and a little surprise for the Covenant. Meanwhile at the Cold Storage of the Covenant Cruiser, Dahliaus, a high ranked officer, with Silver Power Armor was looking at the creature that was contained inside the cooler. Brute Chieftains, Cavarus, Lenaus, and Xelimus bowed down to their leader of the Covenant Cruiser.

      “Sir, what our next step?†Xelimus asks Dahliaus, as he looked up to him.

      “Proceed to the next step as plan, probably by now they have something for us in the Engine Room.†He told him, “Make sure that this ship stays up long enough for it to restore these creature, which will be in one hour.â€Â

      The Brute Chieftain obeyed their orders and left Dahliaus alone, as they were getting ready to battle against the Spartans. Dahliaus was glad to see that everything is going exactly as planned. He knew they would come here from the beginning. His plan will come in action within one hour.

      To be Continued…

    • The Index: Book 1

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Book I: The Return of The Covenant
      Index Status: Part 4 Under-Construction.

      Part 8: The Covenant's Plans.

      Chapter 51: The Arrival
      Chapter 52: Clear the Drop Zone
      Chapter 53: Suicidal Mission
      Chapter 54: The Plans
      Chapter 55: Pinned Down!

    • The Index: Book 1

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Book I: The Return of The Covenant
      Index Status: Part 3 Complete.

      Part 7: The Battle of Brigade.

      Chapter 36: The Brute Blockade, Part 1
      Chapter 37: The Brute Blockade, Part 2
      Chapter 38: Out of Coarse
      Chapter 39: New Allies of the Covenant
      Chapter 40: Just Passing By!
      Chapter 41: Marco-001 Strikes!
      Chapter 42: Drinols
      Chapter 43: Memories
      Chapter 44: The Elites' Loyalties
      Chapter 45: The Art of War
      Chapter 46: Destruction and Explosions!
      Chapter 47: An Unexpected Guest or Vehicle?
      Chapter 48: The Scarab, Part 1
      Chapter 49: The Scarab, Part 2
      Chapter 50: The Destruction of The Scarab

    • The Index: Book 1

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Book I: The Return of The Covenant
      Index Status: Part 2 Complete.

      Part 4: Ambush the City of Voi.

      Chapter 20: Zeneus
      Chapter 21: Heavy!
      Chapter 22: Edward-413 Terminated
      Chapter 23: Brute Blockade
      Chapter 24: Ambushed!
      Chapter 25: Captured!

      Part 5: Spartans Strike Back!

      Chapter 26: Alone
      Chapter 27: Squadron Sigma Attacks!
      Chapter 28: Justin-025 Stands Out!
      Chapter 29: Ashton-666
      Chapter 30: Reinforciments Arrive
      Chapter 31: Reunion

      Part 6: Retake the City of Voi.

      Chapter 32: Breakingthrough
      Chapter 33: The Take-Back
      Chapter 34: Mission Success!
      Chapter 35: Preparations

    • The Index: Book I

      9 years ago

      The Spartans Reborn

      Book I: The Return of The Covenant
      Index Status: Part 1 Complete.

      Part 1: The Return of The Covenant.

      Chapter 1: Prologue
      Chapter 2: Move Out!
      Chapter 3: Standoff
      Chapter 4: The Covenant Returns!
      Chapter 5: O.D.S.T Division's Leader
      Chapter 6: Xytan's Fate
      Chapter 7: Back to Rat's Nest
      Chapter 8: The Elites' Thoughts

      Part 2: The Assault on Crow's Nest.

      Chapter 9: Crow's Nest
      Chapter 10: The Assault on Crow's Nest
      Chapter 11: The Barracks
      Chapter 12: Mess Hall Crisis
      Chapter 13: Spartan Squad Omega
      Chapter 14: Difficult Situation
      Chapter 15: Escape!

      Part 3: Forest of Sierra.

      Chapter 16: Orders Come First!
      Chapter 17: Mark-67 Terminated
      Chapter 18: Struggle
      Chapter 19: The Failure of Death

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