The Temple

    • Jason Week

      8 years ago

      The Temple

      So March 28th is Jason's birthday. Show some love by switching your avatar, title, or dropping Jason a comment!

      Without him, we would not have Tucker, Junior, or the Temple in which they could Blarg!

      Blarg honk,

    • Blarg?

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      Blarg! Blarg honk!

      Honk honk. Blaaaaarg!


    • Its a sign from Tucker.

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      I find this brilliant how we have 69 members.

      The aqua one is surly looking down upon is.


    • Revelation

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      So, fellow Blarglings, Revelation has started! We've caught of glimpse more of the Aliens, Tucker, and I guess since EpsiChurch is worshiped by the Aliens, we'll include him in this post as well.

      Any predictions as to what might be in store for this season as far as Tucker, the Aliens, and our beloved Temple?

      Note: If you participated in any of the viewings of the first 4 episodes, please be courteous and don't spoil it for those who didn't get a chance to see them yet.

    • Sad blarg + good blarg

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      So if you haven't noticed yet, our fellow Blarling Admin, Bueagle, has removed himself from adminship. He's got some shit going on, irl, and had to remove himself from the site.

      As one of the founders of our beloved Temple, please keep a blarg and a honk in your thoughts for him.

      He'll surely be welcome back into adminship as soon as he's ready to come back.

      On a lighter note, I see we have 64 members in the group now. I believe that's a significant jump up from when I last check. Glad to see the new members joining! On behalf of us all, let me welcome you with a hearty blarg!

      If you're new, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments on this post.

      Also! A shout out to TeamSniper for creating an awesome ad banner for the Temple! It looks great!

      As for the Temple, what do you guys think is in store for the Temple, Tucker, and the strange artifact inside in the upcoming RvB season?

    • Recreation

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      So how many of you have been able to pick up a copy of the Recreation DVD?

      It is, after all, Tucker's big comeback of a season and he graces the cover quite nicely, I think. smiley0.gif

      Anyone get their own copy or get one for the holidays?

      Speaking of which, hope you all had safe and happy holidays. Here's to 2010 and more Tucker, Aliens, and our beloved Temple!

    • Hello Tuckerites!

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      I just wanted to let you all know we're still here. I've been involved in lot of personal life issues lately, but I'm starting to finally get back into this interweb thingy.

      As for The Temple, how would you guys like to come up with a banner? I know in my previous post, I presented one for use, but if you guys have one that you think would work better or even one of the alternate types of banners, then I'd be more than happy to take a look.

      Matter of fact, this will be our first contest! Submit your banner designs in the comments of this news post and please mod the ones you like as well.

      Best of luck!


    • Sponsor Banners

      9 years ago

      The Temple


      Here is a base ad that meets the specifications. If you'd like to add text to it or whatever, feel free. smiley1.gif

      Also, if you have any banners that you'd like to create, feel free to submit them!

      As for reaching out to the other users within our group, I've created a basic template you can use for the purpose of contacting those within our group.

      Just copy/paste and insert their username where indicated:

      Hey [Insert fellow Tuckerite's Username],

      I see that you are also a fellow blargling in the group "The Temple" here on RT.

      The Admins of the group have started to get things fired up and are ready to rock your fucking world, in honor of our great leader Tucker and the Temple in which we reside. If you could, please put our group on your watchlist and check back frequently!

      A lot is in store for this group and we'll be blarg blarg honked if you won't have yourself a great time.

      -[Your username]

      Probably really fuckin' cheesy, but I think the lighthearted humor, alongside the seriousness is mandatory to project that we're here to have a great deal of fun. smiley1.gif

      Thanks for your help, fellow Honkers. You're efforts will not be in vain.

      Always Blarg,

    • Spreading Tucker's Love

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      In order to fully rock the fucking world of all the Blarglings throughout the universe, our resident Tuckerite, MtheRenegade, has suggested we created some Ad banners to put up on the site.

      But first, I'm going to need to call upon each of the Sponsors of our group.

      Since Advertising on the RT site is limited to sponsor's only (and only 1 ad per sponsor), I need to see that each of you has our group on the watch list.

      So far: TheSylvester, MtheRenegade, and Caboose453 are the only ones to reply to the prior "Attention!" news post, aside from the admins.

      This news post is another attempt to rally in the other remaining users within our group. We will be having our first Temple Contest soon, but first we need our group members to be active. If you know any of the other group members, let them know we've got something coming that's sure to bring in loads of fun for the whole group!

      I will take it upon myself as well to contact our other members so we can get this Temple a rockin!

      Thanks so far for everyone's patience and faith in your admins. smiley1.gif We're ready to get this ball rollin, baby. We're gonna rock your fuckin' world! smiley0.gif

      Much blargy honk,

    • Attention!

      9 years ago

      The Temple

      To all of you Tuckerites, Blarglings, and Honkers:

      If you've got our Temple group on your watch list, please just leave a short comment on this post telling me so.

      If you don' should click Watch.

      As soon as I see how many of you there are, then we shall commence with our first Temple Contest!

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