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      10 years ago

      The War Room

      Today is the day that a new administration takes power.

      A change over in power has never been an easy thing, even in the U.S. Some changes in the political landscape are the result of revolution, some by civil war and some simply by the death of one tyrant and his replacement by another.


      In democratic countries, the change is more peaceful and instead of armies and bullets, the U.S. and other civilized nations use lawyers and legal briefs when ballots are not enough.

      How does this impact on military RPs? Simple, a change in administration sometimes means a change in direction of the military from an active to a more passive role in world events. While RvB has provided at least one episode involving politics and elections, an RP could entertain the notion of something outside their small base that impacts their mission. Something to consider...

    • Holiday Season

      10 years ago

      The War Room


      The Christmas Holiday is fast approaching. Have you considered adding a bit of holiday cheer to your RP?

    • Mortality Failsafe

      10 years ago

      The War Room

      While not in any way an expert on role playing games, I have always assumed that there is a certain philosophy or eleventh commandment, "Thou shall not break thy own RP."

      In essence, a player will not create a scenario whereby the RP's basic structures are wiped out.

      However, in the quest for excitement, this rule appears to be in the process of being crumpled up and pitched into the waste basket.

      The question arises as to whether one or a few of the players can take the RP in total to the edge of the cliff and then start to dance. We live in the world of imagination, theater of the mind - so to speak. Anything is possible as the only constraints are the time necessary to create a hobgoblin big enough, nasty enough, impervious enough or just too many to stop. Once the slaughter begins, where does it stop?

      Any player can create a concrete and steel eating swarm of locust that can descend onto a base and ask a player to pass the salt is as they chow down. Any grand strategy to stop the swarm can simply by countered by the individual behind the locusts. Eventually, you are left in an empty field with only the survivors and a lot of locust fertilizer that is hardening around your feet as you just stand there.

      Is this the future of RP?

    • Help Wanted Thread born

      10 years ago

      The War Room

      After a PM exchange with Steelreefer, an idea was born to have a sort of help wanted section.

      If your RP is a bit tiresome and needs a little punch, rather than creating an illegal second avatar, simply put in an advertisement in the Help Wanted Thread and have another RPer come and help you out.


      If you would want to offer your services to other RPs for a special action, sniping, breaking and entering or just TPing their Command HQ and thus spark some controversy or liven it up, this thread is the place to offer those services.

      One basic rule should be remembered at all times, you can not contract a service that you, personally, are forbidden from taking. As an example, most RPs do not allow one character to murder another. So, you can not contract out a "Hit" on another player who has simply pissed you off. But, if the RP allows for a contract killer to eliminate a player, then have at it.

      Another possibility is for someone who is new to RPing or just can't spend the time necessary to follow in an RP for weeks if not months, to place themselves up for short term contracts. Post a bio in the "Character Biographies" thread and then post your "Services Offered" in the "Help Wanted" thread.

    • Our First "Real" Guest

      10 years ago

      The War Room

      Looks like AOB has its first Guest, TheTaco007.

      While one "fight" did break out, it looks like the ongoing visit is successful.

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