• UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun

      9 years ago


      Well UFC 104 has come and gone, here are the results:

      1.) (W)Stefan Struve (L)Chase Gormley (VIA)Submission (Triangle Choke) (Rd)1 (Time)4:04
      2.) (W)Kyle Kingsbury (L)Razak Al-Hassan (VIA)Decision (Split) (Rd)3 (Time)5:00
      3.) (W)Jorge Rivera (L)Rob Kimmons (VIA)TKO (Punches) (Rd)3 (Time)1:53
      4.) (W)Chael Sonnen (L)Yushin Okami (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd)3 (Time)5:00
      5.) (W)Patrick Barry (L)Antoni Hardonk (VIA)TKO (Punches) (Rd)2 (Time)2:30
      6.) (W)Ryan Bader (L)Eric Schafer (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd)3 (Time)5:00
      7.) (W)Anthony Johnson (L)Yoshiyuki Yoshida (VIA)TKO (Punches) (Rd)1 (Time)0:41
      8.) (W)Joe Stevenson (L)Spencer Fisher (VIA)Submission (Elbows) (Rd)2 (Time)4:03
      9.) (W)Gleison Tibau (L)Josh Neer (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd)3 (Time)5:00
      10.) (W)Cain Velasquez (L)Ben Rothwell (VIA)TKO (Punches) (Rd)2 (Time)0:58
      11.) (W)Lyoto Machida (L)Mauricio Rua (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd)5 (Time)5:00

      I think it was a decent card, Johnson's KO was a good and quick one. Obviously the only negative thing I have to say about the entire event was the decision of the main fight. My exact word was when they called it for Lyoto was
      "WHAT?!?!" and I was rooting for Lyoto to win, but I have no idea what the judges were looking at for them to call it the way it did. All I know is that I want to see a rematch... and soon.

      Up next: UFC 105: Couture vs. Vera

    • I'm back

      9 years ago


      First things first, I just want to apologize for the lack of news and posts. For the past few months I have been really busy with work and school, and I haven't had much time to come here and post about events and news. Now that work has slowed up a bit I will be able to post on here more. I'm posting this because I didn't want anyone to think that this group is dead.

      So UFC 104 is coming up in a few of weeks. Any thoughts or predictions?

    • UFC 101: Declaration

      10 years ago


      UFC 101 has come and gone, and here are the results:

      1.) (W)Jesse Lennox (L)Danillo Villefort (VIA)TKO (Cut) (RD)3 (Time)3:37
      2.) (W)George Sotiropoulos (L)George Roop (VIA)Submission (Kimura) (RD)2 (Time)1:59
      3.) (W)Matt Riddle (L)Dan Cramer (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (RD)3 (Time)5:00
      4.) (W)Alessio Sakara (L)Thales Leites (VIA)Decision (Split) (RD)3 (Time)5:00
      5.) (W)John Howard (L)Tamdan McCrory (VIA)Decision (Split) (RD)3 (Time)5:00
      6.) (W)Kurt Pellegrino (L)Josh Neer (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (RD)3 (Time)5:00
      7.) (W)Ricardo Almeida (L)Kendall Grove (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (RD)3 5:00
      8.) (W)Johny Hendricks (L)Amir Sadollah (VIA)TKO (Punches) (RD)1 (Time)0:29
      9.) (W)Aaron Riley (L)Shane Nelson (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (RD)3 (Time)5:00
      10.) (W)Anderson Silva (L)Forrest Griffin (VIA)KO (Punch) (RD)1 (Time)3:23
      11.) (W)B.J. Penn (L)Kenny Florian (VIA)Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) (RD)4 (Time)3:54

      First and most important I must say "WOW" about Anderson's KO over Forrest. He made Griffin look like a complete amateur with the way he bobbed and weaved all of Forrest's punches and then returned fire with shots of his own. Secondly, B.J. really proved that he is the King of the Lightweight division. At one point Joe Rogan said that he thought B.J. was winded in the second round, but I don't think he was. I think B.J. was just taking his time and let Kenny gas himself out then took full advantage with a takedown, to mount, to getting his back, and then sinking in the choke. All in all for myself personally, these two fights were the ones that I cared most about and they didn't disappoint one bit..

      Coming up next, UFC 103: Couture Vs. Nogueira

      UPDATE: Miguel Torres(now 37-2) WEC's Bantamweight champion was just KO'ed in the first round against Brian Bowles(now 8-0) at WEC 42. This is the first time in Miguel's career that he has been KO'ed and it is the first loss he has had since 11-22-2003. Brian countered a flurry from Miguel with a right elbow dropping Miguel. Torres tried to throw up an armbar from his back but Brian was raining down bombs on Miguel until one clean right caught Miguel on the chin leaving the now former champ unconscious and Brian walking away as the new WEC Bantamweight Champion.

    • The U.F.C.'s Big Announcement

      10 years ago


      It's official as of yesterday, Tito Ortiz is back in the UFC and his first opponent could be Mark Coleman. Vitor Belfort is back as well and he will be fighting Rich Franklin at a Catchweight of 195 at UFC 103 as the main event. Dan Henderson will be getting his rematch/title shot at Anderson Silva for the Middleweight belt.

      Personally I am glad they decided to have Rich fight Vitor instead of Henderson at UFC 103. I am also glad they are giving Dan another shot at Silva, but in reality who else is there that they could have given a title shot besides "Hendo" that would put up a good fight against Silva? I am interested (in a way) to see Tito fight Coleman to see the how Tito is at his acclaimed "100%".

    • UFC 103 Update

      10 years ago


      I just read on bloodyelbow.com that the Main event for UFC 103 will be a rematch between Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin. There was no specification as to what weightclass the two would be fighting in, but the none the less the fight was officially announced. As of right now they are still showing Mike Swick vs. Martin Kampmann for the headliner of 103, but here is the link of the official announcement. www.ufc.com/index.cfm?fa=news.detail&gid=21299

      Personally I don't think we need to see this fight again. It wasn't exactly a toe to toe, tooth and nail fight the first time around and I don't think it will be again. This is basically showing (to me at least) that the UFC used up all it's great fights for UFC 100 and didn't have anything ready past UFC 102. Speaking of UFC 102 Matt "The Hammer" Hamill is now out of UFC 102 with a knee injury. His Scheduled opponent was Brandon "The Truth" Vera, but now Vera with be facing Krzysztof Soszynski from TUF season 8.

    • U.F.C. 100: History in the making

      10 years ago


      UFC 100 has come and gone, here are the results:

      1). (W)Shannon Gugerty (L)Matt Grice (VIA)Submission (Guillotine Choke) (Rd) 1 (Time) 2:36
      2). (W)Tom Lawlor (L)CB Dollaway (VIA)Submission (Guillotine Choke) (Rd) 1 (Time) 0:55
      3). (W)Dong Hyun Kim (L)T.J. Grant (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd) 3 (Time) 5:00
      4). (W)Jon Jones (L)Jake O'Brien (VIA)Submission (Guillotine Choke) (Rd) 2 (Time) 2:43
      5). (W)Jim Miller (L)Mac Danzig (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd) 3 (Time) 5:00
      6). (W)Mark Coleman (L)Stephan Bonnar (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd) 3 (Time) 5:00
      7). (W)Yoshihiro Akiyama (L)Alan Belcher (VIA)Decision (Split) 3 (Time) 5:00
      8). (W)Dan Henderson (L)Michael Bisping (VIA)KO (Punch) (Rd) 2 3:20
      9). (W)Georges St. Pierre (L)Thiago Alves (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd) 5 (Time) 5:00
      10). (W)Brock Lesnar (L)Frank Mir (VIA)TKO (Punches) (Rd) 2 (Time) 1:48
      11). (W)Jon Fitch (L)Paulo Thiago (VIA)Decision (Unanimous) (Rd) 3 (Time) 5:00

      My first thoughts are that Mir got demolished, straight up owned. Brock did an excellent job in round 1 in Mir's Half guard controling his head landing HUGE shots to Mir's left cheek. In the second round Mir landed a nice knee to the face but brock took him down and punished him till Herd had to pull him off. In my opinion Herb should have stopped the fight 5 punches earlier than he did.

      Henderson's KO of Bisping was straight up beautiful. I was getting a little annoyed with Dan earlier in the fight because he kept telegraphing that right hand, he kept coming in with the left jab trying to unload the right not really setting it up. Later he set it up with an inside leg kick giving him that step inwards and unloaded it right on Micheal's chin flooring him, then throwing one more huge right to the unconscious brit.

      The G.S.P vs Alves went the way I thought it would. I was getting a little worried after round 2 when George was breathing heavy and looking winded, but he stuck in there and kept taking Alves down scoring points to get the W.

      All in all it was a great card, I just wish I could have seen the earlier fights. I wanted to see Jon Jones's submission victory. I especially wish I could have seen the look on CB's face after Lawlor tapped him to see if he denied doing it, like he did against Amir on TUF season finale last year.

      Up next, UFC 101:DECLARATION .

    • UFC 100 Bitch!

      10 years ago


      This night is going to make history. You only have 15 hours to vote if you are registered on UFC.com. If you're not registered...THEN DO IT DOUCHE!! I want to compare scores with you Mack!

      So head on over to UFC.com and check out the new UFC 100 web site. Slick.

      P.S. Mir is gonna whoop dat ass...



    • GSP's thoughts on Kenny Florian

      10 years ago


      "I've trained with him two times and he looked really sharp. I put my money on him against B.J. Penn.

      "Kenny Florian is a great training partner, and is going to be a great champion, and he's also a greater person and human being (than B.J. Penn)."

      I wonder how B.J. is going to use this to hype up the fight between him and Kenny for UFC 101.

    • The Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale

      10 years ago


      The Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Finale has come and gone, here are the results:

      1). (W) Jason Dent (L) Cameron Dollar (Via) Submission (Anaconda Choke)
      2).(W) Nick Osipczak (L) Frank Lester (Via) Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      3). (W) Tomasz Drwal (L) Mike Ciesnolevicz (Via) TKO (Knee and Punches)
      4). (W) Brad Blackburn (L) Edgar Garcia (Via) Decision (Split)
      5). (W) Melvin Guillard (L) Gleison Tibau (Via) Decision (Split)
      6). (W) Joe Stevenson (L) Nate Diaz (Via) Decision (Unanimous)
      7). (W) Ross Pearson (L) Andre Winner (Via) Decision (Unanimous)
      8). (W) Chris Lytle (L) Kevin Burns (Via) Decision (Unanimous)
      9). (W) James Wilks (L) Damarques Johnson (Via) Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      10). (W) Diego Sanchez (L) Clay Guida (Via) Decision (Split)

      Fight bonuses are as follows:

      KO of the Night:
      Tomasz Drwal

      Submission of the Night:
      Jason Dent

      Fight of the Night:
      Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez
      Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns
      Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz

      I must say that that was one hell of a main event. Best fight I have seen this year so far. I remember when I heard about the match up between these two and I already knew it was gonna be a great fight, but I had no idea it was gonna be that phenomenal of a fight. I also am glad that they awarded three fights "Fight of the Night" because all three were amazing.

    • UFC 99, Sylvia vs Mercer, Mirko DREAM

      10 years ago


      Pretty interseting weekend in MMA, UFC 99 has come and gone, Tim Sylvia got KO'ed in a boxing/MMA event against veteran boxer Ray Mercer, and Mirko "Cro Cop" signed (an hour after his one fight contract with the UFC) with DREAM.

      Here are the results of UFC 99:

      1). (W)John Hathaway; (L)Ricky Story; (VIA)Decision (Unanimous)
      2). (W)Stefan Struve; (L)Denis Stojnic; (VIA)Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      3). (W)Paul Kelly; (L) Roli Delgado; (VIA) Decision (Unanimous)
      4). (W)Paul Taylor; (L)Peter Sobotta; (VIA)Decision (Unanimous)
      5). (W)Dennis Siver; (L)Dale Hartt; (VIA)Submission (Rear-Naked Choke)
      6).(W)Terry Etim; (L)Justin Buchholz; (VIA)Submission (Brabo Choke)
      7). (W)Dan Hardy; (L)Marcus Davis; (VIA)Decision (Split)
      8). (W)Spencer Fisher; (L)Caol Uno; (VIA)Decision (Unanimous)
      9). (W)Mike Swick; (L) Ben Saunders; (VIA)TKO (Punches)
      10). (W)Mirko Filipovic; (L)Mustapha al Turk; (VIA)TKO (Punches)
      11). (W)Cain Velasquez; (L)Cheick Kongo; (VIA)Decision (Unanimous)
      12). (W)Rich Franklin; (L)Wanderlei Silva; (VIA) Decision (Unanimous)

      Former UFC Heavyweight Champ Tim Sylvia fought 1998 olympic boxing gold medalist Ray Mercer in a last minute switch from Boxing to MMA fight. It only took the boxing veteran 9 seconds to KO the former UFC champ with an overhand right followed by two right hands on the ground. "Wow,†Mercer said. “I didn’t get a chance to warm up.â€Â

      For what seemed like only an hour after his victorious return to the UFC, Mirko "Cro Cop" signed a contract with the DREAM organization in Japan. An editor on bloodyelbow.com brought up a few reasons that Mirko choose to go this way:

      A) He was just trying to get DREAM to pony up the cash that he desired.

      B) It was maybe DREAM's intention all along to have Mirko fight in the UFC for one fight then have him come back to DREAM to try to steal some fans away.

      C) Mirko just wanted to fight as close to home as possible for his fans back home.

      Either way, I don't believe we will be seeing him back in the UFC for a long time if not ever. Not while Dana White is still alive and breathing.

      Some of this information was taken from bloodyelbow.com and sherdog.com

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