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    • 888 "Whins" Abu Dhabi

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      TeamVodafone drivers Jamie Whincup and teammate Craig Lowndes maybe be behind a new badge for the 2010 season, but that didn't stop them from kicking off this year's series with a bang. The Triple Eight drivers tackled YAS in a 1-2 finish, despite Whincup's woes in practice (Whincup supposedly went too wide in a corner, causing his time, which would have set him at the pole position, to be discarded).

      Vodafone's pit strategies proved to be quite effective, as Whincup held 1st for the better part of the race, only losing the spot to FPR's Mark "Frosty" Winterbottom for seven laps before he reclaimed his spot and took the checkered flag for TeamVodafone.

      "It was a special day; we debuted a brand new car and to get on pole and to have a one-two in the first race... it's an amazing feeling and huge reward for the guys who have worked so hard."

      -Jamie Whincup to v8supercars.com.au, "Vodafone Just Too Good"

      While T8R kicked off their season with success, Garth Tander and teammate Will Davison of Toll HRT didn't fare quite as well, finishing 26th from a grocery list of issues. Tander was forced out of his spot in the Top 10 when official claimed his team had violated the rules during qualifying, bumping him to the very back of the grid. "Midfield shenanigans," as v8supercars.com.au so dubbed them, put GT into further trouble as he attempted to fight through the pack, and many a lap was spent fixing problems and damage in the pits. Garth's teammate, Will Davison, looked promising for most of the race until a major engine problem sent him to the garage.

      GT's Holden VE Commodore with a rather nasty masking tape facelift at YAS Marina Circuit
      Picture from "HRT's Expansion Woes" article on v8supercars.com.au

      2010 Championship Series Top 5 standings, as of Race #1: YAS Marina Circuit @ Abu Dhabi

      1. Jamie Whincup (TeamVodafone, Holden VE): 150pts

      2. Craig Lowndes (TeamVodafone, Holden VE): 138pts

      3. Mark Winterbottom (FPR, Ford FG): 129pts

      4. James Courtney (Jim Beam Racing, Ford FG): 120pts

      5. Lee Holdsworth (Fujitsu Racing, Holden VE): 111pts

    • V8Supercars.com.au's New Look

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      With the 2010 season of V8 Supercars Australia only a week away, the series itself isn't the only thing seeing some changes, what with TeamVodafone making the jump from FGs to VEs. The series' website, v8supercars.com.au, has undergone a visual makeover Check it out here:

      V8 Supercars Championship Series

    • With 1 to Go, Whincup Is Declared Victor

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      With Race 26 still to be raced (which will be today, folks), Jamie Whincup only had to finish 28th in Race 25 of the series, held at the new Sydney Telstra 500 course, to claim a back-to-back championship win. The TeamVodafone driver finished 5th in Race 25, with his closest competition and closer friend, Will Davison, finishing 15th.

      This will be Whincup's last year driving a Vodafone-liveried FG Falcon, as 888 Race Engineering's TeamVodafone will be moving Jamie and his teammate, Craig Lowndes, into VE Commodores for the 2010 season. Whincup says the manufacturer change will provide him and Lowndes with new challenges for 2010.

      "Every year you look for motivation – this year (it was) to get back to back (championships), but I have new motivation next year with the VE."

      - Jamie Whincup to v8supercars.com.au

      Whincup says that although he has indefinitely clinched this year's series doesn't mean he's going to let off during Race 26, which will conclude both the Sydney Telstra 500 and the 2009 season.

      From us here in the group, congratulations, Whincup. It was a great year, and we hope you and Lowndes continue to do well at the helm of the VE Commodore.

      Here are the top 5 finishers at Race 25 (Sydney Telstra 500), courtesy of v8supercars.com.au:

      1. Garth Tander - Toll HRT (Commodore VE)
      2. Mark Winterbottom - FPR (Falcon FG)
      3. Jason Bright - Fujitsu Racing (Falcon FG)
      4. Lee Holdsworth - Garry Rogers Motorsport (Commodore VE)
      5. Jamie Whincup - TeamVodafone (Falcon FG)

    • Sorry Folks.

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      Been slacking a little on the news updates. Anyway, here's the current points standings for the top 10 drivers and top 3 teams.

      Championship Series; Top 10 Drivers

      1 Jamie Whincup - 3175 points

      2 Will Davison - 2894 points

      3 Garth Tander - 2766 points

      4 Craig Lowndes - 2544 points

      5 Steven Johnson - 2177 points

      6 Mark Winterbottom - 2147 points

      7 Rick Kelly - 2078 points

      8 James Courtney - 1988 points

      9 Lee Holdsworth - 1886 points

      10 Russell Ingall - 1871

      Championship Series; Top 3 Teams Standings

      1 TeamVodafone - 5351 points

      2 Toll Holden Racing - 5350 points

      3 Jim Beam Racing - 4075 points


      These standings are from after Race 24 at the BigPond 300. The Telstra 500 at Sydney will be home to the last two races of the 2009 season, and Whincup is almost certainly going to be named the winer of the series once again, after TeamVodafone hit their "perfect storm", as v8supercars.com.au declares. Congratulations to the 888 boys for an amzing series, and I personally wish them the best of luck in 2010, when 888 Race Engineering and Vodafone make the jump over to Holden.


    • Woah, Major Mixup

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      Apologies. It appears that Race 19 was already run. Garth Tander went on to win that bout, with Will Davison finishing third behind the Falcon of Mark Winterbottom.

      Davison is now a mere 41 points behind current series leader and driver for the defending champions of TeamVodafone, Jamie Whincup. If Whincup does not place ahead of Davison in Race 20, there is a good chance he will drop in the rankings to 2nd. Being a Team Vodafone fan, I don't want to see that happen, and I'm confident that The boys in the orange-and-silver Falcons can come back from the brink and put some breathing room between themselves and HRT's driving duo.


    • V8 Supercar Challenge Tomorrow

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      Don't forget to tune in for the V8 Supercar Challenge at SuperGP, this weekend. Just wanted to remind the group.

    • Bathurst: Results

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      Phew, man. Bathurst was amazing. Eight times they had to call out the Safety Car, mostly due to rainy conditions during a good part of the race. A couple cars couldn't complete the race. Anyway, here is the list of podium finishers for this year's Great Race:

      1st Place: Garth Tander/Will Davison (Toll HRT Holden Commodore)
      2nd Place: Jason Richards/Cameron McConville (Team BOC Holden Commodore)
      3rd Place: Lee Holdsworth/Michael Caruso (Garry Rogers Motorsport Holden Commodore)

      You're reading that right, folks. Bathurst's entire podium belonged to Holden. HRT's victory at Bathurst means history will have to wait for TeamVodafone, as their winning streak was broken in this year's Great Race.

      Problems, both technical and accident-wise, seemed to plague a good few Ford drivers, as Fujitsu's Jason Bright spun out several times throughout the race. The #6 FPR Falcon of Mark Winterbottom suffered first from a busted alternator, then a fire when a loose lead on the battery cut a fuel line. One of the Jim Beam Falcons spun near the top of Mt. Panorama after contact with another Ford driver. Probably the biggest game-changer of them all, Craig Lowndes got slapped with a pit-lane infraction, Race Control citing an unsafe release which involved a near-miss with the FPR Falcon of Steve Richards and Mark Winterbottom. Lowndes and Whincup would go on to have clutch troubles which, coupled with the penalty served for the unsafe release, quite possibly cost Vodafone the podium.

      "Frosty's Early Barbeque" Article

      "HRT Leads Holden's Bathurst Charge" Article

      For those of you who were able to tune in, I hope the race was as good to you as it was to me, despite the fact that Vodafone finished 5th (in fact, the Triple 8 Falcon was the only Ford in the entire Top 10).

      Next race in the 2009 season is the V8 Supercar Challenge at SuperGP, which consists of both races 19 and 20. Main events begin on Sunday, October 25th at 2:35PM New South Wales time (that's Saturday, October 24th at 8:35PM U.S. Pacific time). A full schedule will be provided the weekend before the first practices.


    • Countdown to Bathurst: Top 10 Shootout

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      For the most part, the Top 10 Shootout went phenomenally, especially for Garth Tander of the Holden Racing Team. Tander, driving the #2 Toll HRT Holden VE Commodore, will be sitting in the pole position at the Great Race, with Craig Lowndes in the #888 Team Vodafone Ford FG Falcon right behind him in second. Here are the times posted by the top 10 drivers who competed in Friday's (Saturday's, for the Aussies) shootout:

      1st - Garth Tander - Commodore - 2:07.9463

      2nd - Craig Lowndes - Falcon - 2:08.2231

      3rd - Mark Winterbottom - Falcon - 2:08.2737

      4th - Lee Holdsworth - Commodore - 2:08.4268

      5th - Jason Richards - Commodore - 2:08.5015

      6th - Shane van Gisbergen - Falcon - 2:08.8159

      7th - Todd Kelly - Commodore - 2:09.8986

      8th - Paul Dumbrell - Commodore - 2:10.1474

      9th - Russell Ingall - Commodore - 2:12.4565

      10th - Greg Murphy - Commodore - 2:09.7742*
      (*Murphy would have started in 7th, but due to a pit lane infringement during the Top 10 Shootout, his time was invalidated, and he will start in 10th place.)

      The stage is set for Australia's Greatest Race. Tune in at 4:30PM U.S. Pacific to catch the 2009 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 in full, from then until 11:27PM U.S. Pacific. It's anybody's race, and may the best driver take the win at Mount Panorama.


    • Qualifying Standings: BOC on Top

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      Here's the results of yesterday's qualifying rounds. Team BOC's Commodore, driven by Jason Richards, topped out the list, Garth Tander's HRT Commodore placed in 2nd, and the Vodafone Falcon of Lowndes came in a not-bad-but-not-good 6th place. And now, for the top 10 times:

      1st: Jason Richards - Commodore - 2:07.2230

      2nd: Garth Tander - Commodore - 2:07.3030

      3rd: Lee Holdsworth - Commodore - 2:07.4366

      4th: Mark Winterbottom - Falcon - 2:07.4957

      5th: Paul Dumbrell - Commodore - 2:07.5166

      6th: Craig Lowndes - Falcon - 2:07.5477

      7th: Shane van Gisbergen - Falcon - 2:07.6261

      8th: Todd Kelly - Commodore - 2:07.6651

      9th: Greg Murphy - Commodore - 2:07.6908

      10th: Russell Ingall - Commodore - 2:07.7211

      Tune in today @9:45PM US Pacific to watch these top contenders battle for the pole position in the Top 10 Shootout, and again, don't forget to watch the full 6 hours, 58 minutes of the 2009 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000, this Saturday, 4:30PM US Pacific.

    • Bathurst 1000: Qualifying

      9 years ago

      V8 Supercars Australia

      The two legs of Qualifying for Bathurst have concluded. Stay posted for tomorrow, when the results are available, because I'll be posting the top 10 times from both legs.


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