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    • Inaugural Game Night Details!

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      No news posts from me for two months, and then two in three days. Seems legit.

      Anyway, Merry Tuesday, Welcome Centre members! I hope your weeks are going well so far.

      I just want to give you all a quick heads up with regards to our Inaugural Game Night, providing the majority of you are still interested in participating, and I am pleased to announce that The Welcome Centre will be holding its first (hopefully of many!) night of fun, laughter and gaming on Thursday 10th July.

      The event will kick off at 8pm BST (2pm CDT, 5am EST), and will take place in Minecraft and potentially GTA V. This date and time may be subject to change, but hopefully it won't need to be altered in any way.

      Obviously I will update everyone again closer to the time, but if you would like to take part (and can do so), feel free to mark it down on your calender/phone/whatever.

      Enjoy the rest of your week, folks!

    • Well, it's been a while

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Hey everyone. How are you all doing?

      It's been a while since I did an update on this group, so thanks to Karl for doing occasional updates when he could. I could make a long post about why I was away, from both the site and this group, but I'd rather just start it up again and see if I can get some interest going again with the group.

      With that in mind, I have a couple of ideas for a game night (yes, at long last!). Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on one of them sometime in the coming week, and if you'd like to help out in any way then feel free to comment on this journal and/or send me a message. Just make sure that a) you're free Friday and b) have Minecraft 360 edition if you do decide to help out.

      Also, it would be much appreciated if some of you could spread the word about this group once more, especially to any new comers you see on the site, as it would be great to try and make this group more successful, as well as being run much better by myself and Karl.


      That does it for this post. I'll try and update you guys again in the week after the details, concerning this build in Minecraft, are more concrete.

      Have a good Sunday, everyone!

    • Weekly update #4

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Howdy guys

      This week pretty short this week, first thing I want to show off is

      The RT Community MineCraft Server Do you like MineCraft? do you want to play with members of this community? Then this is the place for you.

      Second thing @AllTimeTessa as seen here Link she is doing paintings to help afford RTX, now I normally wouldn't do this but she is currently taking painting commissions and this is an example of one of them BnjNyWpIIAA3nZ2.jpg
      she is incredible talented and it is definitely worth checking out and even if you can't buy one could you at least help spread the word.

      Thirdly I am looking for more things to make for this group so if you have any recommendations or anything please feel free to let me know smiley0.gif

      Until next time smiley13.gif

    • We're still here Update #3

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      I've just been insanely busy lately but things are settling down a little for now.

      I have a few things I want to highlight this week and one of them is @audrey's Kind words experiment which you can find Here it's a really great idea and you should definitely support the people involved or even get involved your self, it's something that holds a deep meaning to me so lets go share the love smiley12.gif quick example of what it is by @sammy1cat


      The other main one is @Sailortweek recently hit her 4th anniversary as a member of the site and let me just say that Mary isn't a regular community member, she is one of the greatest members on this site, she is so welcoming and truly an inspiration to anyone on the site whether you've just joined or not, she is also Head Guardian which is a truly amazing task. She gives so much time to this community and improving it and I know I'm not the only one who thinks this when I say that she is one of my favourite people on this site, she's been an inspiration to me ever since day one and I have always looked up to her, you should totally go say happy anniversary on here and remind her why we love her so very much smiley12.gif
      Also Mary.. 42 days... hope you're ready.

      Things will be getting back on track from now on and hope you guys have had an awesome week

    • Weekly Update #2

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Hey guys it's that time of the week again

      To start this off I want to talk about a group on this site that is very near and dear to me, you may have heard of it, it is called Rooster Speak They run and host a teamspeak server for any community member to join, they are some of the most loveable people you could ever meet, When you go on you're almost Guaranteed to laugh your arse off no matter the mood you're in and right now they have been going crazy with the game nights and movie nights they run EVERY WEEK. So please check it out, a few of the admins are @Newbs, @Warpek, @Eoin and many others. They are all some of the greatest friends I have in this community so you should at least have a look at it.

      Secondly is RvB Scotland run by @Ailsarocks and @Aidan and this Friday they have a Charity game-a-thon going on with some amazing prizes You can see them all here and they also have another one going on in Glasgow on the 10th of May so if you can make it to it you should totally come. Even if you can't make it and want to win some of the awesome prizes you can still win by donating to the Just-giving page.

      And lastly I would like to show you @RJD112 and @Garry's project for sharing the musical talents of this community The Music Hole, so if you have any Musical talent unlike me you should check it out and submit your stuff so you can show it off to the entire Rooster teeth community, I love the idea of this place because if it wasn't for Nico sending his own music to @Burnie at the beginning of RvB we wouldn't have the amazingness of Trocadero doing the music for RvB, who knows maybe someone would see it and ask you to do a custom intro song or something.

      If you know of any cool projects or anything that you think should be shown off feel free to message me or leave a comment.The Music Hole

    • Weekly Update #1

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Hey guys welcome to our first Weekly Update smiley0.gif

      Pretty small update this week mainly because I haven't had time to dive deep into things but I've managed to grab a few things to tell you about.

      If you guys are interested in community content you should check out The Rooster Teeth Community Content Of The Week group run by @sailortweek she is bringing the group back to life so if you have any content you have created you should totally message her and show her.

      The Eargasm podcast They have released their 4th episode this week, it is a podcast run by members of the community who are always looking for guests to come on or to have questions submitted so you should all check that out, if you wanted to be more involved you should message @Ailsarocks

      CaitiReads as you may have heard the wonderful @Caiti has started up a video series dedicated to reading audio stories and stepping out of her comfort zone and doing something that she isn't used to doing, you should totally check them out if you haven't already, we wish her the best of luck with it all.

      Hope you guys have had an awesome Tuesday and if you have any project or anything feel free to message me and tell me about or even if you know of something that more people should see.

      I'll see you guys tomorrow.

    • Updates welcome

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre


      Hey guys, I think I'm going to start posting weekly updates on things going on in the community that you could get involved in or help out with.

      I want to start doing some weekly news posts and so far I have three ideas.

      Tuesdays- Weekly updates
      Wednesdays- How to get around the site with easy
      Thursdays- Welcoming community members

      Do you guys have any suggestions or would anyone want to help out with the running and keeping activities going?

      I'll be messaging a few people over the next couple of days and asking some questions about a few things about their usage of the site or something like that so if you get a message from Karl, it is most likely to do with that.

      How have you guys been spending Community day?

    • We're back

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Hey guys

      Sorry for the silence I've been ill for the past 3 weeks and I'm extremely behind on everything.

      Next Monday the 14th I'm going to host a game night in GTA V if anyone wants to join in, it will be around 9pm GMT maybe later if I can get the day off work

      What else would you like to see from us?

      I'm going to be trying a few new things out in the next couple of days which I would appreciate your feedback on them smiley0.gif


    • Stay tuned, everyone...

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      News on a potential inaugural Welcome Centre Game Night will be announced in the very near future.

      Get excited.


    • 100 members!

      5 years ago

      Welcome centre

      Hello all smiley0.gif

      The Welcome Centre may have only been open for business for just over eight days, but we've already surpassed 100 group members! Thank you to you all for your support and participation thus far!


      If you haven't posted in our forum yet, though, what are you waiting for?! Go ahead and take a look in our group forum!

      Also, don't forget to keep checking our group news for updates, such as our inaugural Game Night. It looks like you crazy kids want to shoot the shit in GTA V, so keep and eye out for a possible announcement about a date in the next few weeks.

      Again, thank you for helping us achieve our first major goal. Enjoy the rest of your week! smiley12.gif

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