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      8 years ago


      Words, tone, quotes....Perhaps there is an alternative method of communication through back-lit text. True, one can easily see the creativeness of the individual, or the spontaneity, through the darkened portions of a screen, but never one's character. Then again, many do not wish to see past the superficial aspects of those they come in contact with. Yet, they are surprised when the path of least resistance comes back to bite them in the ass. Now, should I add something about how I am superior to those individuals, or shall I leave an open ended question so I might blatantly express the purpose of this train of thought? Self proclaimed wisdom never gets you far in life, and neither does asking questions that are irrelevant. Well, I have successfully conjured a succession of words that will lead to one's general accepting, and all of the power behind them will forever be lost in the manner I chose to reveal them. The alternative method of communication, mentioned previously, will probably end up being a kenspeckle thing, so we'll see who finds it first.

    • spell check and other peevish pets

      8 years ago


      As a rule I try not make broad sweeping statements, but, here I go - people no longer care about proper spelling. Part of it comes from a dependence on spell check. Part of it is the fact that we are all in such a great hurry that we don't proofread prior to hitting enter. And then there all those cutesy signs out there that confuse the spelling issue. Talk about bastardizing the English language! You know the ones I'm talking about - a business wants to distinguish itself from a competitor so the solution is to miss-spell the name in some way. Kat's Kid's Korner, etc. We're confusing our children at the same time we are trying to teach them to read and spell. We've also become a culture of abbreviations and shorthand, and yes, I am guilty.

      How do we make English and the love of words an integral part of our culture? Do you have suggestions?

      I have taken the word of the day to my facebook page. That is my first step.

      I truly hope I didn't miss-spell any words in this little rant.

    • Storyteller

      8 years ago


      People in stories can live forever, so long as that story continues to be told.

      Everyone has their own story to tell.

      It comes from who they are, where they have been, and what they have seen, done and imagined. It can be a story of passionate love, one of suspense, teetering on the edge of life or death, one of majesty walking through a grand city, or even one of horror as a child dies. Stories are a way of showing how we view things to others.

      Words are our way of expressing ourselves and sharing our stories with the rest of the world. Sometimes words flow easy like a stream or a river, and sometimes they are blocked like water at a dam. Despite the chaos, we still decide to tell our stories. Maybe it's for pure entertainment or maybe it's to past the time. Stories could be your way of telling someone how you feel; a release. They are a part of us and sometimes it's good to get them out.

      I used to tell stories to someone I held very dear to my heart. She loved to hear them and still does. Now I'll let you be the storyteller with the best spot by the fire. Use your words and tell us a story.

    • ?

      8 years ago


      How can we truly describe music using our limited words?


      How can one use words to describe music that has been transcribed and listened to, and be able to express the power of the music with just text?

    • Ten Twenty-eight

      8 years ago


      How can one want freedom, and at the same time want to be led?

    • With words not spoken

      8 years ago


      Can you speak without speaking? Use words from a language that has no dictionary?

      Someone told me long ago that Music is a universal language. No matter where you go you can here it, and if you listen hard enough you can here its story. Not told with words that are spoken but with words that are felt.

      But then can't art be a wordless language too?

      A pictures worth a thousand words. A scar in itself is full of unspoken words.

      Words are sometimes used to describe feelings, what you want, what you think or need. They allow us to grow, to understand. But the words unspoken, but felt, aren't they just as important?

      Words, they aren't just symbols, or noises, there is meaning behind them.

    • Corrupted

      8 years ago


      Whats this world come to now? Is there justification when people lives are ruined by the thousands? Is it right to apologize to your enemies? To insult your allies, and forget treaties? Is it right to play favorites? To lie to millions? Idk maybe it is. Maybe I was just raised wrong. I was taught that corrupt people pay, but here all I see is the suffering and frustration in all the people around me.

      Words are powerful. They can do many things. Make things seem right, or wrong. Convince you that this is whats best, to just close your eyes and accept what happens without question. People are naive, they can be led one way simply because they are trusting and do not know better. But if you look at whats happening how can you think it's right?

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. So is our government insane then?

      A bad leader is one who does not share the pains and sufferings of his people. Because then they can't understand what it is like for them. Does that make our leader bad then? Cause we suffer, but they don't. They live like kings!

      How much longer can we suffer? How much longer can we wait tell history sallows us whole with no remorse.

      No pity for the dying?

    • What...

      8 years ago


      ...separates words from doctrines?

    • Learning

      8 years ago


      I would like to remind members to not join just so you can increase the number of groups you are in.

      The only wisdom we can hope to acquire
      Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.

      - T.S. Eliot "East Coker"

    • Praise be...

      9 years ago


      ...To those who actually watch this group, and not just join it for the hell of it.

      Sometimes the best way to move into the unknown is to
      take familiar steps, small steps. To do ordinary things to deal
      with something that is in no way ordinary. We're always going
      someplace new, all the time. Familiar things just let us pretend
      that we aren't moving into unfamiliar territory. You take those
      small familiar steps, and you try to be honest, not to live as if
      nothing had changed but still to go on with your life. But there
      are times when what you need is a piece of how things used to be.

      -Allison Clarke Taken (2002)

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