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      10 years ago

      World in Conflict

      Ubisoft announced that World in Conflict: Soviet Assault is now available at retail stores or for digital download. The retail version of the much awaited add-on to the critically acclaimed strategy game will include the entire original World in Conflict title, as well as the Soviet Assault add-on and other exciting all-new features. Players that already own World in Conflict will have the option to download the Soviet Assault expansion pack exclusively online through Direct2Drive in the US or through Steam in the US and UK (Steam version of World in Conflict required).

      New features in Soviet Assault include:

      * New Single-Player Campaign: For the first time, play as the Soviet army and follow the global invasion from the perspective of the motherland. World in Conflict: Soviet Assault continues the franchise’s tradition of gripping, Hollywood-quality voice-over performances, tense and emotional storylines and unbelievable, cinematic storytelling methods.

      * New Maps: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault’s award-winning multiplayer modes get more maps to facilitate the intense team-based battles.

      * Action-Focused Gameplay: The game’s unique design removes base- building, resource gathering and “tech trees†in favor of fast, hard- hitting combat that focuses on tactical decisions – much like an FPS – creating a new genre: Action-Strategy.

      * Player Roles: Players chose to command units from Infantry, Armor, Support, or Air roles; multiplayer teams will need to master each role for maximum effectiveness.

      * Real World Super-Powered Warfare: Unleash the authentic military arsenals of the great military superpowers, such as tanks, planes, trucks, troops and helicopters -- as well as nuclear weapons -- from the USA, Soviet Union and NATO.

      * Cutting-Edge Graphics: The latest version of Massive’s proprietary Masstech engine features advanced lighting and physics, utilizes the latest DX10 technology, and allows for full 360-degree camera control.

      * Complete Destructibility: As the battle rages, the world environment pays the price as houses crumble, forests burn, terrain becomes deformed and the entire environment changes.

      Get yours now and see you on the battlefield smiley0.gif

    • World in Conflict console canned

      10 years ago

      World in Conflict

      Previously confirmed console versions of acclaimed RTS World in Conflict have been canned, Ubisoft has confirmed to CVG.

      PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of upcoming expansion Soviet Assault - which has finally been dated on PC for this month - were originally on previous publisher Vivendi's release list.

      New WiC house Ubisoft however has other plans, telling CVG that "a console version of World in Conflict is not planned for release at this time".

      Ubisoft acquired developer Massive Entertainment at the end of last year.

      "We are fortunate to have found in Ubisoft a publisher who shares the same values and understands our mindset. I have no doubt that our future together will offer significant mutual benefit and synergy," the developer said of the move.

    • World in Conflict add-on finally dated

      10 years ago

      World in Conflict

      Ubisoft has confirmed that it will finally be releasing the expansion to critically acclaimed RTS World in Conflict, Soviet Assault on PC this March.

      The long-delayed add-on, which was originally due out last year, will be released in the form of World in Conflict: Complete Edition at retail.
      You've probably guessed it includes the original World in Conflict as well as the Soviet Assault expansion and "other exciting all-new features".
      Players that already own World in Conflict will have the option to download Soviet Assault online.

      The delay was caused, as always, by the merger between original publisher Vivendi and Activision, which has since sold developer Massive to the French publisher Ubisoft.

      No mention was made on the Xbox 360 version.

    • First act of Buisiness

      10 years ago

      World in Conflict

      For our first act lets start a clan

      How about our own RvB WiC clan
      Sound off in the comments smiley0.gif

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