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    • Contagious The Movie

      7 years ago

      zombie experts

      So recently I was contacted by a member of the group asking if I would do a post about a film they are a part of and I was more than happy to!


      And he told me about a film he is a part of. I'm not fully aware of the role he is going to play whether it is a random zombie or one of the survivors. But I love the option to tell people about zombie movies, especially indie zombie movies. I'm not fully aware of the plot but yet again it's just an option to see people work on something like a film being made by fans not just people out to make a quick buck...Zack Snyder. But enough of my intolerance towards people who make fake movies, my opinion.

      I wanted to lead you find survivors and the few entrails towards something that could be really cool! So I wanted to link you to the site of the "company" making the film "Contagious".



      Under the Zombie tab you can see their filming schedule as well as what I assume to be zombie make up test shots which compared to some movies I've seen are freaking amazing and on an indie level they are Stellar! macwulf has told me the film will be available on DVD as well as on YouTube. So I'm imploring you please check these guys out! I'm hoping for some really awesome things!

      And I want to say anyone out there working on a zombie based project please feel free to message me and I will plug you in a post. I love Zombie based media especially movies or videos so please send submission!

    • Bite Me(The Series)

      7 years ago

      zombie experts

      Also known as Bite Me - The Gamer's Zombie Apocalypse Series

      Summary (Straight from YouTube): Three Gamers. One Outbreak. No Continues. Follow three gamers as they find themselves in the midst of a real life zombie outbreak. Relying only on the knowledge and skills they have accrued over years of gaming, these guys will have to drop the controller and pick up anything that they can use as a weapon.

      If they can survive, these unlikely heroes may just be humanity's best hope of surviving the undead uprising. (And, with any luck, they may also be able to impress the hot girl from across the street while they're at it!) But first, they'll have to battle zombie Craigslist freaks, zombie milfs (Zilfs) and an entire onslaught of a freshly lifeless undead monsters.

      Has anyone seen this show? Seriously it is really enjoyable. Not always right with some of its info but it is definitely worth watching. And in my personal opinion it's one of the best Zombie based series to come out in a while! So I have to say you should at least give it a look.

    • After a year It's Back! with a new place

      8 years ago

      zombie experts

      First I will apologize for the time span it took to do this again. Life got in the way but I have ended that life just for you fine people. And by that of course I am a loser who has nothing better to do than drink with my parents since I can't get a real job. So I'm back here to give you a few new situations. But there will be a new little change to the format. As opposed to putting new scenarios here on RvB I have made a little blog for something to do since life continues to elude me. So if you want to follow these scenarios or just annoy me constantly feel free to enjoy the blog. Also I have a few Videos ideas that will come with it. But back to what you all wanted me to do. Let's finish this series or at least this scenario, it's been over a year. Again apologies.

      Alright firstly make sure the area is cleared out quickly but safely. Clear the prison by sector and lock up areas that have yet to be cleared. From there set up a watch system with time shifts. Set the military sniper at a post where he can see the general area. From this point we clear out all of the rest of the prison using the riot gear to keep all of our survivors safe. From there once we are "safe" set up some type of group therapy for the group to keep from mental break down. I would make sure that the famer is also mentally stable and make sure he understands that life is still worth living and that we are all in need of his help and that he shouldn't give up on life just yet, he is absolutely essential for firsthand experience with working with agriculture. From there we make sure the prison is secure and in good repair. We stick to the shift and make round around the clear area between fence and wall, with ladders setup on the walls just in case the fence breaks. From here we clear out the zombies on the fence daily to keep their numbers down and to keep the image of an abandoned prison up as much as possible. Once we are all set up for safety wise we will establish a more secure system of government to keep democracy and group moral high. WE have to set up some type of agricultural study as well as practice for food sake. From here we can set up possible scouting missions to search for other survivors as well as goods, weapons and tools that will make life easier. From here we slowly take back the world. If at all possible.

      To me the only necessary people to make use of were the former sniper because of his military experience and the farmer for their experience that can help keep the group alive. The other 2 can be useful but more in more guards more guns sense than in practical life skills.

      But do try to keep in mind that more people means more hands to use but also more mouths to feed. Smaller groups are much more manageable than giant groups that can't work well together.

      So I hope to see you on the Undeaducation blog. Where I will update weekly, with videos updates new scenarios and anything else I feel like putting up.


    • Art submissions and a new scenario

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      Alright before anything else here is my take on the scenario.

      Alright first off, I'd go around. That just is the safest way period. And missing a hand is only a slight problem, some said ditch the shovel and to that I say enjoy death. That shovel is your very last line of defense. Enough time has past that I am use to not having a hand, wether it be from birth or lost a week ago, I've learned how to cope. You can cock a shotgun with one hand wether it be pump action or latch. And aiming we could all take a lesson from Alucard of Hellsing, use your forearm. I might have lived barring extreme zombie population. But the shovel is very important to you, you can dig out a trench or even a foxhole, but I would stay away from that option, a random roamer could fall in and then your in a small hole with a zombie.

      Alright now to new business. I would like whatever artists in this group to submit zombie art to the group via forumn I will make. I cannot offer any amazing grand prize, just that your art will be used as a primary for the group for a time and your named submitted to the journals as artist who do astounding work. People will vote on who has the best work. So submit and let people enjoy your art...While they can!

      Alright you are in a group of 5. The group consists of an ex-military sniper with sniper rifle he is in his mid twenties and is fairly mentally balanced, a farmer who watched his entire livestock and wife be torn to pieces he is in his early sixties. A young man in his early twenties and his girlfriend ruffly the same age, who ran away from there small town after all their friends and family were eaten. And you, and I don't care if you think your an amzing sniper or any of that based on Halo, unless you have had real experience in anything likethat don't claim o be better. You have a machete and a colt revolver and a pouch full of ammunition about 200 total rounds. You have all found refuge in an abandoned prison. You have known each other for about a week and understand that you have to trust each other to survive. You have all been through very traumatic things and none of you have family and friends left, as well as being sleep deprived. The prison consists of a well mounted steel chinlink fence lined at the top with barbwire then a small space inbetween a second wall of solid concrete about 20 feet high. The prison itself is concrete with steel bars on the windows, it is 4 stories tall and filled with riot gear as well as weapons. The prison has all the modern conveniences including library and generator as well as guard towers. What do you do? Do you stay at the base and tried to live or do you use the equipment and make a last ditch to the wastelands? If you choose to stay what is the first thing you do?

      Good luck.

    • Basic knowledge

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      It saddens me to have to do this but I have to run through some basic knowledge of zombies. The reason is that a few posts in the last journal as well as in the forums people don't seem to know basics of zombies. So I will run through some very large basics then a brand new scenario.

      1. 28 day/weeks Later, does not use zombies. They are people infected with the Rage virus. Which is just a steroid version of rabies.

      2. Zombies don't need blood. In fact it doesn't flow at all after death. THe solunm virus rewires the body so it runs on basically nothing.

      3. As stated previously oxygen like blood is not needed. So zombies can in fact walk across the ocean floor. Pressure however does affect the undead body. Don't expect the zombie to explode like a person would if brought to the surface of water quickly, because the lack of blood flow will make sure any and all nitrogen in the body to really go nowhere.

      4. Food is not needed, but they do eat you and that won't stop. Food is a basic drive and the only thing they know. However they will not starve, it has been seen that zombies without stomachs or even any lower halfs will continue to eat.

      5. Fear is something the zombie doesn't have. The basic instinct to eat is really all they have. No fear, with no pain. Understand that if you couldn't feel pain you wouldn't really care either. The virus cares to only reproduce not stay alive itself.

      5. Destroy the brain. It is the only way to stop the zombie once and for all. Chopping the head off will stop the body but not the head. Burning the body is the only true way to make sure it will no longer be a problem anymore.

      6. The virus is not airborn, water born or even food born. The only way to get it is by direct contact with a zombie, such as a bite or blood transfusion. Sex will not cause a transformation unless you have a wound on your sexual organ and they have such a wound as well. THere are no such thing as cross breeding zombies.

      7. The solunm virus doesn't transfer to animals, though they will die after being bitten.

      8. No chance of survival after being bitten. Unless you imediatly chop off the infected area, but that is a very large longshot.

      9. No thought process. They have no real thought process, no planning and think tank. They just come at you in endless numbers. So use what they want to eat and you can live.

      10. They can't see in the dark but they sure as hell can hear and smell you. It is thought they have night vision or even that they are as blind as bats in the night well they are as much as you. But teh yrely on all there senses equally, people do not they rely on their eyes so you need to understand they can hear just as good as they see and smell. So shut up!

      11. Eating the flesh of the infected will not make you a zombie, unless you have open sores or wounds in your mouth. But it will kill you.

      Now before a new scenario. A pretty good plan to the last one. Gather all your supplies and load your guns full. Take the ladder you have and as I said it was a small town so the buildings are close together (read between lines) and use that to slowly make you way across the city. If the zombies have seen you, they most likely did, make sure they stay to one side of the building by haveing amember of your group distract them to a specific side while the otehr two ready to move gather whatever you can into the space blanket and have it be able to make noise like filled with some pots adn pans then move that member of your group and put the space blanket creation in there place and have it make a racket and throw it away from your building and when the Z' move to get to it, because they can't see it's not alive but it did make noise. While they are preoccupied run. Now I'm not stupid a fe zombies are on your side so dispatch them quietly and run. Now without losing people but a few supplies.

      Alright now a new scenario for you.

      Your sitting outside of a rather large city you have a shotgun with 9 shells and 2 pistols with 3, 18 bullet clips. You also have a shovel made of wood and steel. you have a chose of going throught the city it would be a 2 hour walk and a one hour constant run. Or you can go around a days walk. Here's the catch you missing your right hand. (Sorry not as long as usual and I'll fix that next time)

    • Undead manufacture must stop

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      First off it has come to my attention that there is a thread in the forums for how to create a zombie apocolypse. I will formally ask you to stop this here because as we all know this group was made to stop the undead invasion. That is the furthest I will speak o that matter. now for something new.

      Alright now before our new situation I would like to congratulate teh group in it's entirety we have 334 members as of today. Good job group. The more of us the less of them.

      Alright, you have been traveling for 5 days your tired hungry and low on ammunition. On top of all of these things your have sprained your ankle. you have 2 other people in your group and you know you can trust them. On has medical experience, little but still some. They have bandaged your ankle and now are heading into a small town in search of food. Because of your lack of mobility you will be on guard duty. They go in in search of food and ammunition but find that the small wooden general stor in that town is filled with 20 undead. Half older adults 4 children and 6 young adults. They need to move fast and you are hindering them, but you are also the best shot so they carry you. Just as you are about to leave the town you realize you are surrounded. But not all hope is lost a slightly taller than average building is near with as luck would have it a ladder. you and your group climb the ladder then pull it up. you stay a day and their numbers only grow, but only slightly. you have restocked on ammunition and food after what little rest you get you need to move. How do you get out?

      Supplies: canned food(6 cans), lighters(1), cloth (1), alcohol (2 bottles), ammunition (enough to kille maybe 30 but not to kill them all) ladder, space blanket
      Weapons: (all interchangeable) 1 shotgun (full size 9 shells) 2 hand guns (2 clips), knifes (Bowie one fore each) and an assault rifle (1 clip)

      Zombie Spotlight: Biogenetic zombie, the zombie created by man. Damn that scientist! But the only way to kill it is the usual destroy the brain. But beware this zombie can break the rules of sciene some how and movie it's body even if it isn't connected to it. So burn the sucker til it is nothing but bones, then snap them. Examples: Return of the living Dead series and The Re-Animator (personal favorite)

      Enjoy The Zombies: Summertime

    • What do you do?

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      Alright I'm here to update you all on the new zombie news...when suddenly 5 zombies break into your house

      2 at your front door and the rest at random windows, you sitting here at your computer, are you ready for these zombies? Whats the closest weapon at hand? What can you grab for the impending escape?

      While these thoughts race through your head, your brother/sister/closets living relative shows up haveing been bitten, they have alread turned and they are the closest to you and anyone with you. Can you kill everyone of these zombies, doubt circle through your head. How will you make it out of your house or will you?

      Answer that question then think about this

      Did you grab your shoes? smiley0.gif

      Zombie of the week: Act of God zombie, also known as the unknown origin zombie. These zombie are just wandering around, possibly one if not the most popular zombie in pop culture itself. Pop culture that has featured this type are as follows (Not a complete list just what I remember): George A. Romero's Dead series, Dawn of the Dead (remake), Walking Dead, Living with the Dead and Highschool of the Undead (personal favorite for comic)

    • Undead entertainment

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      Just because Zombies are a huge threat to humanity doesn't mean we can't have some fun with them as well.

      So for the entertainment of the zombie addicted/fearing audience I present to you a few short films or trailers you might enjoy if you have problem with these please let me know and I won't do it again but if you enjoy this little journal for entertainment purposes only let me know and I might do a few more later on. So now I present you with the videos and links to them.

      Zombies in Plain English
      Gay Zombie (SFW)
      How-to special FX on the cheap
      A Guy's Guide To Zombies
      Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 1
      Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 2
      Danger 50000 Volts Zombies 3

      I really hope you enjoy and the laste 3 Danger 50000 Volts Zombies is in fact Nick Frosta nd Simon Pegg Stars of Shaun of the Dead and Yes they're infomation is factural and useable

      So Enjoy smiley0.gif

    • Zombie Q & A

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      It's been over a week since the last journal so let's have a little bit of question and answer, I'll ask the questions and you us the answers.

      1. Zombies have risen it's been nearly a week since they rose and civilization is falling. Your been held in your house with zombies in the yard surrounding your home. the lower levels have been fortified but you and your family have been alert and stayed on the uperlevels. A zombie breaks through your barricade and your family has been bitten(all of them). Will you kill them before they become the undead, or will you wait...or will you abandon your shelter because you can't bring yourself to kill your family now zombified.

      2. there is a forum for this but heres the question again, what if your ideal zombie wepon, balistics and melee?

      3. How well are you secured against the undead right now?

      4. Who will you save once they rise?

      Other than that I urge all members of this group to get to know the other members and ask them about their ideas on the zombie apocolypse. You never know where you might find a flaw in your plan. And a congratulations on 142 members, this proves were not that crazy. If this many people are here then it has to be true, and coming soon. smiley0.gif

      If you have any questions about anything just contact us the administrators


    • 100 members

      10 years ago

      zombie experts

      wow over 100 members in over 2 months

      im suprised that my group has this many members

      i thought it wouldnt last even a week

      anyways admins is still up

      you need to be online regulary if your offline for a week your off the zombie board which is just the admin section

      there will be a max of 4 members

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