~ Ladies Night ~

    • It's been a while

      3 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      This new site has really thrown the whole community for a loop. If you want to give feedback, @Barbara posted a journal with a series of questions asking for just that.

      Happy hunting, Ladies!

    • Halo 4 game starting in a couple hours!

      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      Starting at 6:00PM Central USA time

      not sure when that is? - check this clock HERE!

      Group members: send a message to GT: DameDestruction for an invite!

      * * * FYI for the past 2 weeks there has been some issues with my XBL (not sure if this is happening to anyone else), apparently I am not appearing as online even though when I check my settings / sign-in preferences it is showing that I am online (NOT hiding offline). So if you don't see me, send a message anyway - I am probably on!

      EDIT: ISSUE RESOLVED FYI for those of you gaming on both XBox 360s and XBox One consoles... keep an eye on your settings! What happened here is that a couple of weeks ago I signed in on my boyfriend's XBox One, while on their I hid my online status ..doing so apparently also changes your settings on the 360 as well. Kinda makes sense but heres the thing... that was my first suspicion so I went to my 360 sign on preferences and made sure it was set back to "online". The problem still persisted, There is ANOTHER area you need to check under settings, and privacy i think it was, from there you can "customize" as needed - my settings had been changed to "block all" from seeing my online status.

    • Halo 4 Sunday + Minecraft Champion!

      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~


      Halo 4 - Starting at 6:00PM Central USA Time

      A heartfelt thank you to all who showed up and endured the epic lag / minecraft map-loading issues! I love the spirit of this group - refusing to let anything ruin our games! 4 hours of Minecraft and oooh what fun it was! (when the servers cooperated)


      We had a lot of winners, but the Champion of the night goes to: @Oloeopia
      She scored the highest (by far!) in PAC-MAN,
      was reigning champion for several rounds of THUNDER DOME
      plus came in 2nd in the Cloud Course!


      Honorable Mention goes to @SceneSpyro , who I am dubbing the "cloud ninja" for popping in the game and completing the cloud course on her first (or 2nd?) attempt and making the rest of us look clumsy and inadequate! smiley8.gifsmiley7.gif

      Inspirational Mention goes to @Izzi, who's actions inspired me to consider writing a poem entitled "Murder in the Sky"

      If youre feeling stressed, forget smelling roses, stop and take time to dance with baby slimes! @Izzi, @VegaOrionn, @Oloeopia

      MEGA THANK YOU and {{hug}} to @Pixxeez8 for the very awesome map full of minecraft games! We played Pac-Man, ThunderDome, a 3-rd Person view cloud obstacle course and completed a treasure hunt in a gigantic tank! smiley13.gif


    • Minecraft in a few hours

      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      See you on Minecraft (Xbox 360) in a few hours!
      starts at 7:00PM Central USA time
      for invite, send an XBL message to GT: DameDestruction

      Thank you to @Pixxeez8 for creating and hosting tonight's MC maps!

      Coming this weekend: Halo 4 - LADIES NIGHT

      Noteworthy: Be sure to check those XBLive sales! right now there are DLC items for several different games on sale! I am hoping to grab some (maybe all) of the Borderlands 2 items.


      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      Easter Chief wants YOU to have an awesome weekend


      Whether youre visiting family, eating chocolate candies, pwning lil' kids in the Easter Egg hunt ..or spending the Holiday achievement hunting in your favorite games ..I hope your weekend is full of laughter (and chocolate!)

      When you return, we will be awaiting you with open arms
      ..and a couple of game nights smiley7.gifsmiley13.gif

      @pixxeez8 is recreating the Pac-Man board from AH Let's Play MC #38
      Meet us on XBL at 7:00PM Central USA time

      FRIDAY, APRIL 25th - HALO 4
      choose your loadouts and prepare for battle!
      Begins at 7:00PM (Central) ..join anytime!
      We play till we pass out generally!

      It's a good idea to log on a bit early if you haven't played in awhile ..in case there are any game updates to install!

      * * * ALL SKILL LEVELS WELCOME. * * * The goal is to have fun, winning is awesome but not important. For more experienced gamers, this is a great opportunity to be supportive and offer helpful tips to others, but please be understanding and respectful. Relax and make friends smiley1.gif


      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      Just wanted to bring to your attention that there is a pretty awesome sale going on with XBox Live right now, but today is the LAST DAY

      Halo REACH
      Halo Wars
      and Spartan Assault

      Gears of War
      GOW 2
      GOW 3
      (less than $7 USD)
      GOW 3 season pass

      all of the above are available for download at 67% off

      I have all of the above games and would be happy to play with any of you that are looking for some company smiley1.gif

      = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -

      In other news: we will have a HALO 4 gamenight this weekend
      date & time TBA in a couple of days

      = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = - = -

      Are you going to RTX this year? Let us know!
      I am looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces
      and meeting some new ones as well smiley1.gif
      I am hosting a special event on Thursday, July 3rd and have
      reserved a few spaces for any Ladies Night members who want to participate

      Dont be shy! Let us know if you need help
      ie. if youre looking for people to room with
      or you have a room but need more people to stay with you to bring the cost down


    • Room space avail for RTX!

      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      Hey Ladies!

      Anyone still looking for a place to stay at RTX?

      Check out the post from @Izzi in the "Chicadee Chit Chat" thread in the Ladies Night forum

      >> "Hey ladies, we had a spot open up in our house for RTX this year and I was wondering if anyone was still looking for a place. It's a place that can hold 12 people, so it's a huge group. It's only room for one, which limits the options since so many people are going as couples. The cost of the room would be $336, we have it for the whole week from Jul 1-8. You don't have to stay the whole time if you don't want, but we're just splitting the cost even regardless of dates. We've got a mixture of Guardians and non-Guardians, so don't feel like you need to be one or the other.

      Send me a message if you're interested!
      >> @Izzi

      Anyone else looking for a room? ..or have a space available for someone else to stay?
      Please let us know! You can use the chicadee chit chat thread, or message me personally and I will make an announcement. We don't want anyone to miss out on this amazing experience of getting to meet fellow fans with a passion for RT / AH and that awesome spirit of community that thrives in our hearts!

      image credit: Jesse Lonergan via ComicsAlliance.com

      P.S. If you are planning to go to RTX this year, let me know! I have a special event planned (Not just Ladies, it's friends from a few great groups I've come to know in this community). Space is very limited but I held a few spots aside for 'guests of Ladies Night'. - You will need to be in Austin by Thursday morning to make this awesome event.

      If youre curious and / or interested - send me a private message for details on the what, when and where! smiley7.gifsmiley13.gif


      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~


      Is your trigger finger itching to unload some shotgun shells in to the face of the enemy?!
      Have a hankerin' for going on a headshot spree?
      Does the sound of the energy sword piercing through covenant armor turn you on??
      well then.. some may say you need psychological help,
      but here.. WE UNDERSTAND YOU.

      This weekend, in honor of the Rooster Teeth Community ~ Ladies Night ~ Group's 3 year Anniversary of forging friendships through blowing sh*t up together... we will be playing Halo 3 multi-player and customs.

      ** Please try to sign on a bit early if you haven't played Halo 3 in awhile as you may have game updates to download!

      SATURDAY: March 1st, starting at 7:00PM Central Time
      for an invite, hop on XBL on Saturday and send a message to GT: DameDestruction

      Bring your game - it's LADIES NIGHT

      p.s. If anyone is wanting to do some achievement clean-up for Halo 3 campaign - please speak up here and let us know! We will be happy to help you out!

    • GameNight **POSTPONED**

      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~

      The 3-Year Anniversary playdate that was scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday at 7pm Central) is temporarily post-poned until further notice.

      A few days ago, a horrible tragedy struck the town I current live in. A couple of miles from here a 10 year old girl was abducted by a man in a pick-up tuck... the next day her body was found at the man's house ..he had shot her in the head.

      at just 10 years old, Hailey Owens was taken from her family, and robbed of her life.


      Tomorrow night the town is holding a candlelight march / vigil to honor Hailey and show her family the community is here to support them. My family and I will be be attending the vigil.

      Rest in Peace Hailey, may your family and loved ones find the strength to help each other through this tremendous loss. smiley12.gif


      5 years ago

      ~ Ladies Night ~


      In Honor of our group's 3 year Anniversary we will be hosting a Halo 3 gamenight!

      smiley9.gifNEXT Saturday, February 22nd
      smiley9.gif starting at 7:00PM Central Time (USA / Canada)
      smiley9.gif *approximately 12 Noon on Sunday for Australia (Sydney)

      For anyone wishing to brush up on their Halo 3 skills before then,
      or if youre looking to 'clean up' on some Halo achievements..
      I will be playing Halo 3 this Friday, Feb. 14th
      so come spend your Valentine's Day blowing sh*t up with me!
      send a message to GT: DameDestruction on XBox Live if interested in playing!

      Announcement: I was finally able to activate
      the RTC Ladies Night XBox Live account to Gold status!
      So I am now able to send messages to you all!
      ..by popular demand I will be sending out XBL alerts when a new Ladies Night
      event or news post has been announced!

      p.s. I do listen to your suggestions and consider them carefully! I am still deciding on whether or not to create the facebook group / page, but I may just see how making the XBLive account and Twitter accounts more active works out for you all first. smiley0.gif

      Twitter: @RTC_LadiesNight

      **UPDATE*** as of Feb 12th. - so the Halo 3 practice session this Friday may not happen. (Saturday the 22nd is still a go though! smiley7.gif ). My family just went and decided they might be changing our Saturday plans this weekend to Friday instead... so {shrug} - we will see what happens! But if you see me on anytime this weekend, feel free to join in!

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