Well, Eric woke up about 2am last night and, after puking his guts up, said "Call an ambulance."

He's only ever once had me do that and that was when his back went out and he couldn't move his legs.

So, I call an ambulance. We go to the hospital. They evaluate him, determine that his guts aren't moving, but are unsure if it's due to an obstruction or if they've just stopped working for the moment.

Since his surgeon doesn't work out of the hospital we went to, he got transferred back to Seton. He is once again in the Jackhammer Room, but at least this time he's totally knocked out. They're giving him Dilaudid and Phenergan, so he's totally out of it. They'd come in to talk to him and he'd answer whatever question it was he thought he'd heard. I stuck around until I was certain that he'd be kept out of pain and watched closely - and that they'd move him to a non-jackhammer room as soon as one was available - and that they had all the possible answers that I had... and I came home.

Poor Tippy spent 13 hours in her crate. She was such a good dog, though, and so were the other dogs. I've had a couple of hours of sleep since 10am yesterday (why do ER chairs suck so damn much?) and there was no sleeping in the damn jackhammer room (fuckers)...

Yeah, great day. Good thing I'd taken off for Eric's doctor's appt. today anyway. Good thing for FMLA, too, because this is totally covered.

Fuck, I'm tired. Apparently stress is bad for you. They need to go back to the good old days of medicine where they'd sedate the family members in addition to the patient (heh, yeah, right).

The thing that really sucks about Dilaudid is that it works like Demerol in that it doesn't so much take away the pain as it makes you really not care about it - and you can't remember much of anything from moment to moment. We call it dog time. Either someone has always been there with you in the room or they've never been there.

Anyway, I'm gonna chill out and probably pass out, too. I'm in my comfy chair, Eric's in good (if loud) hands and, as far as he knows, out of pain, and the dogs didn't crap everywhere. For a sucky day, it's not as sucky as it could have been.