Alright im gonna make the army but if anybody is willing to help i would apriciate it (espically ppl with photoshop) here is the one i made for me if you wanna know what they look like


You can choose any character good or bad or in the middle but you cant take one thats already been chosen here are tht ones that are taken

Goku- Team_Killer
Bardock- Free_Hat
Goten -hellseye
Piccolo- Kat13
Broly- SpikeSPEGUL
Future Trunks- FFXSAGE
Teen Gohan- SPUNKY13
Gogeta- fagash

pick a character and join today
and also join the Legand of Zelda Army in my other journal thanks!!!!!! smiley0.gifsmiley0.gifsmiley0.gif