So my sister, dad, cousin, niece, mom and me are all standing in the kitchen, getting ready for some of us to go home. We're kidding the kid about a bruised spot she's got on her face that's either a really deep pimple or a cyst of some sort. According to my mom, it's kind of a knob. It doesn't hurt her, apparently, it just looks odd to have a bruise all the time.

I suggest we get a vampire to suck the stuff out of it, just to make the kid squeal because it's funny usually annoys my sister :)

My mom says, in a very bad vampire voice, "I vant to suck your knob!"

OMFG. I started laughing, my sister and my cousin were cracking up. My dad had a sort of embarrassed look, but was laughing and my mom... oh god, my mom was laughing so hard she gave herself a nose bleed. It had to be the funniest thing she's ever said. The poor kid has no idea why we're all laughing so hard, but she's laughing too :)

It was the best night ever!
(also, it was the first time ever I've said "this is totally going in my blog")