I am in need of your assistance! Possibly a few of your Earth-dollars!

Here's my situation:

I want to buy a pair of Audio Technica headphones. They're awesome quality, but the best priced vendor I've found only ships to the US.

So, what I need is someone who lives in the US, that I trust (preferably a member of our clan) that I can ship these headphones to. From there, I'll need them to ship it to me in Canada. Normally, I'd just goto another vendor. But these guys are selling it for $110 (with free shipping!!)... everywhere else is $200+...

I'll find some way to pay whoever helps me for the troubles/shipping costs. Be it wiring/mailing them the money, or simply buying a subscription or two for Roosterteeth (or maybe some swag?)... Anyway, volunteer slots are open.