Leia583 and I are now engaged. I have asked her to marry me and she said yes. Here is how it happened:

As a graduating senior at Rider University and a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the honorary theater fraternity, I was part of what we call Senior Sunrise. This is an event that begins at 4 pm and last literally until the sun comes up. Each senior is honored by their peers with a highlight reel of their work and acolades from the underclassmen. Then the seniors have the opportunity to speak. On the evening of May 7/ morning of May 8, I was in the hot seat. I was the second to last senior honored due to me being the vice president. After friends said some wonderful things about me, I took the floor. I began my speech about how theater has always been a part of my life and how proud I have been to be part of the organization. I then addressed the seniors and aknowledged how close we all are, including a certain few who he has grown to think of as family. At that point I mentioned that there was someone that I loved more, and called my girlfriend down to the stage with me. As I was expressing my feelings, I pulled out a box and got down on one knee. At this point the theater errupted, as this was something that was a long time coming, and all she could do was nod YES! It is a proposal that nobody in that room will ever forget, most of all us.