Hey guys guess what? On Saturday at 1:42pm I finally graduated & it feels sooo good. My whole family was there & they were happy for me. My grandma gave me a gold ring with the letter R on it. My uncle gave me a check for $50. Afterwards My sister, mother, & me went to see X-men 3. It was some freaky &#*@, it was awesome & sad too. I dont want to spoil it but I will tell you this, some people will die in this movie. As you can predict that the Phoenix was gonna be on this one I was a little disappointed. The only thing I didnt like about the Phoenix was that she didnt look cool. I mean the X-men 2 Phoenix was much cooler looking than the X-men 3 one. After all you could see the flames of the Phoenix in the 2nd one, but their wasn't any in the 3rd one. Besides that I say you should see it, it will blow you away.

X-men 2 Phoenix:
X-men 3 Phoenix: