Turns out he was much sicker than we thought. The infection he had was in the area surrounding the intestines, in the lymph nodes and all the tissue around there (apparently called mesenteric tissue).

So rather than the usual problems inside the gut, it was outside the gut. If he hadn't made them do a CT in the first place, they probably would never have kept him in the hospital. He didn't run a fever and his white count was normal. That's actually normal for him - his gall bladder was totally gangrenous and he had a normal white count and no fever. We told the doctor about that, but Eric still had to ask for a CT scan. He says the doctor was "sheepish" about the results.

So anyway, he's home. I'm glad he's home and believe me, I hope he's home for good. They said he'll have a knot there for a while, actually, but if it gets really painful to go to the ER.

He's on the phone with his mom and she said something along the lines of "at least you're better" and Eric said, "There isn't any get better. I'm still sick, just not sick enough to be in the hospital." As long as he can eat and take pills, he's home.