So, where has the intrepid explore, el Dano been for the last two nights?
At a Dave Matthews Conert.
um, w00tzors, or something like that.
As far as concerts go, DMB gets better and better ever year I go, and this year was awesome.
Lots of older songs, JTR, Tripping billies, etc etc.

However, I ran into a phenomenon that seems to especially target the more vertically gifted of concert goers of DMB and other such concerts where many of the patrons feel their concert going experience needs a little added "Boost".

As some of you are aware, I am 6 foot and 3 or 4 inches tall. (i shrink about half an inch on an average day, and grow it all back whilst I sleep. Gravity can be quite cruel)

Now, at the Verizon Wireless concert pavilion, you have pavilion seats, and you have lawn seats. My best friend the blazin' caucasian (Isak) had the unfortunate accident of sleeping on the day the tickets were sold, dooming us to lawn seats, where there is more than one type of grass present. (And I ain't talkin about Kentucky Bluegrass, or the green rye variety.)

Yes, there was a great gray haze o'er the land, and the bottom of the cloud is almost 5 and a half feet off the ground.

Using our high school algebra

Cannibus and tobaccal cloud of smog at 5'6" + Dan at 6'3" = 2-4 blunts worth of smoke.

Thats right, while the rest of the group got pretty loopy as well, the tall kid inhaled about 3 second hand blunts (or possibly 3/2 of a second hand bowl)

Good lord. I don't think I shut up once on the way to taco bell afterwards (Isak: "I'm suddenly feeling hungry, and I don't know why smiley6.gif ) or on the way home.

I think I also ate 6 soft tacos the first night, and two of those "good to go" thingies the second. (I think I actually said that too at the drive through.)

Drive thru box: May I take your order?

Dan: I'll have 2 of those "good to go" thingies, 1 cinnamon twist bag a large pepsi a kids meal soft taco no lettuce with lemonade as the drink, a number 6 a number 2 and 4 waters and 3 large mountain dews.

Drive thru box: You lost me at the "good to go thingies". What was the rest of it?

Dan: Hungry!! Hungry!! Hungry!!

Drive thru box: (in sotto voice) stupid pot heads

Dan: that second hand pot heads to you, you talking box piece of $%#%^.

Good lord, I feel all hyper just thinking about the concert.