If any of you gamers out there are looking for a good, unique, innovative game...

The game Fahrenheit is brilliant, there is no other game like it. It has multiple plot twists, and the ending of the game is always different. You can also do things that will change the story throughout the game!

It starts off in a resurant, you get possesed by something, and stab a man in the toilets ;*O
Theres a police man in the diner also, and you need to get rid of the body, before he enters the toilets.
What you need to do is, hide the body, mop up the blood from the floor, hide the murder weapon, wash the blood off your hands. Once all of that is done, you go back, and sit at your table, finish your food, pay the bill and walk out.
The police man will go into the toilets, and depending how well you've hiden the man, the police man wont find him.
At this point, you should be in a taxi heading back to your apartment, all safe and sound.

Thats just a taste of what this game has to offer, i've played through it numbers of times, but i always end up going bnack for more, it's such a great game and experience!!!
Recommended for anybody up for something new and inovative!!!