Well if you haven't noticed tomorrow is June the 6th, which it could be the Day of Judgment. I have a theory; it's just a theory it's not 100% true yet, but think about it. 666 as you know is the number of the devil now look at this. June the 6th of 2006 = 6/6/06, creepy huh. Now it is my theory that on the 6th hour after the 6 minute of the 6th second the world will end. If you don't understand yet let me show you. 6/6/06 6:06:06 pm. & if you still don't understand let me put it to you this way. WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE!!! But like I said it's just a theory just like the whole Y2K theory, I'm not saying it will happen, but I'm not saying that it won't happen. After all Im not the only one who thinks about this, just look at what's playing in theaters on that day . So take this time to think back on your life & all the happy memories you had. If life has been cruel to you then be glad that you don't have to think about it anymore. So repent & prepare for the apocalypse, after all if we survive then well be safe for another hundred or thousand years. You can tell your children that you were in that particular year & they'll say wow. Just in case this is my last journal I would like to say good-bye & thank you all for being my friends. That is all.

What the world will look like afterwards: