So I leave for my camp tomorrow. I am looking forward to it because if I spend much more time in base camp I think I am going to go insane. Me and my fellow Apache Springs (name of my camp) staff went to Taos yesterday to get some pizza and get out of base camp. At my camp, there 4 male staff and 1 female. We decided to see a movie and let here pick, and we ended up seeing "The break up". Dont see it. It is a waste of money. After the movie we went to a local brewery. All of the staff that are of age got the brewery's famous green chile beer. I had home brewed root beer. It was okay, not the best I have had. The other day the base camp staff put on what they called "a coffee house" were staff could drink coffee and sign up to perform infront of other staff. Most played guitars and sang songs but this one kid came up and read poetry. His first poem was some metephor for life but he used Super Mario Bros. to describe it. His next poem built on the Mario theme. The first line of the second poem was, "If God made green mushrooms, Grandpa would still be alive." I know I am going to hell, because when he read that I nearly crapped myself due to laughter. Also I learned that Boy Scout campfires are a lot more fun when all the performers are shit faced. God bless the boy scouts. Talk to you guys in a couple weeks when I am back at base.