I got you covered with a comprehensive dictionary of terms

Work in progress: your help is much appreciated.

747: Giant plane, in which thanksgiving food (and some non-thanksgiving food) is stored and deep fried to be eaten.

Assault Rifle: The most commonly used weapon. Cheap and easily manfactiored, it has become the mainstay for soldiers on both sides of the war.
Apocolypce: "See hollywood"
Angelina Joe Lee: Famous star with big lips, a fan of whose is Sarge.
Battle Creek: A map filled with immortal n00bs, perfect for 4 on 4 deathmatches.
Blood Gulch: The setting of Red Vs. Blue for the first 39 episodes or so. A box Canyon with two bases for no apparent reason...
Bluetard: Common Insult used by the Red team.
*****: A female canine.
Bomb (10 megaton): A device that is capable of destroying entire eras (such as the present). See "non-sensical"
Blood of his enemies: Drunk by Sarge
Blue Team: Including Tucker, Church, and Caboose (but also incorporating Lopez, Tex, Doc and Shiela breifly). The Blue team exists to fight the Red team, which exists to fight the Blue team. All wear variations of blue colored armor.
Box Canyon: A canyon in the shape of a box.
Camper: See "camping *****"
Camping *****: One who sits in the same area for great lengths of time, until an easy kill can be obtained.
Caboose: A laughable idiot, yet generlly beloved by the veiwers at home and hated by the veiwers he acts with. It is rumoured that Caboose is A. a master genius, or B. A twin. See "Cecil" Caboose has a very odd perception of the world around him, as is reflected in his mind.
Cecil: A twin of Caboose, possibly, who enjoys acting like him.
Cockbite: An insult, comonly used by Tex. See: Rooster Teeth.
Chupathingy: A failed attempt to pronounce Chupacabra, a mythical goat eating creature deriving from spain.
Coagulation: A map, or the process by which blood cells clot to heal a wound.
Donut: An effeminate Red soldier who insists to being masculine while enjoying bubble baths. Is often called gay, which is incorrect. He is just exteamly girly.
Doc: A pascifist. See: "Thing babys suck on." Also See "Medic." Doc gets possesed by aggresive AI, and his current status is unknown. Letterd in track. Is not a doctor.
Doctor: One who cures people, not to be confused with a "Medic"
Dent: Something undesirable on armor or foreheads.
Dutch Irish: Simmons' persuasion, according to him.
Emu: A totally kewl bird, that is sometimes included in the thanksgiving day feast.
Fransisco Montegue Zanzibar: A robot with a fancy name that does not match his bla personality. Is conrtolled by Tex during the later episodes.
Faggot: A cigarette, or -slang- one who is homosexual
Good: Commonly refer to the Red Versus Blue series itself. Example: Red Versus Blue is good
Great: Same as above.
Grif: A red soldier unpopular to all, especially Sarge. Wears orange and occasionaly yellow armor. Hasa knack for creating fake animals. See "Puma," "Griffan" and "Walrus"
Griffan: A mythical creature after which, one can only guess, Grif is based...
Gut: A part of the human body which occasionaly speaks to its host. Unless it is made of polyester, in which case it has no idea what its talking about.
Heugakurgurk: A phrase said by those unlucky enough to become hosts of AI.
Idiot: See "Caboose"
Intro: Displays the characters and plays "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit. Is generally asscosiated with the word "cool"
Jetpack: Donuts prized possesion, he hopes to become a spy someday through use of it.
Kill: A kill.
Loser: See "Grif"
Lame: Something that is pointless, stupid, or just plain sad....
LLama: A cute animal -or- a useless player/person
Latino: Simmons' persuasion, according to Grif
Mad: See O'Mally"
Magic: Something that significantly shortens explinations.
Mourning: Sometihng done by loved ones. Does not come up much in the series.

*Church: The leader (in sorts) of the blue team. Is constantly killed by Caboose. Believes being with others only dampens the experince of being Church. Is dead, and