I hate to be like this, but it'll be for the better good. You want to be my friend, you gotta tell me why. I'm tired of getting requests from people that have signed up for 4 days and have 500 friends, tired of minions thinking I can be an easy friend. So, if you want me, I gotta have a reason, especially if you're 16 or younger. If you're 10, you better have a mighty good reason, cuz I'm not so sure you get it. I may even just re-evaluate my friend list, as small as it is. I'll most likely delete you unless I remember talking to you or remember a cool comment you made from somewhere. So comment if you want to stay. I really don't want to be a bastage, but, it's getting annoying getting these requests from all these illiterate wanna-be teens who haven't learned what spelling and grammar are yet.