All righty, I went through and deleted all those I wanted. I cut people off on account of being
1) Too young (or annoying)
2) Too many friends (friend whores, there was one that had over 1200 friends and another with almost 1100, no joke)
3) I don't recall having a worthwhile conversation with you

That's basically it. If I didn't delete you, it's because I like you for some reason, or just didn't feel like you needed to be deleted. I went from 146 friends down to 76 now; 70 people cut off. What a tragedy. If you think you've been deleted in error, you can try to regain your freind status by trying to re-add me to your friends, but include a message this time.

In other news, I owe everybody an album of the week. Let's see, what should it be? So far I've had Snow Patrol and Lostprophets...How about some folk music. This week, I pick Damien Rice - O. This is a great cd, especially good for rainy days. The music is extremely relaxing with dynamic lyrics. I don't know what else to say about the cd; I'm not a professional reviewer. Just buy it if you can. You won't regret it.