Theres a guy and a girl sitting in a restaraunt and they r together. the guy looks out the window and then at his girlfriend. the girls back is facing the window and his face is facing the window.
GUY: do u love me?
GIRL: what?
GUY: do u love me?
GIRL: why r u bringing this up? weve talked about this.
GUY: i know, but what if something happened to me and i never found out if u really did love me?
GIRL: well its just gonna have to wait. Im sorry but im not ready.
GUY: ok, i wanna play a game
GIRL: ok, how do we play.
GUY: alright its starts out like this (he looks out the window again) when i count to three, u have to lay ur head down really fast. ok?
GIRL: umm, ok
GUY: ok ready? (he looks out the window again) 1 ........(he looks) 2.........3....( he gasps after he looks one more time) now!!

She lays her head down and hears a loud bang, and the window breaking behind her, one bang right after another.

***on the news the next day***
In Corona yesterday, there was a shooting at a local restaraunt. The survivor was a young woman, i have been told that the shooter was her ex boyfriend and he was coming back for revenge on her for dumping him. He was going to kill her by shooting her in the back. She told us that her new boyfriend was acting funny throughout the lunch, and that he was asking her if she loved him, she never did tell him. She told us in an interview that she regrets not saying anything because she did love him and now he wil never know. Luckily a local pedestrian tackled the shooter before he got another shot off at her. The police came and detained him.

If u love someone enough to take a bullet for them re-post this