Well if ur on my friends list u probably know i hate retarded n00b, so i decided to make a game of it, so PM me if u wanna join, choose a weapon and outpost or base......the first 10 will be officers....All ur modd points Are belonging to me


Talon (Commander) woc: sniper rifle named The Migrane/ locas: The Strip
BudaTX (officer) woc: shotgun / locas: The Strip
EvilDimono (officer) woc: Beam rifle / locas: The Strip
Helljump3r (officer) woc: bruteshot / locas: The Strip


Outpost 31
Outpost 39
Outpost 23
Lunar Visa

Forts & Bases

Javalin 5
Orbital Guns 1-20 (in orbit over all planets)
Alpha Centauri (plasma field)

Heilies Majix

The Strip (officers and highranking members only)
Pylon Fields (every planet has them)

Warp Nexus (technicians only) locas: classified

Academys and Bootcamps

Hell Hole
Javalan Academy
One Step At A Time
Acasatar (Shooting Range)
The Fellowship

December 28th, 2004
nOOb huntin round 2
Over In Egypt
(in Cairo, in a vally while everybody sees a group of nOObs but not that big so talon gets an extra jug of gasoline and pors it down into the vally without the nOObs knowin)
Plan_B:Wut u hmmm bought tucker_012?
Tucker_012:nottin just bored
Talon:shhhhhut uuuup ggguuysss
Tucker_012:oo yea
Talon:ok done but be very quiet...
Plan_B:(pulls out his spanker(rockett launcher)and shoots starit at a pool of gasoline)Die nOObs!!,Dieeeeeeee
Talon:WUT DID I SAY!!!!!!!!!
pack of nOObs:AAAAAAAAAA WTF RUN !!!!
(Talon jumps in the driver seatof the puma,Tucker_012 jumps in passanger seat,and Plan_B jumps in the gunner seat and starts to shoot wildly)Tucker_012:(cocks a pistol)nutshot!!!yea!!,in yur face nOOb!!
(Talon driveing around swerving around the flames caused by the rockett and gasoline)
Talon:Wut did i tell u Plan_B!!!!(while Plan_B was to busy shootin nOObs)
Tucker_012:WTF why did i ever have this idea!!!
(thanks to Talons driveing they got past the flames out of the vally and he parks behind a rock while the nOObs are still wildly running around)
Plan_B:(mumbuling)gees..i couldive..did that...by myself.....
Talon:wut was that!!!!!
Tucker_012:he said....
Talon:(interupting)I know wut he said!!!!!!!!*pulls out a sniper rifle*
(slowly moveing the rifle and then bam!,bam!,bam!......Bam!)
Talon:Headshot!!yea!!now that how u do it!!
Leader of the nOObs:yayayayayayayayaya
Tucker_012:....that didnt sound good
(the leader of the pack of nOObs jumps over the rock and does his call)
Leader of the nOObs:yayayayayayaya!!!!!!!!!!
(all three of the hunters take there positions in the puma and take out the crazed leader of the nOObs,then drive off to a safe location in a pyramid)
Tucker_012:whoa that was a ruff one
Plan_B:lets eat!!(pulls out the lunch 4 each of them)
Tucker_012:(yells so loud)NOOOOOOOOO
(then they hear a yeyeyeyeye in the background)
To Be Continued......
(he yelled no because he had pickles on his ham sandwich)